ARM Processor of Choice: Dual A15 or Quad A9

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 12:41 pm in Threads > Opinions

With the advent of Tegra 3 and the new Exynos quad core chip from Samsung (rumored GSIII chip) of the quad core variety and the new architecture dual core Snapdragon S4, this is becoming a difficult choice.

Samsung and nVidia go with the older architecture, but double the main cores but Qualcomm goes with the new, more powerful and efficient architecture and half the cores. It also happens to be the only (as of now) chip confirmed to be LTE compatible…and therefore the only US option for Verizon/Sprint, likely AT&T.

Better to hold out for T3+ with LTE or go for the equally powerful S4?

  • Lekz

    I’m kind of torn. I would like an A15 in my next phone, but Snapdragon is not as “open” as OMAP/Exynos. In my case, tho, it might just be a matter of waiting to see how easy it is for devs to work on an S4 device.

  • wild

    Here is a good article with comparison T3 and S4
    perfomance is about the same

  • alexanderharri3

    The S4 will be coming to the US quite often in the next few months…despite supply shortages… It hasn’t had the chance to be put through everyday paces by the community at large like T3 (Transformer Prime) has. Fortunately I have until November to decide….. now quad core A15 would be a mega treat if even possible yet…

  • Nitin Gaba

    When comparing the T3 and S4 I would easily pick the S4 but when it comes down to the Exynos it’s harder to say since we have yet to see it in action. I would for sure pick it over the T3 but it is hard to compare it to the S4, if the benchmark leaks that came out a few days ago are any indication it shows that the Galaxy S3 killed the HTC One S and X but it didn’t really say if it was the S4 or T3 version being compared. The Exynos and S4 both for sure dominate over the T3 in my opinion but when comparing them with each other we cannot say much until we actually see the Exynos in action.

  • Anjie Cai

    I wouldn’t mind a quad core A15 beast

  • jian9007

    I would prefer the S4 over the T-3 but am unsure about taking it over the exynos. Since Samsung is rumored to still be using the mali-400 GPU I might still be inclined to take the S4. I don’t care about benchmarks and if I get better power management from the S4 then I would prefer it, even it means sacrificing a bit of graphics power over T-3 or exynos. I just think i would take the newer architecture of the A15 over A9 regardless of core numbers.

    • alexanderharri3

      I’m slightly concerned Samsung will be using their recently announced chip in the GS3. It’s a great chip, but using last year’s graphics processor is disappointing. A15 is the future and it would have been nice to see what Samsung is doing next instead of evolving what they have now (which is by no means a slouch)

  • isovich

    I think the dual A15 is better. That is the way the future should head, and put the A9 behind us.

  • tnnm

    I like where things are moving – but this is a very near term quandary. Like most – I’d rather have my cake and eat it too by waiting for the Tegra 4 chips and the Samsung 54xx(?) procs. And I should only have to wait 6-8 months for that. In the meantime, I have decided to save some money by buying a used Transformer (TF101) and find that its performance is sufficient.

    • tnnm

      But I should say, that if A&M wants to give me a new Transformer Prime – I’ll take it (even if the Tegra 3 is a little behind in terms of being based on A9 architecture)!

  • CJ LaFleur

    Would you guys recommend waiting until new A15 processors come out or get a good A9 now?