Asphalt 7: Heat Review

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 11:52 am in Threads > Games

Let me start out by saying that I realize Gameloft (the creators of the Asphalt series) rips off a ton of games fairly shamelessly and often times does a mediocre job of it. Though the company certainly has its faults because of that, one thing it has done is bring console style gaming to the tablet world. There are few tablet games out there that rival the beautiful graphics of Gameloft games.

Asphalt 7 is one of those beautiful and highly addicting games. It is not the most unique racing game out there, but it’s fun to play and challenging in both offline and online modes. Keeping in mind that I’m reviewing the Kindle Fire version, let’s go ahead and get into the features:

- 60 different real world cars to race and customize
- 15 different race tracks
- Several different racing modes
- Online gameplay, friend linking/challenging

If you’ve played any of the previous Asphalt series, the gameplay and controls are essentially the same. There are several different racing modes (standard, race against the clock, knockout, drift, elimination) that are all pretty fun to play. During the race, you have power-ups you can pick up to fill your boost meter so you can go into boost mode (nitro, more or less, and lets you knock out other racers). There are also cash pickups you can get throughout the race.

Three of the main differences in Asphalt 7 are the new goals, the tiered car selection, and the sponsorships you can get at the beginning of each race. As far as the goals go, there are three goals you have at any given time that you can complete in nearly any race. The goals range from knockout out a certain number of opponents to challenging a friend in Gameloft Live to changing the window tint on your car. Each goal nets you a star which is used to unlock new cars. This is slightly different from how Asphalt 6 did it where you had specific goals for each race. In Asphalt 7, the cars are structured into tiers instead of being able to select any car for a given race in career mode. The sponsorships are also slightly different as you have three to select from at the beginning of a race and have to pay for them if you want to use them; they don’t cost much to start with, but the price goes up as you progress to the more challenging races.

Overall I would say Asphalt 7 is definitely more challenging than 6. With 6 I often found myself getting bored as I was able to fly through the different races. I think one of the main reasons 7 is more challenging is because Gameloft wants to encourage you to purchase star packs to unlock the faster cars earlier. You can definitely buy stars to progress faster, but I found it more challenging to try and go through the whole career mode without paying for star packs.

As of this review, Asphalt 7 is currently selling for $1, which is a steal, especially if you don’t plan on buying extra star packs. When 6 came out, it sold for $6. There are games that get you to buy in at a low price or free and more or less force you to purchase in-app expansions to progress past a certain point. Asphalt 7 is not one of these games and while it’s challenging to make it through without purchasing star packs, it’s definitely doable.

The one negative thing I have to say about this game is that it can lag quite a bit in areas that have a lot of objects or a far viewing distance. The lag is manageable most of the time, but it can be annoying especially if it costs you a race.

I give Asphalt 7: Heat 8 out of 10 stars. It’s a ridiculously fun game at an unbeatable price and if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself playing it for hours at night and wondering where the time went.


  • Taylor Wimberly

    Nice review. I have Asphalt 7 on my tablet, but I haven’t had the chance to play it yet. I will def spend some time with it this weekend.

    • theviper21

      Thanks! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it especially if you have a tablet other than the Fire. If I enjoyed it on the Fire, any other tablet would be that much better.

  • adamsaur

    still debating whether it is worth buying… im tending to shy away from freemium games >.>

    • kwills88

      at 1buck it’s a good buy, the only annoying thing about the game is the constant asking of sharing your scores and or accomplishment with your “friends”

  • jaxidian

    Congrats on winning the tablet!! On your FIRST thread post, no less! :-)

  • theviper21

    Thanks everyone! I am very excited and grateful to everyone here at AndroidAndMe!

    • theviper21

      Also did NOT want to forget a special thanks to Taylor creating the giveaway and this awesome site!

  • kirill kotenko