ASUS Transformer Prime for work

Posted Dec 10, 2012 at 1:28 am in Threads > Opinions

How many out there are using their Transformer Prime for work purposes and not just for the great graphics and speed. I have been able to use it for a number of things related to work and other things besides just playing. Hearing for so many that IPads are not being used as much for work as everyone thinks. Maybe everyone can share their favorite work app they have so we can spread the word?

  • ranwanimator

    I’ve been a big fan of the built-in splashtop app. I’ve used it many times to connect to my work computer to make network adjustments and tweak the server. Teamviewer can also be good, but I like the way Splashtop handles desktop resolution.

    Fing and WiFi analyzer are also dead useful for troubleshooting network problems.

  • _AjD

    I use mine for everything!
    +Spashtop 2 for remote – Free on the same wi-fi or .99/mo for anywhere access (or buy a yr subscription)
    +Touchdown for exchange email ($20.00? worth every penny)
    +Polaris Office (included with TF201) for word, excel, powerpoint, & pdfs
    - Or Documents to go which I previously purchased – slightly better but $20(?)
    +IP Cam Viewer Basic – to track all of the webcams we use $1.99
    +Evernote – organizes my entire life & I like it better than MS One Note as it can be used multiplatform (Free)
    +AutoCAD WS – Syncs all of my CAD work and with a mouse I can edit anywhere (Free)
    +Photoshop Express I use it to touch up pictures/documents – the camera works great as a portable scanner (Free)
    +Google Chrome for Web
    +Plume Premium (.99) for twitter

    My laptop seems so heavy by comparison – I rarely take it off my desk

    and of course I use my prime for gaming and not working just as much

    • rewagner

      - Splashtop was great..but not that it cost money I have started using 2X Client and Teamviewer
      - Polaris is really good, but found some limitations so I also use Kingsoft Office
      - Speaktoit Assistant creates helps me alot
      - Cozi helps me with the Family Organizer for me, my wife and my two boys and our busy schedulues.
      - NavFree is a great offline GPS

      and as you said…the games…so much fun.

      • alexanderharri3

        Splashtop is free and included with ASUS tablets via [email protected]

        • MC_Android

          The free one limits you to accessing computers that are on the same Wifi network…essentially neutering it. The paid one allows for remote access. Just a FYI

  • fenlon

    +1 for WiFi analyzer. I have helped many clients boost performance.

    I don’t personally use it, but some co-workers use the AutoCAD WS mentioned above for reference out in the field.

    • rewagner

      I have to look into that fenlon…I support a number of Autodesk users

  • Taylor

    I use Google Drive for all my collaborative projects, but it also works so much more efficiently for document sharing. Our institution uses “share drives” for everything, but my individual work requires managed access (that is, I have control over who can see and edit specific work). Because I have all my essential work in Drive, I can use my tablet all over the place to keep updated and keep others updated. Having our institutional email managed by Google Apps means uniform integration.

    That same integration allows excellent use of Google Calendar, as well. I can schedule people for appointments and manage my schedule, and that of others, from my tablet wherever I am.

    In the case I need more rich formatting support, I use OfficeSuite Pro ($14.99) which preserves most everything in terms of basic formats and runs very smoothly.

    Occasionally I need to scan a document, for which I use CamScanner HD (with the Pro license) which does a great job of quick scanning and emailing. Pixlr Express and Snapseed are awesome for basic photo editing.

    In my field, I also make frequent use of Epocrates.

    I have yet to really get into Splashtop, as I found it buggy when I first bought it last year. Maybe I’ll retry it.

    • rewagner

      I did one better…setup my own cloud on a old desktop I have…know I can access all my data from where ever I am and have all the room I need and no monthly cost.

      • rewagner

        geez…wish I could edit my reply since I know that I mean NOW I can access…not KNOW….it must be Friday?