Battery, Memory, and Games

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 3:20 pm in Threads > Games

With my phone I have always had to worry about the memory that I am using. It only has 500mb, stupid Infuse. Everyday I have to use a memory manager to kill things that I don’t want running, just so my phone doesn’t freeze. With my new Nexus I worry about the same thing. It isn’t as bad since I have twice the memory. I still worry that if I download too many games they will keep services running in the back ground and slow me down.

I don’t play games too often, but I want them on my tablet to share with others. I just don’t want notifications everyday that I should click to receive my award. How much memory is that using watching a timer on my tablet all day. I just wish I could stop services like that from ever running.

Since it is taking up memory it is probably taking battery life too. That makes me very sad. Does anyone else have this fear or problem?

  • jaxidian

    Two things:
    1) If you use task killers, you’re doing it wrong. Task Killers may give you short-term (next 10 minutes) gains but they have SEVERE longer-term (next 2+ hours) problems. Specifically with battery life. The way Android works, doesn’t WANT free memory. So if it finds free memory, it goes and finds an app to put in there. If you kill that app, then that indirectly tells Android to go find and fetch another app to put in there. This becomes a vicious cycle of fill-and-empty which KILLS your battery. There are other ways to accomplish what you want to accomplish – unnecessarily continuous processing.
    2) If you’re rooted, then there is a very simple option: use Titanium Backup to “freeze” the apps you don’t want running. There are some alternatives to Titanium Backup as well that do this.
    3) If you have AOSP ICS or Jelly Bean (which, if you have a Nexus, then you do), then you can actually do something similar to step 2) natively in Android. I believe it’s done in the Manage Apps area of Settings (forget the exact name of the menu).

    • jaxidian

      And by “Two things”, I really meant “Three things”. Don’t blame me. Blame the horse that bit 3 of my fingers off on that hand. I ran out when I was counting. ;-)

    • Fugu

      What Jaxidian just said. Android’s internal memory manager is really good. Free memory is useless memory. If the system needs more it will dynamically end processes and dump programs. Back in pre 2.2 days yeah, it didn’t do it very well but since then it’s been very efficient.

    • mvndaai

      Oops I meant to replay to you, but replayed to the thread..

  • mvndaai

    This is mostly a problem with my Infuse 4G it is recently rooted, and I froze all the AT&T crap, but I do like all the other apps on my phone, they just really mess it up so it doesn’t run smoothly unless I kill apps. I use GoLauncher, and it has the built in task killer that when I click clean, makes it so I can scroll down my app list again, and do other things. I think it is probably mightytext, which kills my resources and makes my phone go ridiculously slow.

    Here is a list of what is currently “running” : Maps, Battery Solo Widget, Volume+ widget, Go Keyboard, Dropbox, Phone, Clock , GPlus Messenger, Play Store, where’s my Droid, Facebook, Talk, GMail, Days Left Widget, MightlyText, GO SMS PRO, HD Widgets,

    It takes up 371M/44M, Using task killer takes it to 217M/444M which makes it so I can use it regularly. I might be asking a lot from it, but I like all that I have.

  • mvndaai

    Oh, and I am using just the stock Gingerbread 2.3.6, expect rooted. I guess my phone just really sucks.

  • Nick Gray

    I plan games constantly on my HTC One S and have never had any issue with games using up resources and battery life while not in use. Granted, I stay away from games that send notifications to play them again, but I do have over two dozen games currently installed.

    I’d like to reiterate the point jaxidian made about using task killers. many times, phones will actually run slower because you’re killing off tasks which are needed by the OS. Since they have been killed off, Android re-loads them and starts things all over again. Also, if an app is set to send notifications at regular intervals, it will do so even if you kill it. Your best option is to identify games that are hogging system resources and simply uninstall them.

  • me245

    Thanks for all the replies, i learned something about task killers in android. I understand the point that unused memory is “useless”, but would it not be quicker if it was mostly full with a reserved that was empty in case a currently working app needed extra memory? Is there a way to manage that either natively or through an app?

  • Goldclip

    Use advanced wifi lock app to save battery life.

  • BigJJ4455

    usually the nexus devices dont freeze up due to alot of memory =)

  • rewagner

    Thinking of getting my wife one for Xmas. She is talking Kindle…yuk!

  • Thor997

    I have a zte blade and free memory is a constant problem, I use go launcher’s task killer in order to clean some apps I don’t really need running.

  • rewagner

    I have almost maxed out my 32gb on my TF201…doing some cleanup today. But it do not see any performance issues. Still wonder if there is a way to run some of my apps off my external memory card…that gives me another 32gb. But I hear Jelly Bean can’t do that.

  • marcus1518

    I also tend to max out memory at times and dont really seem to have too much performance issues…