Because We May – Sale on loads of Android games

Posted May 19, 2012 at 7:25 pm in Threads > Apps & Games

Because We May is a gathering of developers that are celebrating their ability to adjust prices on their apps in the stores that allow them to do so.

So what are they doing? Lowering the prices on their apps! The sale isn’t starting until May 24th, and will go for one week.

You can preview the Android apps that will be discounted here… (with links to the Play store for all items)

There will also be sales on PC and Mac games on Steam, as well as DRM-free games, iOS games, etc. No word yet on the discounted prices, but there are certainly a huge number of games set to be discounted – a few high profile games as well.

What do you think? Great sale, or a big list of stuff you already own? I’ve picked up a good number of these games through either Play sales, or Humble Indie Bundle, but I’m a sucker for app sales, so I’m sure I’ll take a look.

  • Jedediah Sweetser

    There are some great titles in there. I own most of the good ones but i might pick a few more up. thanks for the heads up!

  • Jiltedae

    Thanks for the heads up. I can’t wait for the sale! (so much so that I just got cogs :p)

  • tmihai20

    I didn’t know the site existed. Nice find!

  • txbluesman

    Thanks for the info.

  • Zagrash

    Not normally one to bump a thread, but this sale starts tomorrow, so hopefully people that haven’t seen this yet can get in on the sale.

    • jaxidian

      Thanks for the heads up on this! Please bump again tomorrow, though, if it’s not already at the top! :-P

      • Zagrash

        I’d thought about sending it in as a tip, but it seems kind of lame to send in a tip to a thread that I created =)

  • Jiltedae

    Just 1 more day! I can feel the excitement building.

  • Zagrash

    yeah definitely, it looks like more apps have been added too!

  • Himmat

    The sale is live.I was thinking $0.99 for all of them, but they’re mostly 50-60% off. Still good deal. And oh btw, in not related news, GTA is down to $0.99 till May 28th. :)

  • Zagrash

    Hmm, it doesn’t look like all of the prices have been updated in the Play store yet. Hopefully that gets sorted out.

  • Zagrash

    Hmm, apparently my comment w/ market links didn’t go through…

    I’m leaning towards getting:
    Gunman Clive (to have it through the Market rather than Amazon’s FAOTD)
    Anomaly – Warzone Earth HD

    I’m debating about:
    Pro Zombie Soccer
    Kraut Attack

    I’m curious about:
    Swords & Soldiers (the paid version seems to be missing from the Play store)

    And if I win one of those tablets (please please please!) I’ll probably look a bit closer at Avadon: The Black Fortress

    Anything else I should be looking at? What is everyone else thinking about?

    • Jiltedae

      I got avadon in the humble android bundle. Jump on it, you won’t regret it. That game is great, especially at half price ;3

      • Zagrash

        it’s not compatible with GNex, not big enough resolution, that’s why I need to win one of those tablets first =)

        • Zagrash

          ha, and stupid me, I just realized I’ve got Avadon from the Humble Android Bundle as well…I should really pay more attention

          • Himmat

            Anomaly HD was in the first Humble Bundle….you missed that?

            Out of the games on sale, really none interest me. I might get Shadowgun THD and Riptide (because I had them piratedly before), and also Swords & Soldiers but the other good ones I got through HB 1&2. The only problem is I don’t have my tablet anymore until 2 weeks time….anyone has any idea how I can still buy the games?

  • Zagrash

    yeah, after going home and seeing what I actually HAD from the Indie Bundles (didn’t have any of them installed since I just got my Nexus a few weeks ago), my list changed slightly.

    I ended up buying:

    -Rebuild – lots of fun, turn-based zombie survival game. Based on a flash web game.

    -Gunman Clive – for reasons listed above

    -Pro Zombie Soccer – made by members of the teams that made Plants Vs. Zombies, and worms. I like the art, and some of the game concepts/power ups are pretty cool. I’d say it’s worth a dollar, but I don’t think it will catch my attention as much as Rebuild.

  • Zagrash

    Update on 5-26 – about 30 new Android games have been added, including Spectral Souls for over 50% off! Down to $6.99

  • acostaisasmendi

    I think it’s GREAT that they do this!

    They encourage great gaming experiences on Android without piracy.

    And the games they offer are just amazing.

  • droilfade

    This deal is great! For my wallet and me :) I already bought five titles- Anamoly HD, Bean’s Quest, Riptide GP, crowded space, gunman Clive! Love it! Can anyone recommend anymore good HD games that I can try out?

    • Zagrash

      I haven’t gotten to play too much of it yet, but if you like tactical RPG’s, Spectral Souls should be right up your alley. I was hesitant to pick it up at $15, but at $6.99, I think it should play out nicely. I also picked up GTA III (not part of the sale, but on sale for $.99), Rebuild (fun turn-based zombie apocalypse game), Gunman Clive, and Zombie Pro Soccer (a sort of Plants vs. Zombies spin-off).

      I’d keep an eye on the site too though, it seems like they’re adding a few more games per day.

      • droilfade

        Yeah! Apparently..30 games have been added! Will try GTA III. Is there a separate Tegra version is it the same for both? I’m not really into RPG! I have Zenonia and played it only once.

  • Zagrash

    Chalk Ball just got added, it’s a pretty fun casual game

  • Zagrash

    The sale is winding down, but there are still some good discouts – Tapatalk is $.99

    it’s a pretty solid forum app, and I’ve heard the new 2.0 update is fantastic (just installed it myself, had a trial version a few months ago)