Behind the scenes of Android and Me

Posted Mar 28, 2012 at 3:54 pm in Threads > Assignments

This thread will serve as a central development log, sounding board, or however else I might feel like broadcasting while I develop this site. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get help from joecarrot but overall I’m flying solo here and I thought some of nerdier readers might want to see inside my head as I build this beast.

My current project is adding AppAware integration. I made a thread about it, but I’ll mention it here to get things rolling.

In the next few days (hopefully), you’ll find a new button on the /edit page, right below the Twitter auth. AppAware actually contacted us and let us help shape their API to our needs, and they even built us a fancy OAuth pattern that allows us to work with device-level data with a single click from the user.

Access to the AppAware profile data allows me to pick off things like the total number of apps installed, the actual apps and icons, your ‘liked’ apps, etc. With that, I’ll be adding an ‘Apps’ filter on the profile page, right next to Comments, Articles, and Threads. It’s going to be glorious.

To support all this new appiness, I’m developing an ‘app details’ page that’ll provide somewhere nice to link to when displaying app lists. These new pages will have the icon, rating, screenshots, description, video, etc (of course, all powered by the AppAware API).

The key feature on these new app detail pages will be a list of posts (or threads!) about the app in question. How am I going to find these posts? I’ve got a secret weapon, in the form of my existing AppAware widget that you’ve probably seen in tons of posts (like this one). You’ve even got access to this widget when making threads (just look for the multi-color Google Play icon to insert an app or game). Any time this code fires, it’ll make sure the package name is attached to the post (or thread) as meta data, which I can then query for later. This a really long winded way to say I’ve got a sneaky way to flag this content without the author having to manually do it, but I’m proud of my solution, hence a thread like this one.

As we come up with more features and near new releases I’ll keep this thread bumped. I’ll try to ask questions when I’m not sure what you guys want and always feel free to ask me what I’m up to.

  • Anthony Domanico


  • Clark Wimberly

    Today I also got started on the Android and Me API, something we’ve talked about for a while now. We’re going to provide public methods to access our scoring system, along with a way to look up our content based on app package. Both are fairly simple processes and will be read-only access, but I hope someone out there finds it useful.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Checking out the mobile threads and they are awesome. Can’t wait to see the app detail pages with the related content next to each one. Should be hot.