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Posted Sep 06, 2012 at 8:41 am in Threads > Opinions

Like many of you, I am a die hard rommer. I love to mess with my phone and try different roms. I want to know what you think is the best custom rom out there and why. I am very loyal to Cynaogenmod. They always put out high quality roms and support a wide range of devices. I’m running a CM10 nightly on my galaxy s3 and i absolutely love it. I’ve tried AOKP and have had some issues with serious lag. I’ve heard both good and bad about MIUI, but i don’t like the iOS feel of that rom. so what do you guys think?

  • koorsr

    The range of device support is one of the main reasons I like Cyanogenmod so much. When I have friends ask what ROM they should use for their phone I don’t have to do too much research on that specific phone. Instead I can give them mine and ask if they like the feel of it. That way they can see if they like it before installing it on their own phone.

  • XanLoves

    I am also using a CMX nightly for my HTC Sensation XE.
    I have CM9 on my other older handsets but don’t use them much.

    I hold the Viper Team from XDA (formerly Team Pkmn) in high regard. I Used their rom and OrDroid Roms a lot when it was all about ICS.

    Cyanogen are the only folk to have a good port of JB to my phone, so my options are limited at the minute.

  • lchupacabras

    I’ve always been a huge fan of CM ROMs and AOKP has some very nice features and support (though it always seemed buggier and laggier than CM). So, overall, CM is still my favorite; recently with the release of JB, however, FNV (Fruits And Veggies) came out and has been my go-to ROM. It’s more stable than CMX and AOKP are right now and still has some really great features and fantastic support.

    If you have a Galaxy Nexus and are looking to try something new, I would highly recommend FNV.

    • Bryan Stoner

      FNV is an excellent ROM. I used to just watch their irc from time to time.
      Pretty nice group of guys you should check it out!

  • decker

    Sony Xperia X10 has been around a long time and the community is still going strong on XDA. There is a user by the name of ThJap that released a ROM called ThGo that I am particularly fond of. His constant tweaking has lead to some really great work and I find his ROMS really easy to dive in and modify. I am still using one of his earlier versions modified to my liking. It’s based on Gingerbread and has elements of AOKP, modes from T.E.A.M, ICS style and Xperia S apps. He worked on the same ROM for over a year and it shows. Great ROM.

  • Bryan Stoner

    For the Asus transformer tf101 the JB EOS Nightly builds have been the fastest and most stable.

    (toro) For the Galaxy Nexus ICS Builds LiquidSmooth was the top choice.
    (toro) For the Galaxy Nexus JB Builds there are just too many to count. Liquid Smooth Beta 2 has been a solid choice. Fruits And Vegatables 008 provides an extremely stable experience with a high quality design feel. Right now there is an upcoming ROM, Android Affinity. That has a ton of features and also is backed by a high quality design team.

    AOKP (ics) for the tf101 was a pretty solid build.
    I’ve also had the chance to test out several revisions on the Samsung Captivate.
    Maybe it was just a bad build that you had?

    MIUI is all preference. It’s certainly not a bad choice but in my personal opinion its a step down in UX quality compared to stock android.

    Summary: I would look for a rom like Fruits and Vegetables that has a dedicated group of members. It’s awesome to know they just hop on irc and collaborate on builds. You’re welcoming to contribute to the project too!

  • Esoth

    I usually run Cyanogenmod on most of my devices if I can. It has always been the fastest and most stable. That being said, I agree with Bryan (above) that the EOS nightly JB builds on the Asus Transformer are beastly.

  • Lane

    I usually run EuroSkank ROMs, which are slightly modified CyanogenMod nightlies.

    My personal experience is the more modified a ROM is, the less stable it is.

  • CJ LaFleur

    does anyone know how to root and rom a tf201?

  • One Click Root

    I am using Cyanogenmod and its works perfect in me have no problem using it at all….

  • uknowme

    I personally just got into rooting this year. I currently run MeanRom on my Evo LTE. It is very stable, smooth, and has great battery life. I tried CM10 and it was great. The only issue I have is the camera is horrible compared to a sense based Rom.

  • iamXiV92a

    Paranoid Android!

  • veracu

    Toro device: fitsnugly’s Aokp, daxmax’s dark paranoid android, jakeday’s stock and especially gapps. DHO, prime directive, and romdroidhack (droid th3ory) are other devs I like.