Best first person shooter games for Android?

Posted Aug 06, 2012 at 3:42 pm in Threads > Apps & Games

I’m working on a list of the all time best first person shooters for Android. I came up with a quick list for my top 10, but I know I’m leaving out some classics.

My top 10 list on Springpad:

Got any suggestions on first/third person shooter games for Android that would qualify as a top 10 title?

  • ajonrichards

    Dead Space is easily the best Android shooter I’ve played. The mechanics are adjusted almost perfectly for touchscreen controls, the storytelling is tight and suspenseful, and the achievements give it tons of replay value.
    Plus a game can be completed in about 2 hours, so the doesn’t drag ever.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      If you enjoyed Dead Space, then you really need to check out Mass Effect Infiltrator. The game is also short, but it’s one of my all time favs.

      • ajonrichards

        I played that too. It’s made by the same crew that developed Dead Space. The controls weren’t nearly as intuitive. I’m more of a fan of the survival horror genre, so I enjoy poorly lit corridors and cheap thrills more than difficult boss battles. I would definitely recommend Dead Space over ME:I. Shadowrun was just terrible. It’s one step above an on-rails shooter.

  • pekosROB

    I have tried to play a few (Dead Trigger, MC3) but I just can’t get used to the on screen controls. Looks like I need to give the Sixaxis app a try again, I just couldn’t get my damn PS3 controller to change it’s BT address.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, I can just plug a controller into my dock on the Prime. Looks like I need to give it a go.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      If you have a Prime or any tablet with full USB port then you can easily use an Xbox 360 controller. The other controller I have been using is the wireless Logitech F710 that has a USB receiver.

      • pekosROB

        Does it have a weird button arrangement? When I plugged my PS3 controller into the keyboard dock and played GTA III it worked, but it was so weird hitting a button other than triangle to get in and out of a car. Kinda threw me off.

        Is the Xbox controller the same way? Last time I tried to use Sixaxis it wouldn’t work. I might not have been rooted properly on the Prime though. It is for sure rooted properly now since I put CM9 on it.

        will a wireless Xbox controller with the USB cable attached work the same as a USB dedicated controller? Can you map the keys if they are different/weird?

  • Himmat

    Before I have a look at your list, I will just put forth those that I’ve played (in order of best):

    1) Dead Space (best overall gameplay)
    2) Shadowgun (THD graphics are insane)
    3) NOVA 3 (most immsersive but very buggy)
    4) ME: Infiltrator (OK but not as good as the other 3)
    5) Dead Trigger (no story and freaking repetitive)

    I guess that’s about those that I’ve played.

    Others I can think of are MC3…..well not many. Now I’ll have a look at your list.

    • Himmat

      Hah, well looking at your list I see some more games that I’ve actually played. They are CSP, Fline Comm, and Six Guns. Out of those Fline is OK, but ruined by freemium roadblock (i got to a point i couldnt pass w/o paying). Six Guns…never liked it. CSP is cool, but I’m not into online multiplayer much (besides I have nova 3 for that). Never played any of the rest.

      I think you have all the FPS/TPS covered there. Still think that my top four are the four best. Dead Trigger is a little suspect as its freemium and also totally repeating. If I played MC3, probably that would be the 5th best.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Modern Combat 3 is easily in my top 3.

  • kid

    I’ve download Brother in far its also good game.. but sometime its hang on my samsung galaxy note..!!

  • randomized

    So far, i recommend you getting dead trigger, shadow guns, dead space, mass effect infriliation, call of duty black ops zombies, age of zombies, six guns, nova 3, and modern combat 3.

  • stephen45003

    Shadowgun deadzone is pretty fun, and it’s multiplayer.

  • janK

    Shadowgun and Shadowgun Deadzone have good graphics and good control, although you have to like on screen controls…

  • TheOozyMan

    DeadTrigger, Mass Effect Infiltrator and Shadowgun are the only shooters ive played but I like em


    Tried Shadowgun and is fun too.

  • tylerfoy

    Dead space, Nova 3, shadow gun, dead trigger. There are certainly a few. Some work better with a bluetooth controller than others though.

  • whitakjc

    I got shadow gun when it was on sale Pretty good actually.

  • V6ser

    ShadowGun Deadzone has multiple cameras then it’s hard to say…

  • cullenmq

    i tried out the new modern combat 4 and while it was an unstable release I found the game to be 10x better than mc3.

  • doublin

    Shadowgun Deadzone FTW !!

  • Nwemo

    Dead Trigger is my fav first shooter! Gotta love a good Zombie game!

  • marcus1518

    Dead Space!!!!!…..I love that game

  • sandy105

    my favourite top 5 shooters for android

    1.shadowgun THD
    3.modern combat 4
    4.dead space

  • overclockthesun

    Anything by EA. Their system of tap and shoot “just works” …. when I play NOVA 3 I am all over the place trying to aim on the suckers. Dead Space and ME infiltrator are a joy to play.

  • duckdive117

    I love shadowgun deadzone but still cant get the wii controller to work right

  • BigJJ4455

    the shooters from gameloft run buggy like but i love Dead Space! best game for android