Best MNVO for new Nexus 5 users

Posted Nov 03, 2013 at 8:43 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

It was covered a while back, but for the many Verizon users who are being lured away from our grandfathered unlimited plans for cheaper (and less locked down) MNVO plans, can people share their experience with MNVOs?

What would be especially helpful is the cost/what you get (minutes, data, text), data/speed caps, the quality of service (in your general location), and anything you think differentiates your MNVO from the rest of the pack.

  • Bpear96

    T-Mobile or any of its MVNO’s of course (SImple Mobile, Ptel, Solavei ,Go smart etc). If you dont talk alot T-mobile $30 plan with Unlimited data (4G speeds up to 5GB), Unlimited Texting, and 100 Mins is pretty great. This is what I have personally.

    If T-Mobile is spotty in your area, IMO the next best thing would be Straight Talk with a AT&T Compatible Sim (Straight talk sells a T-Mobile sim as well, that runs on T-Mobile network)

    This AT&T compatible sim from straight talk runs on AT&T network, and recently Straight Talk allows it to connect to AT&T LTE. Only problem is that Straight Talk throttles the speed at 2GB…

    AIO Wireless is another AT&T MVNO worth looking into.

    Since the N5 is compatible with sprint, maybe some sprint MVNO’s might be allowed to activate the N5.. who knows

    TL;DR Straight Talk – $45 Unlimited AT&T MVNO (Throttled after 2GB), T-Mobile and its MVNO’s

  • luigi calamar

    How about TING? Another Sprint MVNO – with great pay for usage rates.

    Any experiences with them?

  • toyotoabedzrock

    CredoMobile runs on Sprints network has great customer service and the profits get donated to charities.