Best Nexus 7 case

Posted Dec 03, 2012 at 8:51 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I am getting a Nexus 7 this Christmas and was wondering what all of you think the best case is for it. Any good experiences? Bad ones? I have been scouring Amazon but I’m still not sure.

UPDATE: Thanks for all of the links! These are my favorite suggestions so far:

UPDATE (12/31/2012): I officially ordered the Cover-Up Google Nexus 7 Tablet Version Stand Natural Hemp Case with Sleep / Wake function – Slate Gray (see below) and it shipped today! I like the hemp texture and the fact that it is a stand as well. I will post back how it works out.

UPDATE (6/21/2013): The case came a while ago, but I forgot to post how it worked out. The case is everything advertised. The pics do it justice. I am very happy with it. It’s not as soft feeling as I thought but it is quite sturdy. Overall I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  • Charlong666

    I would recommend one of the Asus cases, but I can’t get them in Canada (from what I’ve found). So I can’t offer any more details, sorry.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’m going to look into those. Too bad you can’t get them up north :(

  • scaarg

    I liked this one. Pricey but it looks awesome. Very different from the rest of the cases.

  • kelltrash14

    I enjoy this case from Amazon from Poetic. It’s a smart cover/case, prettymuch like the official one minus some cost.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks for the link! I like that it comes in different colors. Definitely worth a shot.

  • DaleOfTheSnugg

    Hi there, I noticed your post. I work for a company called check out the Nexus 7 case we make. Its great value for monies!

    Take care and happy holidays!

    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks so much! I like that case! It seems to be premium quality for a good price. I’m going to bookmark that page.

    • MagikalTrev

      That is beautiful! though does no one else seem to want to take theirs out of the case and feel the sleek device on its own from time to time? Something like that seems a bit more tedious to put in and take out.

      • kelltrash14

        I have mine in my case about 50/50. At home I usually leave it out, on the go, I get paranoid about dropping.

  • jolysh52

    im waiting for the nexus case

  • DrewJaeger

    I’ve been using the Moko Slim fit on my Nexus 7 for a few months and really like it. And it’s reasonable.

    • DrewJaeger

      Reasonably priced is where I was going with that.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Appreciate the link! How is the hand strap on that one? Do you find it useful, or does it just get in the way. That is my only apprehension with that one. Thanks!

    • jeshep

      We have this case. It is slim and nice to hold with the elastic strap. However, it doesn’t protect the tablet as well as some other covers. My son has already dented the metal trim of the tablet in a couple of places between the cover’s corner protectors.

      • Steve Heinrich

        Good to know. Thanks!

    • bstewart11

      I would also worry about the lack of protection for the edges. A possible pro or con is that those types of cases are somewhat bulky, but they do provide more protection. In the past, with these types of cases I have seenthe clasp start to wear as well.

  • V6ser

    I have a good experience with CruzerLite cases, they have great design and quality.

    Go check it out: ;)

    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks for the CruzerLite link! I really like TPU cases and those would be great. The Androidified Clone Army one is pretty awesome too… decisions, decisions…

  • TheOozyMan

    I got the Poetic Keyboard Case first which was just outright terrible. The keyboard that comes with it is much smaller than it seems and is pretty low quality. And the case itself is quite low quality, sometimes the magnetic feature starts freaking out and the screen turns on and off, and the strap is already breaking off a little. I only use this case when im taking notes at school and i bought a cheap $2 TPU case from Amazon which is great for any other time of use

    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks for the heads up! Good to know.

  • miked

    I purchased this one: ahile back when google had a deal for it on offers. I wasn’t sure if I would like it when I spent the $10 on it but I have really come to enjoy it. I would recommend this case.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks for the link! That’s a great looking case! Unfortunately for me it’s $30 now, but it definitely looks worth the investment. Would you pay $30 for it?

      • miked

        Yea, it is a pretty solid case

  • ndorrough

    I bought based on a blog post I read on the subject. For $15 it was hard to beat. It has definitely protected my Nexus 7 against some potentially life threatening scratches! This is highly recommended.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Appreciate the recommendation! The price definitely seems hard to beat on that one.

  • titanium man
    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks for the links! I love the one from the first link. For $9.95 it looks like a steal.

      • titanium man

        no problem! i’m getting a Nexus 7 and i want to get some good quality accessories for it :) good luck in finding the best one

        • Steve Heinrich

          Thanks! You too. I will probably update this thread soon with a list of the best ones people suggest.

  • nostrono

    as the nexus 7 is not available in Brazil, so no options for this tablet exist, i decided just to get a simple protection for the back (a generic case for the galaxy 7), and use it to protect the screen when i carry the tablet un my backpack. simple and still slim!

  • dharr18

    Here are two that I have. I like them both. I am a freak, I use one for when working, because of the stylus holder and one for day to day life. Both are smart covers and work really well.

    • Steve Heinrich

      I really like the on eon eBay. Probably at the top of my list right now. Thanks!

      • Joby

        I have seen a general video of the eBay one, and I would not recommend it at all. it looks cool, but is cheap if I had to guess.

  • chestont

    I use a navy Supcase which I love. Smart cover function which wakes the screen plus multiple viewing angles = win. They aren’t too pricey and depending on the color are less than $15.

    That being said, that Poetic case that scaarg recommended looks incredible too.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Looks like a good case for the money. Thanks for the link!

  • bstewart11

    My personal preference is a folio style case, with sleep/wake function, where the tablet snaps in (i.e. not one that covers up part of the screen or is held in with elastic bands). The type of closure for the cover also plays into it, and I also like a case that I can fold back the cover and have it still feel easy to hold. I have tried three different cases:

    1. Devicewear Slim–Ridge/dp/B0093CB2HQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1354726795&sr=1-1&keywords=devicewear+nexus+7

    Pros: It is slim, has sleep/wake function, tilt stand works well, also folds back well.

    Cons: Cover is held closed by two plastic clips on top and bottom. They didn’t work well, and were misaligned. They also felt cheap and the reviews note that they break easily. New pictures show an elastic band, which I don’t particularly care for. The sleep/wake works, but when you have the cover folded all the way back, it also works (which is a bad thing because it turns the screen off when you are trying to use it).

    HHI 360

    Pros: Looks good, solid construction, has a holder for a sylus (con for some), can rotate to portrait, sturdy tilt stand.

    Cons: Doesn’t protect all edges, bulky, elastic case closure, leaves a circle unprotected on the back cover.

    Speck Fitfolio

    Pros: Very nice construction, protection for all edges, sleep/wake, very slim, folds back nicely and the cover and be clipped in place while folded back, sturdy tilt stand.

    Cons: Closure is with a plastic clip/strap deal – see the pictures. Adds some unsightly bulk, but works well and doesn’t feel cheap. Haven’t had it long enough to find any other cons.

    All in all, the Speck is hands down the winner of the three I have tried and fits the bill almost perfectly for everything I am looking for. The clasp is a little awkward, but works well. I’m not sure what the best solution is, but this is a great case and also comes from a great company.

  • imdiane

    I would definitely recommend the Asus one as it’s made for it
    All the colors are great but my personal favorite would be the pink, the blue or the orange. The gray is more discrete.

    Although if you’re looking for more of a sleeve type, Rickshaw Bagworks makes really nice ones, you can personalize it as your liking!

    Hope you found what you’re looking for :)

    • Steve Heinrich

      These are some great suggestions! I absolutely love the website! I’ve been on there for about an hour customizing a sleeve. They have some awesome options… so many colors/textures to choose from.

      Thanks so much for the wonderful recommendations!

    • bstewart11

      I do like that it is made by Asus for it, and the fit is as perfect as it can get, but there is no sleep/wake function. Not a deal breaker for many, but could be for some.

  • timey

    Why a Case for such a beautiful mobile phone. Ebert Case would make ist Look ugly.

  • cliffy223

    I am hoping to get the Blurex Ultra-Slim case I have seen reviews on it along with videos and it is at a pretty good price.

  • crossbred900

    I’ve been using this It works well for the price,and it puts the Nexus 7 to sleep when you close it.

    • jcommaroto

      I went simple and got this case which seems almost the same as the one crossbred900 mentioned.

      I love it! Durable, portable. I really love that I can pop it in and out easily when I don’t want to have a case. I highly recommend.

    • Steve Heinrich

      I do like that one. Seems like a nice case. Thanks!

  • pliu.2014

    The one from google seems ok and might be a good choice if you don’t want to fool around.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Yeah, those are actually good looking cases. Definitely need to be considered. Thanks!

  • kraigs

    I have the standard one that Google sold as an accessory and its not very good. The lid doesn’t close, its flimsy, you can see the screen through the cover if the tablet is on, and it doesn’t take advantage of the power off magnet. The plus side is its quite thin.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Thanks for the heads up on that case. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it, and now I’m kind of leaning away from it.

  • manustays

    Try the Mivizu Shell 7 Sleeve Case for Google Nexus 7. Its has inner bubble padding for max protection and a sleeve where I keep stuff like stylus, pen-drive, USB-host cable etc :)

    • Steve Heinrich

      That’s a great sleeve! For $10 how can you go wrong? Thanks for the suggestion!

  • miriam

    I’m also looking for a nexus 7 cover (for my husband for Christmas!). Does anyone have any advice about how useful it is to be able to swivel the tablet in the case so it can stand up in either portrait or landscape positions? The ones that do seem to be a bit pricier but I wondered if that was worth it? Thanks!

    • Steve Heinrich

      I am wondering that too. Hope someone can give some input on how useful that is. Thanks for your comment! :)

  • Guitaraholic

    Brilliant list! Ordering the Magnetic PU case now off ebay as an excellent idea for a Christmas present :)

    • Steve Heinrich

      That’s one of my top options!

  • sandy105

    i use the amzer TPU hybrid case-clear ..
    it protects and fits the tablet well.

    • Steve Heinrich

      That’s a great option! Reasonably priced too. Thanks!

  • gh0st665

    I have the Mivizu Shell 7″ Sleeve Case for iPad Mini & Google Nexus 7 (Black) and it is nice! The picture on Amazon is a little deceptive,thought. It’s smaller and snugger than it appears. I fit my Nexus 7 with a case on it (i-Blason Ninja Series Premium X Style TPU Gel Skin Case – Black) and in the forward pocket I fit my earbuds (Skull Candys in their case) and my pig tail cable with a 16GB drive. It’s an awesome case especially if you are throwing it in a backpack or bag.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Awesome! Thanks for the info! that i-Blason case is pretty nice too. I can see combining them like you did. That would work well I think.

  • miriam


    Further to my previous comment, this is a case that I’ve been looking at that rotates. It is from a UK site (I’m from the UK!) so I don’t know if it is available in the US? The link is below and I’ve copied the details below. It looks nice to me, and reasonably priced, but I haven’t seen it so wondered if anyone else has any comments? Some people don’t seem to like elastic band fastenings very much, which it has. Also, it says it is designed exclusively for Nexus 7, but on the photos, it seems to have kindle printed on it!—black-242-p.asp

    Nexus 7 360 Degree Rotating Cover – Black

    This rotating case has been designed exclusively for the Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

    Product Features:
    The case rotates 360 degrees for horizontal and vertical viewing
    Automatic wake/sleep by opening or closing the smart cover
    Duel Layer hard interior cover and top quality handcrafted synthetic leather exterior
    Secure elastic band closure
    Micro fibre suede interior lining to protect your device
    Lightweight and padded design

    Bundle Contents:
    1 x 360 Degrees Rotating Leather Case for Asus Google Nexus 7.
    1 x Free Screen Protector
    1 x Free Touch Stylus

  • NealJ777

    I really like the Speck FitFolio, but have you looked into the Portenzo BookCase?

    I have reviews of cases on my blog. I hope that I’m allowed to link. This is a personal blog and I don’t receive financial compensation for the reviews:

    • Steve Heinrich

      Those are some cool cases! I do love the book style cover. Thanks for the links.

  • DaveH

    You’ve probably already gotten your case by now, but if not, check out Treegloo’s offerings. Really original and look like they would be great protection.

    • Steve Heinrich

      I actually haven’t gotten a case yet. Those are awesome cases on treegloo! Thanks so much for the link. They look worth the investment and are stylish at the same time. I love them! You just made my decision a little harder. i’m definitely putting that link on my top options list. Thanks so much for the link!

  • Yvonne

    I cant wait for the otterbox to come out for this. Sure it is pricey at the projected $70 but I have had my phone in an otterbox for over a year and I have NO damage to my phone what so ever after multiple drops.

    • Steve Heinrich

      Otterbox cases are super rugged. I would suggest them to anyone looking to keep their device in pristine shape.

  • cjleines

    Anyone know of a good case with a well built keyboard? Looking into a late Christmas present for my fiance, and she complains about the keyboard on her n7 all the time :)

    • Steve Heinrich

      I don’t know of any good ones. I have been reading reviews that the built in keyboards on the nexus 7 cases are small and hard to use.

      What I am going to do is get a case that is also a stand and then get a Bluetooth keyboard separate. Something like this one: It is a little expensive but has good reviews and looks worth the investment. There are other cheaper keyboards out there too. Amazon is your friend on that.

  • Devinn

    Anybody have any ideas of where to find a nexus 7 cases like at a Walmart in peoria, Illinois

  • Devinn

    Anybody know a good place to find a nexus 7 case at like a place in bloomington Illinois or in Peoria Illinois or anywhere near those two towns

  • ahmedtarek00

    Hi i recommend to buy Nexus 7 Aluminum Wireless Keyboard Case from uPlay Tablet its for ($39.99).

    here is some features it connects to nexus 7 via bluetooth,when you slide it it becomes a case to protect your nexus 7


  • maria

    Hi! I rec’d a Nexus 7 (very cool) with a m-edge case (not so much) for Xmas (clearly the whole idea was thoughtful).

    I strongly dislike the case: the cutouts for the volume and power buttons can’t be used because of the position of those buttons on the back of the bezel, the cutout for the headphones interferes with the connection enough that headphones don’t work, the case is too floppy to use well to read (one of my main objectives for the Nexus is to replace paper magazine subscriptions), it doesn’t have an interior front strap or pocket to make holding it to read better…I could go on. It does allow the tablet to stand up for video-ish viewing well, and the sleep/wake cover close function works (a feature I would give up to solve some of the abovementioned problems).

    I spent HOURS Sunday frying to find cases in person to check out with little luck. Any suggestions that address some (or all) of the problems above?

  • Sunriseeee

    Daca cauti o tastatura , si in cazul tau Tableta Google Nexus 7. Ti-as recomanda Tableta 7 Aliminium Cu tableta prin wireless de la YPlay Tablet ( 40 de Dolari ) . Este un fel de 3 in 1.
    Se conecteaza prin Bluetooth. O poti folosi ca pe tableta pentru a scrie . Iti serveste stand .
    Cand o pui table in husa , ea devine un caz foarte bun pentru protectia ei . Este facuta de iPad , o calitate mare , arata foarte bine . uPlay Tablet este faimoasa pentru Aluminium wireless , tastatura pentru iPad

  • Barry Lee

    Hey Steve,

    Being a late adopter to the Nexus 7, I am awaiting for the device and the very same case you have purchased, was looking for that follow up on using it, hoping for good news, this wasnt the cheapest cover but the natural hemp material look really drew me in!

    • Steve Heinrich

      Hey Barry! So sorry for the really long delay here! The case is great! It is pretty much everything I wanted.