Best Video Player for Android

Posted Dec 05, 2012 at 10:38 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hi everyone,

I would like to hear everyones opinion on the best video player and/or codecs for android!

I’m currently using MX video player (TF201 tablet), but with .mkv files, there seems to be a ‘low sound’ issue. Sometimes a sync issue.

I know there are plenty of experienced people out there who could help out. Anything out there with browser integration?


  • chestont

    Rocky Player Lite is my go-to for all my Android devices. The software decoding mode allows me to play 95% of what I throw at it, regardless of the device (Rooted Nook Color, Samsung NS4G, HTC Hero, NExus 7 etc.)

    • chestont

      Haha, *Rock Player. Must have Sly Stallone on my mind for some reason.

  • doublin

    MX video player is the best for me.I have that .mkv problem also,but very rarely,like 2/10 .mkv files.No ideea why so,I asked on the Play Store too,but still no answer from developers.


    I’m pretty happy with “MX Player”!
    But you can also try “VLC for Android Beta”! ;)

    • Manroth

      I agree, MX Player has played everything I have tossed at it and hasn’t stuttered at all.

    • commandlinekid

      MX is the best player I’ve found too. I was hoping for a good VLC port so thanks for the idea, I’ll check it out here, must be new.

      Try – A Command Line for the Web

  • max lachan

    “mx player” is right now the best one offering wide codec range!!!

    • pol biswas

      I do agree with you.

  • Zach Stewart

    Honestly, I usually just use stock until I flashed a rom that the stock was broken. I moved over the MX Player and have never gone back to stock.

    • zacks2art

      Dude Change your name ;) Good thread I was just looking into this. However I have the added concern of wanting a player that would support Multi Window now that I finally got a Note 2…. Wonder if an update will roll out. Oh well at least I can play video that stock cant on a single screen until theres a MW app.

  • KOBesucker

    Honestly, I’m just trying to get my rep up so I can enter today’s contest :)

    I use VLC for iOS and it’s wonderful. Don’t know how polished it might be for Android, but it’s at least worth a shot.

    • tylerfoy

      Thanks for the suggestion. No worries, gotta get into that contest!

    • KOBesucker

      Oh muchas gracias people…love that -1.

  • marcus1518

    mx player is what I ues

  • 619MattyIce

    MX plays all downloads well, the resume feature is nice.

  • yurma415

    i’ve been partial to mx.

  • scaarg

    I use MX mostly. I really dont know of other player that’s as versatile.

  • overclockthesun

    MX Player. Nothing else seems to play without skipping on my Defy!

  • rewagner

    kinda like Real Player…but sure there is better?

  • fratch73

    i like qq player and vlc seems to be pretty stable

  • crossbred900

    I’ll have to check out MX and VLC

  • Thor997

    I’m very happy with Dice Player, hw accelerated player too.

  • _AjD

    I would say MX is a decent player, but it has some codec issues

    VLC (beta) still seems very unstable on my TF201 and doesn’t offer any noticeable benefits when compared to MX

    I just don’t think there’s a very good option though for .mkv – which makes me a sad panda

  • eighty5iv

    I use mx player but I wonder if its just the tf201 that has problems with it because my tf201 works terrible with mx player but good with dice and my galaxy note 2 works great with mx player.

  • R_Leslie

    I would second the recommendation for MX player. It works very well on my Skyrocket running CM10

  • decker

    I love J2 Interactive. Their MX player plays on anything (including ARM 5) and plays any file. Combine this with MediaHouse UPnP / DLNA Browser and your device can stream from the a home DLNA media server.

  • Nwemo

    I use MX Player,that’s probably the best.

  • thymeless

    Have to try MX. I’ve been using Moboplayer and it’s been very good. But I really want VLC when it’s ready

  • lapak_zapak

    MX Player, it has everything you ask from a video player

  • calenk

    I use the mx player. But the samsung one is pretty good too.

  • Daniel Bolen

    MX Player is the best!

  • Stig03

    google play music

  • pol biswas

    Mx player is the best one.I am using it.

  • Luv_android

    Mx player is the best thing… plays about anything I throw at it :)))

  • dino13

    MX Player is the first I tried, and well since it works perfectly at least for me, no reason for changing a thing.

  • heynomi4u

    Try Wondershare player. I was very pleased by it’s appearance and the ability to play anything that I threw at it.

  • MC_Android

    MX Player Pro. Amazing interface. Plays every media file I threw at it so far. Thread closed :)

    • tylerfoy

      Hm, I didn’t know there was a Pro version. Maybe that will solve my low sound issue!

  • peachbun

    I have tried so many video players: MX Player, Mobo player, Dice Player, VLC, etc. MX Player works the best for me, it was able to play MKV videos that I wasn’t able to play in others =)

  • r90a22

    mx player

  • digvijaya07

    MX PLAYER Is Better ..!! :D

  • Doug Pederson AKA SpectateSwamp

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  • RichFearn72

    Im late joining this thread, but for anyone researching like me, its worth pointing out some issues with MX player. I do use MX as my default player as it renders effortlessly and plays all but the most obscure of codecs. However in hardware mode there are fragmentation issues when using the seek screen gesture (one of the most used gestures) and this is not rare either! Neither does it relate to a specific type of codec. I use it on my Prime (TF201) and the stability issue has started to become a problem for me.

    I have actually started using BS player and so far have not found a single issue, codec or stability problem. Its has been flawless. The free version has all the same screen gestures as MX player and HW decoding works perfectly, saving battery life. This with all the other advanced features like streaming, WiFi play, subtitles, window play etc..mean I would put BS above all other players. Although each player has its merits, and yes I do like MX player, I would have to say BS player is the best (especially for my device) Asus Transformer Prime.

    Hope that helped

  • Alamin

    I think hd player is the best to play all kinds of video.

  • SGB101

    Since I got the samsung note I liked MX and double twist, however the stock samsung player is brilliant.

    Very well thought out indeed.

  • arun

    mx player and vlc player are have same features.difference is mx have high buffer limit but vlc is slightly low so some videos scramble in vlc.advantage of vlc over mx is vlc playing quality and pixel resolution good wen compared to mx.this makes the vlc a good experience of HD

  • sandy105

    mx and bs player

  • jam

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  • jam

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  • vforvortex

    I use Dice Player as well. I like the gesture controls , swipe up/down in left side of screen for volume. up down on right side for brightness. also has a PIP/pop out function to view video while working other apps.

  • Danny Troy

    RichFearn72…. you are the man. I had been using MX player on my Note 2, which until now was the best there was for me for playing vob files. The BS Player has replaced it. No more freezes, which is what I was experiencing with the MX Player. I had installed and tested about 10 highly recommended players, and none could match the features of the MX Player, and I’m happy to say the BS Player has all the features I need. Why didn’t I see this on Google Play???

  • realskan

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  • steve

    mx player is the best video player i have used in terms of smoothness ,,, i also use vlc player for videos which can be played by both of them, i will use mx player but vlc has better codec and i have known two things… i can not play some mkv files and mp3 (only some) with my mx player while vlc can play the two things…. if u want to use mx player i would also ecommend u vlc

  • Mark

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