Browser that supports Adobe Flash?

Posted May 16, 2013 at 12:22 pm in Threads > Opinions

Flash is dead flash is dead. Great so who forgot to tell all those web sites to stop publishing flash content?

One of my biggest gripes lately is surfing to a web site on my phone and there is a flash video I want to see. I have to wait until I go home and get on my desktop to view it? Really?

I get that Adobe killed Flash (or did Steve Jobs do that?) So the support in Android browsers went away but that doesn’t mean the content went away.

I’ve gotten the legacy Adobe android apk and installed and I can get Firefox to view the content. But I’m not happy with the solution.

What is anyone else doing to view Flash content in their browser on their phone?

  • jonstle

    I used to use the dolphin browser. Look for it in the play store.

  • Ben

    You can use vanilla Internet browser if you have Adobe Flash installed. That’s what I use and there are no problems whatsoever.

  • SGB101

    The only browser I know of that still supports flash is Xscope browser.

    It is paid for, bit does work. On installation it will prompt you to I stall flash, will offer you an Adobe link and an XDA link for the relevant flash. Then it will install.

    Nice simple app, I’ve been using g it for over 12 months now, as a back up to chrome. Also use dolphin for its last pass plug in, that doesn’t do flash no more. Well not on 4.1+

    • SGB101

      Before anyone jumps on me, dolphin will actually do flash but not well, and won’t run film at a watchable level

  • Floorman63

    X-scope browser works well for me also, best thing I know of.

  • Mike

    Puffin browser as worked the best for me.

  • PHerz

    Well some common conjecture actually.. Flash transformed into thin air called Air. Air is where Flash publishes to from the developer / designer standpoint and those containers generally target any mobile platform including Android as an ‘app’ or standalone desktop app versus an embedded web browser component as Flash has traditionally been employed. Meanwhile desktops except Linux continue to support latest versions of Flash which I think is at version 14 currently. This means that Flash Builder (aka Flex) continues to live on as well as Flash itself which is a timeline based animation tool. Adobe explicitly announced their long-term (10-year ish) roadmap for Flash to be confined to video and video games leaving UI concerns to HTML5 primarily. This meant they were holding on to their stronghold and most obvious advantage and surrending the fight in other senses namely the browser UI footprint except video.


    • Anders

      @PHerz Maybe I did not understand your post but just to clarify I use Mozilla on Linux Mint and watch flash stuff with no problems at all.