“Build your dream phone”

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As a user on androidandme stated in the next nexus wish list thread, wouldn’t it be awesome if you could build your own smartphone exactly how you want, or get one custom made? Like this video http://youtu.be/mtBHnwok3rI . lets all post what we would combine from other phones/upcoming phones to make our dream phone.

My dream phone:
White HTC One X Body
SLCD2 720p display fills up as much of current ONE X dimensions as possible (small bezel)
On screen buttons
Best available camera for smartphone
Exynos 5 quad
Stock Android AOSP builds straight from google :D
Razr maxx battery 3000+ mAH
Stereo speakers

I think that about covers it for what i would want in my dream phone :D

  • ampharos

    Matte black body
    4″ screen, any res that’s 800×480 or more
    Physical clicky buttons for Back and Home and friends
    Scroll ball
    Low to mid end dual-core processor
    1 GB of RAM
    Decent rear camera and a front camera that wasn’t leftover parts from 2003
    2000+ mAh battery, removable
    2-8 GB of storage. with microSD and the cloud, who needs on-board storage?
    NO CELLULAR RADIO. WiFi only. Make this a iPod touch serial killer. And not Samsung’s half-assed Player either.

    • kazahani

      ^ I want to buy this.

  • kazahani

    4.5″ 720p SAMOLED+
    GSM, CDMA, Penta-Band HSPA+ & LTE support so that I can use it on any carrier in the world.
    Stock 4.0.4
    Super-thin, shiny metal unibody design.
    Smooth curves, no hard lines.
    Expandable memory
    Exynos 5250 @ 1.7 GhZ
    Big enough battery to last me at least a full day

  • mkstvns

    I’m no top-shelf techhead, but… my dream phone;

    - Slimmer version of the iPhone 4S body, but with an aluminium or ceramic back, a glass face that is flush with the aluminium frame, and an edge-to-edge display at no more than 4.5 inches.

    - 720p SAMOLED+ display.

    - One clickable home button, a touch menu button to the left and a touch back button to the right – just like the GS2/3.

    - Android OS, but with an Apple-like (not completely, just similar) level of control over OS update rollouts so that handset makers and carriers can’t screw us anymore, and I also want devs to be as in love with Android as they are with iOS.

    - Lastly, the same wealth of beautiful accessories and cases that are available with the iPhone.

    Hey, I’m a designer, these things matter to me.

    As for its internals, I’m not fussed. Just about every phone on the market satisfies these days when it comes to power. I’m not a gamer, so I don’t need buckets of power.

    My overall Android dream is to see an Android manufacturer commit to really taking the fight to the iPhone in every way.

    It might as well be Google and whoever they work with on the next Nexus.

    So, I’m talking beautiful industrial design with a hero designer like Jonathan Ive, an industry-beating camera and display, and a pure Android OS experience.

    I’m talking about offering real incentives to the developers of the most popular iPhone apps, to get them working on versions for the Nexus. If they only have to initially focus on one phone, it negates whatever the complaints of fragmentation are focusing on.

    I’m talking similar incentives for accessory manufacturers to get on board. Stunning, unique and novel cases, attachments, docks, fully integrated in-car connectivity, etc.


    And, hey, some handset makers are starting to pick up on the idea.

    HTC has picked up its game when it comes to attractive hardware and accessories, and Sony has made progress here too.

    But, for now, nobody has truly nailed it.

    And that’s the main problem for me. My sister bought a Galaxy S 2, and not long after, she was complaining about all the apps her friend’s iPhone has that weren’t available on her GS2, or her friends super-cute cassette-tap inspired cover, or the slick shiny white Sony stereo dock she bought for it, etc.

    In the end, she sold the GS2 and got an iPhone.

    Now, I’m not my sister. I’m interested in more than just the aesthetics. The nerdier side of the user experience matters to me.

    I love the feel of Android as an OS, I love being able to replace just about every stock feature on it with aftermarket apps, and even though it has a plastic back cover, I love my GS2.

    But I am also sick and tired of seeing reviews and announcements of clever, unique and handsome iPhone apps that either never show up on Android, or take a year to appear – and then in either a significantly reduced or poorly ported form.

    The situation is slowly changing, I admit. More exciting and attractive apps are appearing on Android, but the ‘problem’ is still very real.

    So, I’m one of those people stuck in the middle.

    I’m constantly umming and ahhing over whether I can just be happy in Android land, enjoying this incredible OS, its desktop-like power and the Android-specific versions of Gmail, Google Docs, Maps, etc, or whether I go back to the iPhone and bathe in the glory of the beautiful apps and accessories I’ve had to go without since I switched to Android.

    I dunno. We’ll see, I guess. The iPhone 5 and iOS 6 might prove to be incredible. Then the game will really be on.

    • mkstvns

      Aw hell, that last chunk wasn’t meant to be bold. Can an admin please place a /b tag after “my overall android dream”?

    • Ironzey Lewis

      Personally, I don’t understand why people like to name name when it comes to iPhone design. There have been some pretty good designs for non apple products and no one has any clue who made them. It seems like apple has a way of selling people as well as products. I’m annoyed by the fact that I now the name of the guy that designed the phone that I DON’T like yet I have no idea of anyone who designed the phone I do.

      I wish Google would produce a really good option to the iPhone but based on their ongoing relationship with Samsung I doubt we’ll see anything truly great coming from them. I was disapointed by the fact that the Galaxy Nexus seemed to pull punches. They had a chance to produce some really great hardware with Samsung. Instead of going all out they left alot of room for Samsaun, HTC and other phone makers to step up and take the lead with their next line of phones.

      I totally agree with you on the point of accesories. This is one of few places I think Android has a lot of catching up to do. One of my favorite features of my old Nexus One were the docks that were avaialable for it. If a phone maker can make a quality dock, car and destop, that is reasonalbly priced and make them easy to get. I admit that this is one area where I’m still jealous of the iphone crowd, they have many GOOD options for accesories. Android, not so much. The desktop dock I use in my cubible at work is a cut styrofoam cup, it works but it’s ugly.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      “But I am also sick and tired of seeing reviews and announcements of clever, unique and handsome iPhone apps that either never show up on Android, or take a year to appear — and then in either a significantly reduced or poorly ported form.”

      I don’t keep up on what is happening with iOS, what apps are you talking about? Just curious.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Galaxy note minus Touchwiz add Android 4.0.4.


    Here is the specs for my perfect Android, as well as the specs that would make me take the jump from regular Android smartphones to Phablets:

    Custom Phablet Concept inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S III & The Samsung Glalaxy Note.

    The Specs Sheet:

    Dimensions: 143 x 76 x 9.7mm
    Weight: Somewhere either inbetween 133g and 178g or => 178g
    Display: 5.65″ 1080×1939 HD Super AMOLED Plus (Approximately 393ppi pixel density)
    16:9 aspect ratio
    Protected By: Corning Gorila Glass 2
    Memory: 2 GB of RAM and 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB internal Storage space
    Expandable: Yes; SDCard up to 64GB x 2
    Data: Summarized as => that of the Galaxy S III
    Camera: Primary; (Likely a ) 12MP shooter (or possibly a 13MP)
    Dual flash, Auto Focus
    Features: Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection,
    image stabilization
    Secondary: Yes; 3MP
    Features: OS; Android OS, v4.1.x (Jelly Bean)
    Chipset; Exynos 4212 (Or greater if available)
    (skip CPU) GPU; Mali-400MP (or greater if available)
    Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer(, and possibly others)
    Colors; A color similar to Pebble Blue and one similar to Marble White
    Battery: What ever the largest battery is that this device would be able to fit, starting at 2500mAh. Battery equals 2500 <= B <= S, Where B is the battery and S is the largest size the device can hold.

    This concept is by no means perfect, but it does have a few things that stand out. For example, even though its screen size is bigger than that of the Galaxy Note, almost the whole body of the device is smaller than the note. Also, one thing my concept device did not take from its Samsung inspirers is the physical home button flanked by 2 capacitive buttons. Instead, this device will use Androids original on screen software buttons. This device also has 2 external speakers instead of the usual one.

    Note, I talk about the design in this thing… If I remember what I typed correctly… I fully designed (Well, mostly fully in regards to shape and all of that) the device on Google — sorry — Trimble SketchUp.

  • CTown

    I think HTC got very close to building the perfect phone with the One S.

    The only changes I can see:
    1)Upgrade its qHD SAMOLED to at least 720p.
    **You would think that Samsung is just about done with those 720p displays that have been used in the GSII HD, GNex, and GSIII. Perhaps HTC could get a good price on them (and pass the savings to us)? Plus, 4.6 inches a really good size.

    2)Keep the dimensions by putting on software buttons.
    **That way the phone could appeal to the largest group of people possible.

    3)Upgrade to Quad-core Krait (for us nerds) with its latest Adreno GPU.
    **Qualcomm does get more power efficent in each release!

    4)Don’t use HTC Sense, CM10 + free Dropbox storage is good enough. **Keep the framework as close to AOSP as possible and the drivers will follow!

    **For us Android fans that want “true” 4G (and not that fake stuff called LTE or HSPA+)!

    • CTown

      6)I forgot the NFC.
      **Not sure if I would ever use it though. When I leave the house, I always make sure I have my phone and wallet, even before I look for my keys.

  • totu

    GS3 body, black.
    1280×800 res Super AMOLED+ HD
    Dual band Wifi N, Bluetooth 4.0
    Pentaband GSM, quadband+dualcell HSPA+, quadband LTE (High speed globally!)
    Quad core Tegra t33 or Qualcomm Krait
    12core Nvidia or Adreno GPU
    2+ GB ram
    AOSP Stock Jelly Bean from Google, f**k TouchWiz
    One X cameras,
    2200 MAh or more battery
    Micro USB to dock, dock to HDMI, USB, Audio>some sort of webtop or ubuntu for android.

    • totu

      16 GB internal SD, 10 for User, + micro SD slot
      Induction charging

      • totu

        Simultaneous HD video and image recording, gps-tagging, focus, face/smile detection,
        Accelerometer, Gyroscope, proximity sensor, compass, etc

  • Orion78

    - A larger version of the Galaxy Nexus(curved screen with very little bezel) with the same size screen as the Note (5.5)
    - HD Super Amoled+
    - Stock Jelly Bean
    - 12 mp camera or better(back) 3.0 mp(front)
    -Exynos 5

    Thats all I can think about for now. lol

    • Orion78

      I meant screen size of Note 2.

  • Phenziox

    Nexus 4 chassis (awesome glass back)
    1028×720 screen of Droid DNA corning gorilla glass 2
    overclocked tegra 3 with speeds around 1.8 gHz (for the gaming)
    2> gb ram
    razr maxx’s battery 3000 mah
    android 4.2 stock (no stupid UI’s!)
    8MP back 3.1MP front camera
    physical buttons: Standard Android 4.x buttons, volume scroller, power button
    NFC, Bluetooth, 3G/HSPA+/4G LTE, WiFi. Tethering from and to PC
    My Signature on the back B-)

  • madroid

    galaxy S3 blue body

    -4.5″ hd super amoled screen

    -jelly bean 4.2

    -13mp camera and secondary 1.9mp

    -4g and all the others

    -corning gorilla glass 2

    -on the same side of power button a camera button

    -2gb of ram

    -32gb of memory

    -3100 mAh battery

    -on screen buttons

    - touchwiz ui

    -Chipset Exynos 4412 Quad

    -CP Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9

    -720×1280 pixels

  • Androidlova

    I would choose the iphone 5 body 1080p resolution tegra 4 8 mp camera 2 mp front facing camera gets all android updates ios ui 2gb of ram 16 gb of storage super ips+ display and gorilla glass 3

    • Androidlova

      Forgot to say note 2 battery and lte speed

      • Androidlova

        Instead of saying iphone on back it says cPhone and the logo a cookie

  • pliu.2014

    My is the same as u guys but with octo or terga 4

  • Teebor

    Galaxy S4 with a S3 sized screen but still the same high quality screen as the S4
    Galaxy S3 dimensions width/height – might be thicker though to allow for a bigger battery
    HTC One body – zero gap and all that jazz
    Nokia’s Cameras and historic reliability / indestructability

    32-64GB on board memory as SD card add-ins seem to be going the way of the dodo

    It should be running AOSP though but with the Samsung swipe keyboard thing, I like the Samsung one best out of all the ones I have used.

  • matthew laker

    Galaxy S3 *metal* casing red

    CPU Quad core 2.5Ghz 64 bit

    CHIPSET snapdragon 805

    GPU GeForce 72 Cuda Cores

    DISPLAY 2560×1440

    RAM 4GB


    BATTERY 3200Mah

    Ext storage up to 128GB

    Camera 5MP front facing 1080p 60fps – back camera 41MP OIS 4K 60fps

    DR DRE BEATS dual front speakers

    Connections – 3.5mm jack HDMI MICRO USB

    WEIGHT around 150-200g


    • Matthew Laker

      Also 5 inch screen with the 2560×1440 display here :3 MY DREAM PHONE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    6 inch x 3-1/2 inch 1080p display, with an inner camera, with a 720p resolution, 2 front facing stereo speakers. Have the face button layout the same as the Samsung Galaxy’s, have a very high power button and volume buttons, removable backplate, battery, an sd card slot, and have it all be powered by android kitkat, and use google play for your app store.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and also, it’ll have an average of a 2 hour charge wait, and when it’s completely charged you’ll have a 9 hour time to use it until it runs out of power, and you’ll use a mini-USB to charge it with. And also, it’ll be 1/2 cm thick and have an 11 megapixel camera on the back, and have a black custom backplate, with a flaming F in the middle of it

  • Anonymous

    You can put the so called “windows” together so you can do two things at once

  • Eric

    dream phone
    Body:MOTO X Wood backing and circular flash with moto dimpple
    Display:Droid Turbo 5.2″ Quad HD,IPS LCD,565 ppi
    Battery:Droid Turbo 3900mAh
    Charging:IPhone lighting cable
    Camera:Galaxy Note 4
    Hardware:Snapdragon 805,2700MHz,Krait 450,Adreno 420
    Other Specs: No front facing camera instead replace with HTCs speakers.MotoX 4 mics for better sound quality.Audio jack located on the top middle,Power and volume button on right hand side with lock screen switch on left hand side. Really future proof in my opinion, not a big display but with the best PPI and Display I don’t have to worry about another phone topping it.

  • emilio

    dream phone

    samsung galaxy s3 front body

    6,0 inch screen

    4gb of ram

    5.5 ghz quad core processor

    back from nokia lumia 1020

    20mp back camera

    8mp front camera

    And i will call it One M5

    i know that sounds expensive

    and adreno 420 gpu

    and snapdragon 820