Building your own Android device.

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I love computers,i also love building my own desktop computers/gaming rigs rather than buying the set built,why ?? most of you would know so skip the part below,but if you don’t,here are my main reasons ⇩⇩⇩

1- Pricing . Its ALOT cheaper if you are building your own gaming computer with the latest components than,buying that beautiful costly Alienware (beautiful brand) with the same specs.
2- Satisfaction . Whenever you want something,you want it for satisfaction,and you’d obviously be satisfied by picking your own components,rather than being forced into getting something you don’t want instead. (like brands using non-removable batteries,which i’m not ok with)
3- Satisfaction (after a fail of finding a suitable synonym decided to use it again),however satisfaction is so important,and i get satisfied when i use what I’ve built with my own hands,feels like you’ve achieved something that makes you really proud of.

So Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could build your own Droid device from scrap,like choose its form factor,display size (2.5-inch phone to a 10-inch tablet),display technology (OLED,LCD,etc..),processor (Exynos,Tegra,S4,etc…),battery life,storage size,camera,and so on.

I know that’s not gonna be possible any time soon,and might not even happen in the future,but lets say it was possible,would you support it ?? if no,why ?
…and if yes,post a comment of what you’d pack in your dream phone/tablet (try not to exaggerate though).

Here is a video to make the image clearer :

Credits go to MKBHD

Personally i’d choose The Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro(cuz i’m a big fan of physical keyboards) ,packing a Tegra 3 processor,RAZR MAXX’s battery life,a super AMOLED HD display,HTC One X’s camera,decent front facing camera and stock ICS on board.

side note :btw this my 1st thread,so sorry if this thread’s arrangment is a bit messed up.

  • ghost5

    Here you go

    the website seems to be down now though so they probably aren’t trading anymore

  • Bpear96

    I kinda already have a thread like this , no biggie though :)

    • Yonas

      HOLY MOTHER OF COINCIDENCES ! loool,TBH i got the idea pumping into me from Marques long ago,so i decided to post a thread today :D

  • Ironzey Lewis

    To each his own.
    I’m probably in the minority here but I really don’t like this idea. To me, these devices are meant to be simple, easy to use and cheap. My personal opinion again, anything that makes these devices resemble desktops is something that makes it less appealing.
    I’ve built PC and have never been satisfied, there is always some better component. Spend $400 this month on a new video card and 6 months down the road something even better comes

    • Ironzey Lewis

      (sorry fat fingers) out.
      I love to just choose a device, carrier and I’m up and running in less than ten minutes.

      I’m sure at some point we’ll get to the point where you’ll be able to assemble it yourself maybe it’ll be modular (screen on your wrist, processor in your pocket all connected via widi) that would be cool.

      For me, for now I don’t want my phone to repeat the PC experience.

      • funtikar

        agreed, but probably the industry don’t really like the idea. Because look at laptops they are still not as “module”ish even though they have been here for quite a time. Yeah I know about MXM graphics and company providing customizable products but its still not as practical. :/

      • funtikar

        I agree with you that android devices should just stick with simple, easy to use and cheap.

        • sammy

          you call $500+ for a good phone cheap?

  • Austin Deane

    Here are the specs for my perfect (and with todays technology realistic) android device: Custom Phablet Concept inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S III & The Samsung Glalaxy Note.

    The Specs Sheet:

    Dimensions: 143 x 76 x 9.7mm
    Weight: Somewhere either inbetween 133g and 178g or => 178g
    Display: 5.65″ 1080×1939 HD Super AMOLED Plus (Approximately 393ppi pixel density)
    16:9 aspect ratio
    Protected By: Corning Gorila Glass 2
    Memory: 2 GB of RAM and 16, 32, 64, or 128 GB internal Storage space
    Expandable: Yes; SDCard up to 64GB x 2
    Data: Summarized as => that of the Galaxy S III
    Camera: Primary; (Likely a ) 12MP shooter (or possibly a 13MP)
    Dual flash, Auto Focus
    Features: Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection,
    image stabilization
    Secondary: Yes; 3MP
    Features: OS; Android OS, v4.1.x (Jelly Bean)
    Chipset; Exynos 4212 (Or greater if available)
    (skip CPU) GPU; Mali-400MP (or greater if available)
    Sensors: Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer(, and possibly others)
    Colors; A color similar to Pebble Blue and one similar to Marble White
    Battery: What ever the largest battery is that this device would be able to fit, starting at 2500mAh. Battery equals 2500 <= B <= S, Where B is the battery and S is the largest size the device can hold.

    This concept is by no means perfect, but it does have a few things that stand out. For example, even though its screen size is bigger than that of the Galaxy Note, almost the whole body of the device is smaller than the note. Also, one thing my concept device did not take from its Samsung inspirers is the physical home button flanked by 2 capacitive buttons. Instead, this device will use Androids original on screen software buttons. This device also has 2 external speakers instead of the usual one.

  • AndresGalvan98

    Mine would be tough in the design category…

    Hands down, it would have to have LTE support with the ability to fall back on HSPA+. Also, I would want Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 QUAD-core processor clocked at around 1.6-1.7 GHz. The screen would have to be a Super LCD 2, like the One X, with a 12 or 16MP camera with burst mode and features of the HTC One series. I would want a battery that’s thin, but large. Somewhere around 2,500-3,500 mAh would be suitable. On top of that, I want stock Jelly Bean. Okay, to sum it up:

    LTE + HSPA+ connectivity
    Snapdragon S4(or maybe S5 in the future) 1.7Ghz quad core.
    5 inch Super LCD 2 screen (Infinity style)
    16MP main camera with HTC One capabilities
    3MP front facing camera
    Thin, non-removable(since it’s so large, it won’t need replacing) 3,500mAh battery
    64GB of onboard storage, no MicroSD slot needed
    Flat white colored unibody polycarbonate shell
    On screen ICS/JB keys
    Headphone jack on top left
    Slightly contoured display
    MicroUSB port on bottom center
    Power/standby button on top right
    Volume rocker on left side

    After the on screen keys, the options aren’t that important. Am I missing anything? Is there any tool where I can put my design to life?

    • AndresGalvan98

      I also forgot

      1 – 2GB of RAM, probably won’t be a noticeable difference with the quad core processor
      Corning Gorilla Glass
      As thin and lightweight as possible.

      THESE do matter.

  • shaun76

    I’d love to convert my PSP that I don’t use to an Android device – perfect for gaming.

  • swapnil majumdar

    how can i make my own android mobile phone ….. help

  • Rama Syailendra

    i just want to build an android phone with 2 GHZ multicore processor for a laptop and android os 4.1 jellybean and 13 GB RAM , 3100 mAH battery, 64 Terabyte internal memory, 2 slots of micro SD Card, super amoled HD screen 3.8 inches, samsung galaxy ace 2 chasing, and 100 grams weight, 5 Megapixel front camera, 15 megapixel rear camera, gorilla glass 2, micro usb, charger, just 1 cm thin, and a touch button. If i miss some devices or the internal things, just send me a message to my facebook: Rama Syailendra My facebook photo is: a blue fish

    • exgenj


  • Rama Syailendra

    and i forgot for: a gsm, 3g connectivity, and 4g technology

  • Eric

    Hi there,

    What you said on your video is exactly what I was thinking to do. In fact I got to your blog because I was looking for more info on doing this.

    I think its entirely possible to build an android device like a clone pc. Just have to find the right connections, since this is not readily available for the consumer market.

  • Cade

    Samsung galaxy. Remove the buttons and install softkeys. I would change the touch wiz software to create more screen realistate on the homescreens, to keep the touch wiz features. id run stock android vanilla on it as well so i can choose to switch back and forth and keep my features. It would have a 45 mp camera. Retina display 1020ppi. quad core processor. 64gb memory. Removed all carrier applicaitons besides voicemail, and the choice of select few touchwiz apps. And it would run 4.3 jellybean thats upgradable for the next 4 years.

  • Marquis Brownlee

    LTE+ HSPA connection
    Bluetooth 3.0
    Qualcomm Snapdragon SIV Processor
    Galaxy s4 screen
    Stock android Vanilla
    32GB internal
    3GB RAM
    32 GB expandable X2
    Proximity,Thermo,Gyro,Hover sensors
    Aluminum Backing
    12MP camera with auto-focus,LED flash.etc
    Mini USB charging Port
    Capasitive Face buttons
    1200 MaH battery
    WiFi B/G/N
    Tegra 3 Graphics
    Bass Boost


    What I am researching right now is building a HTPC based on Android. I want it to all be in one case. The amp, reciever, bluray, storage, all of which can be controled from any android device that I am carrying around

    I want the amp/reciever to have all of the functions of todays home theater stereos, multi hdmi in and outs and regular speaker connections so you can any speakers of your choice.

    I have found that there is not really anything stopping this from happening except for money to develop it. The fact that the new processors have the power to run 1080p, and add in the fact that Android now supports TRIM so you can use SSD’s as a storage choice would make this thing rock.

    Add some apps that would allow you to remotely control your xbox or other gaming system, change the channel on the stereo, select your movie of choice on the SSD or harddrive, connect to netflix or any other streaming system.

    Why I have chosen Android for this is simple, It does not need all the hardware that a PC would require, it would be cheaper and more customizable, uses less power than a pc, stays cooler, be much much quieter than a PC.

    Maybe it’s a pipe dream, but once again the only thing stopping this is money. I would need money for programmers, electronics engineers and design engineers.

    I have the dream, just not all the knowledge to get it done.

    Let me know if this sounds crazy.

  • Trev

    It will be possible for you to do it in the near future, look up Pico ITX or Mobile ITX Motherboards.
    They are like 4×3 inch and 2×2 inch in order of naming.