Can you patent a steak?

Posted Sep 06, 2012 at 5:30 pm in Threads > Opinions

Or did you know that there is a patent for walking dogs while on a bicycle?

You can ask what does that title doing in a tech blog. Well it’s the title of a planet money podcast in which they talk about the patent system in USA.

The podcast doesn’t specifically focus on tech patents but it’s very informative. If you got 17 min you should listen to it.

  • awundrin

    good grief. I hope the above ‘comment’ gets deleted and the idiot who posted it banned.

  • Lane

    Software parents are an abomination, a plague upon the advancement of commercial technology.

    Software should have copyright protection only, not patent protection. You can copyright formulations of language (which is what programming is) like poetry. You cannot patent methods of poetry construction.

    It is just ridiculous, but where there’s money, there’s a way.

    • aranea

      I’m not sure if all the software patents are useless. I mean think about a new way to search internet i.e. google. The algorithm is revolutionary that should be protected but you can’t just patent searching the internet.

  • theviper21

    I also agree that the patent system for technology is severely broken and there are many companies that take advantage of it. Some other good stories on Intellectual Ventures and the broken patent system are:

    When Patents Attack on Planet Money:

    When Patents Attack! on This American Life:

    If you’re going to listen to one, do yourself a favor and this to the This American Life episode on it; it’s a great show!