Can you safely charge the Galaxy S3 with a Note 2 charger?

Posted Dec 31, 2012 at 4:21 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

The Note 2′s charger output is 2.1a while the S3 (IIRC) is 1.2A (or something above 1.0A).

Can you safely charge the S3 with the Note 2 charger? I don’t want to fry my phone with it but it would be nice to get it to charge faster.

  • redraider133

    Yes it will work fine. I usually use different chargers all the time and haven’t had any problems

  • mecky33

    I wouldn’t make a habit of it, but it won’t really hurt anything. LiPo batteries tend to last longer if you charge them a bit slower. I use a 550ma or 850ma charger for my HTC phone instead of the 1A that it came with.

  • Stephen

    I recently lost my charger to my Note 2 and was using my kindle charger. The phone was plugged and the battery life was dwindling as I was using it rather than charge it. My HTC evo charger charges it faster and I just used a galaxy s3 and it worked great. Still not as fast as a note 2 but charged it to 50% in about 2 hours.

  • Esoth

    They’ll both work fine. Theoretically, charging the S3 with a 2.1A charger could shorten the number of recharge cycles in the battery, but generally it’s fairly insignificant. By the time you reach anywhere near that point, you’ll probably have replaced the phone anyway.

  • pekosROB

    Thanks guys. I read about the (possibility of) shortening your battery’s life span but it’s nice to use to get some juice in there quick.

  • Laila

    I’ve been ding this for a period of time and its woking fine for me, but now im having another problem and i dont know if it is related or not. My S3 stops working all of a sudden, like in the middle of the call, and when i finish talking and wanna end the call it doesnt work it just get stuck to the same pic and doesnt respond at all, and this happnes with each and every app and everyday for up to 7-8 times
    im really fed up

    • dont use higher rated chargers

      Dont use higher rated chargers on the phone except the one it came with u ruined the phone…

      this is the exact same thing which happened to me when i was using hTC windows phone, i used a nokia lumia 610 charger which is 1.5A and after a few charges the phone started to behave erratically with random reboots, crashes

      the problem here is that your phone has many components like sim card reader, antenna and other stuff, although the battery will charge with 2A , it is safe to do so but the extra current will fry the other components which ar enot designed to take in the heat generated by a higher current

      • Random Surfer

        That’s obviously where you went wrong. You bought a Windows phone. Nothing from microsoft seems to work as desired – unless you give it to somebody you don’t like.

    • Yousef…nomunomu.dummy

      Free up 8GB or more to have enough free space on internal memory.

      If you have 8 GB free internal space, write 2 times dummy files. 2x8GB are 16GB. The internal wear leveling algorithm spreads these writes over the whole 16GB physical chip area.

      There is a good chance that writing EACH sector on the eMMC resets/averages out the internal block data (f.e. write counters) that trigger the Bug and the Fix (Freeze).

      If the phone freezes while writing the dummy data (it propably will), just let the phone do what it wants. It will continue to work after 2-25 minutes for each freeze.
      This unfreeze after 5-25 minutes seems to have a positive effect.
      You can have more than one freeze while doing this. Just let the phone do what it wants. If the dummy file generator crashs cause of a freeze, just restart the App.

      When your finally able to write a amount of 16GB data (2x8GB dummy files) in subsequent runs without freezes you have a good chance that your freezes are gone for now or maybe even forever.

      You need to write a minimum amount of 16GB data (or more) with this procedure! If you write less data, you didn’t even need to thest this DFG method.

    • nadeem

      ur mobile get stuck then formate or reset then it will be fine i have same problem

  • mdnayeemhossain

    Is it safe to use Samsung galaxy note 2 while connected to charger acctully sometimes I use my galaxy note 2 while connected with charger. Pls some one tell me

    • SGB101

      I hope so,I’m 30mons into an hour YouTube show,that is charging.

      It is perfectly safe,It will just charge that much slower.

      If your using satnav on a long drive it needs to be plugged in.usually the USB charge will be enough for you phone not to lose power, but usually won’t gain any either.satnav is a big power user.

  • Mike

    I have been for about 2 months now and it all works fine my s3 charger broke i bought a new usb lead which charged to slow 16+ hours but charged my gf note 2 just as quick as her charger so wesimply swaped voth phones work fine :)

  • Milena Parber

    I charged my Samsung S3 several times with an HTC charger. Did I damage anything in my S3?

  • sayed hasan

    can i use galaxy s4 charger in my galaxy s2 lte sc-03d safely?
    if not pls… suggest me which phone’s charger is better for use in galaxy s2 lte sc-03d?

    • naveen

      See which Mobil input and output stable for your mobile capacity use it okay

  • sayed hasan

    can i play 3d games whil charging phone? is there any hurm my phone? pls… help me some how?

  • Waqar

    No it won’t, but it is not recommended by samsung (galaxy s3 that I got) to use the phone or play games while charging. I have observed that phone tends to get hotter if done so. So I think better to be safe than sorry

  • David Balažic

    The current rating of the charger means the maximum supported current.

    Your device will “pull” the correct amount of current for itself.

    Even if you find a monster charger supporting up to 100A, it will work fine with all devices that are rated less.

    The only (mostly theoretical) risk is mismatching voltage. That is the “force” the charger is “pumping electricity” to your device. If it is higher that required, it could damage the device.
    But: all USB chargers have the same voltage (5V), and the charging circuit of your device can handle a certain range of voltage.

  • naveen

    Hay guys I lost my note 2 charger but I have additional chargers 2 or 3 but that charger capacity 1.5A or more then 2.1A but I don’t have my note 2 right charger like 2.0A capacity my question is if I use less than2.0A mean what will happen or more then mean what happen which is right one and safe one for my mobile please reply me if any one knows