Carrier Update Issues Discussion

Posted Apr 27, 2012 at 4:36 pm in Threads > Opinions

It’s interesting that posts on carrier updates are all the rage any more. I always thought that because we have sites like XDA that those were no longer an issue. Devs always give me the bleeding edge that I crave. What are your takes on it? Do you wait and complain? (which is valid) Or do you do something about it? Dev, flash and fix?

  • Alan Reboli

    It’s interesting that I haven’t seen anyone post on this yet. Myself personally have never relied on a carrier to take care of my phone, and this has been since the G1. I just found that having a community backing the phone I always seem to be more impressed than I am with carrier updates. Anyone remember the cupcake update and all the delays? Well having it super early meant that you had a virtual keyboard before everyone else. Elite status.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Relying on the devs at XDA is NOT a good solution. They are hobbists, they do it for fun, they do it in their spare time. I appreciate the work that these folks are putting in but like me they have other things to do.

    Since switching from the Nexus One I have been seriously unhappy with what was available for my Sensation. I tried quite a few ROMs and something was always broken or it would just reboot out of the blue. It started off as a minor annoance, but eventually I went back to a the Stock ROM for the Sensation.

    Back in the day when there were 2 or 3 android phones I would think that the combined talent at XDA would keep a handle on things. Now, not so much. If you pick an unpopular phone you are pretty much out of luck. Unpopular devices won’t see much support from XDA.

    Personally, I say “eff em all I’m getting a Google Nexus”. Great support from Google (probably), it’s the developer phone so I would expect great support from devlopers, less moving parts Samsung, Google, and me as opposed to Samsung, T-mobile, Google and me, no contract. These are just some of the reasons I’m going with a Nexus by Google. Going forward I’m skipping the disapointment,bloat and delays the carriers have given us and going with Nexi unless something really good comes down the pipe (Galaxy Note).

  • pekosROB

    It’s pretty annoying, honestly, all Android devices should get at least one major OS upgrade. I don’t care how long it takes – as long as it’s within the 2 year contract that you have the device for!

  • CTown

    T-Mobile is a beast… what you didn’t hear about the Cliq 2 being upgraded to Gingerbread!

    It’s not like they have two Galaxy S based phones that need Gingerbread (and Samsung has essentially did all of the work already when they updated the international model).