Catch Notes (shutting down)

Posted Jul 31, 2013 at 3:34 pm in Threads > Apps

I have recently been informed that Catch Notes is closing shop. I have been using Catch for quite a while but now it looks like I will be in need of a new note taking app. I never really paid any attention to other note apps as I was satisfied with Catch. So now I ask you, what note taking apps do you use and recomend and why? Thanx.

  • nivekkev

    Yeah and the fact that everything is backed up online, so easy to transfer/update to a new phone or reset one. Looks like we have till the end of August…

    • nivekkev

      I have been hearing that mentioned, been meaning to take a look at it.


    Springpad is the best note taking app. I strongly recommend it. Evernote is good too.

    • nivekkev

      Springpad huh? I will take a look at that as well. Thanx

  • masterpfa

    Ohhhhhh Nooooooooooo
    I have for sometime been using Evernote and now mostly Keep as my main note keeping app.

    I like Keep for it’s simplicity and Evernote for it’s UI
    Time tom copy my AK Notepad/ Catch notes across

    • nivekkev

      Yeah, I am going to need to transfer my note over, hope it will be painless

  • Alex Schiff

    Hi all – Alex from Fetchnotes here. Shameless plug, but if you guys are looking for a new app for keeping track of your notes and to do’s you might like our app. We even use hashtags to organize, and you can import your notes from Catch right into Fetchnotes.

  • SGB101

    I’m now with keep, and love it, was previously a long time epistle user, but the Dev decided to pull the plug and force it’s user to buy his new app.

    So I moved to Keep, and now use it all the time, and now it’s linked to Now it’s even better. Plus you can update it from your desktop, which I find great.

  • I lost all my catch notes….i need them back…phone was stolen….michael

    I had my phone stolen recently now i cant download new app because it shut down. I need to get my writings off of catch. HELPPPPPPP!
    Thank u

  • mark g.

    I really need my catch notes. I had left important info. on Catch……Anyone can help?


  • sufi

    I had left important info on Catch can Anyone help to login plz?