Challenge: Help an app get into our list of Top 10 most popular

Posted Mar 28, 2012 at 11:02 am in Threads > Assignments

I always find it interesting to follow the install stats of apps after we feature them on the site. When we post a link to the Google Play Store, it often receives thousands of installs.

That might not sound like a big number when you consider there are 300 million Android devices, but it somehow has the ability to influence others by appearing in the trending section of apps made to discover other apps (AppAware, AppBrain, etc.). Apps we talk about on this site, also get picked up by other blogs.

Check out these three examples:




All three apps hit a monthly high in installs after we featured them on the site. They are all established apps with millions of installs, but we were still able to boost them.


Create a Thread about any random app that you want to share with the community and see if you can help it appear in our weekly column Top 10 Most Popular Android Apps.

One tip is to create a persuasive post that has a list of reasons why we should install an app (“7 reasons to try Zaarly”). It could even be a list of apps that are related to a common theme (like cooking, or fitness).

p.s. to be all meta and stuff – have you tried Zaarly? It’s pretty rad service for buying and selling goods and services based on location.


  • Clark Wimberly

    Will Zaarly get me stabbed like Craigslist? I really like how Craigslist is able to get me stabbed so consistently.

    • AceoStar

      Not just stabbed, stabbed by zany pirates.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I guess this challenge isn’t really fair when the threads are still mostly private. We want to start promoting threads to the front page, but we still need to work out the criteria for that.