Chrome browser replacement?

Posted Sep 18, 2012 at 8:33 am in Threads > Apps

I am looking for a good replacement for the Chrome browser on my Nexus 7, specifically one that supports Flash and runs at a decent pace. I have been using xScope Browser Pro and like the user experience, but it crashes on me a decent amount.

Anyone have any good recommendations?

  • Esoth

    If you liked the stock Browser before, then ICS Browser + is essentially the same as stock, with a few more options baked in (including Flash). Other than that, try one of the Dolphin Browsers – they’re generally pretty solid.

  • Anne A

    My ROM included Maxthon, so I’ve been playing around with that for weeks. It has recently replaced my default ICS browser. It’s pretty snappy and does support Flash.

  • Max.Steel

    Why would you want flash? It’s buggy, slow, and his system resources.

  • theviper21

    Thanks, I’ll look into those.

    As to why I want Flash, there are some sites that simply require it to view them properly. Why would you want to limit the websites you can view?

  • theviper21

    ICS Browser + looks promising, but unfortunately it isn’t compatible with Jelly Bean.

    • Esoth

      Oh oops, I didn’t know it wasn’t compatible with Jelly Bean, but now that I think about it…. that makes a lot of sense (considering it’s name, too). Have you tried any of the Dolphin Browsers?

  • YMS123

    I believe FireFox has built in flash

  • kwips

    Firefox is decent for what you will need it for and actually pretty stable. I use it on my N7 when I need to access sites that utilize flash.

  • lukeap69

    I use firefox also.

  • neil

    Use firefox hear also. personally haven’t found anything better. as solid as a rock!

  • Scott

    I have found that sites that “require” flash on my N7 only do that because it runs android. I installed dolphin hd and changed the settings so that it told the sites that my N7 was an iPad and boom – html5 video. No flash necessary. Yes, some sites do still require flash, but I have seen too many bugs and security issues with Flash to want to install it on anything else. ash wait for those sites to modernize before I go back.

  • theviper21

    Thanks for the recommendations! I like Firefox, but I’ve had issues with it so far with scrolling on some pages and it doesn’t do auto search results like the others. Dolphin works pretty well, but doesn’t like frames all that much. xScope Pro works pretty well, but crashes sometimes. Chrome does pretty well, but doesn’t like Flash.

    Hoping they put out a JB Browser + soon!

    • orangestrat

      You can always just load the open-source browser from a JB ROM, its probably on xda somewhere. Flash still works with it.