Chrome/Android Merger As A Desktop OS (windows8ish – But with android!)

Posted Oct 26, 2012 at 3:27 pm in Threads > Opinions

Windows 8 Has just been released, and to be honest it is the only desktop os that is optimized for touch. Google’s Chrome OS has major potential and I think the price point they are aiming for could make it a major competitor in the Desktop OS market.

The Competition
Like I said before, windows 8 is going to be the major competition. Thats is not to ignore OSX. Lets be honest though, Apple probably wont be releasing an update that incorporates touch anytime soon, and as polished as their interface is it lacks so much functionality (widgets and such) it would be DOA.

Chrome/Android Fusion OS
This is where I would mindlessly through my money at Google. A laptop (like the new samsung Chrome laptop) that has a touchscreen, Android UI, and the Chrome OS desktop. A good comparison would be Windows 8 and how the live tiles are similar to a Windows 8 phone but you still have the option of launching into the old familiar desktop. Imagine that, but with Android and Chrome OS!!! All the widgets, Play Store, and more in one device that is aimed towards being the at home desktop os, aso well as the mobile OS.

What do you think? Could it be the next big thing form google or am I just dreaming of something that will never happen?

  • Richard James

    I think that would be a great idea. Google is developing its own following and I believe this device would get good support and might actually help Samsung revive its laptop sales.

  • orangestrat

    I’d put money on chrome webapps showing up in android app drawers in the near future. As more people move to touch devices, the web is going to shift towards being more touch-friendly, and if chrome and android merge, the result will look like android and work like chrome.

  • zerosix

    You can try something like this:
    Or good old Asus Transformer+dock.
    Chrome OS plus Android UI equals Android OS pus Chrome from Play, absolutely no difference.

    • Chris Lewis

      There is a bit of a difference, imo. When I have my xoom hooked up to my monitor it is not optimized for the larger screen. It would be cool to have to Chrome OS that looks like a desktop (and has windows to move around) when you hook it up to a larger screen.

    • ed

      There’s a bit more of a difference chromeos is a lot more cloud centred and blurs the line between local and cloud. That’s what i’d look forward to in an android OS.

  • anonameister

    Wake up and smell Big Brother. You must have holes “through” your head. When Google is on your desktop, and, providing your ride across the internet, and,.. in your cell phone, George Orwell will finally be annointed God’s Prophet.

    • Chris Lewis

      lol….unless rooting phones and flashing custom roms becomes illegal I have nothing to hide so i could give a fuck if the government or as you call it “big brother” sees my web activity. I think your tinfoil had is wrapped around your head a little tight, maybe you should take it off every now and then…

      • mr 1338

        google already owns my soul, so i don’t care :P

  • Jitz

    Next Google Steps:

    1.Orb Wireless Charging doc will convert into a dock
    2. Chrome OS on phone will be able to give full chrome experience via the dock.

    Before everyone realises people will be chrome os users.

    • Chris Lewis

      That would be amazing!

    • jonstle

      That is what I would go for. best of both worlds!

  • Drulie

    Im banking on it. I am not excited about windows 8 and i think the world is ready for a new OS to take over the home computing market. I was hoping that sony’s mobile desktop would have used android rather and Windows 8. Google, develop a mobile desktop! Its time for a new captain.

  • Kaote

    I’m pretty sure Google is optimizing Chrome for touch this year. If I had to guess I’d bet that Chrom/Android will eventually merge into a whole new OS.

  • klcow92

    that’s actually a pretty great idea, I do hope that someone at google takes heed to this and start development, it would not only be beneficial to the google ecosystem but also force other ecosystems to develop and mature more to remain competitive. Windows 8 is actually good but just severely lacking in apps at the moment, in my opinion. :|

  • Laurel laurel25

    I think it would be an awesome idea. My husband (who is a devout Apple loyalist when it comes to his computers, but who uses an Android phone because he “likes the keyboard” on his Droid 4!) and I were just talking about this the other day. He’s been wondering for ages when Apple will come out with a touch interface on their laptops/desktop machines and said that if the Chrome laptop had a touch screen he would actually consider it. If Google were to integrate the touch aspect into the Chrome laptops, I think they actually could give Windows8 a run for their money. It would be awesome to have a computer that could run all the same apps that are on your phone/tablet along with having the larger amounts of storage/processor speed of a laptop/desktop pc.

  • SGB101

    I heard this talk a while a go, iirc it was Jeff Jarvis on /twig, (its a weekly, all thing Google podcast).

    Anyhow here is CNET link

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I would love a desktop version of Android, with more functionality than Chrome OS currently has. I was REALLY interested in getting a Win8 touchscreen laptop, but after hearing that Google isn’t planning on supporting it at all with apps, I can’t really do it. I live in Drive, Gmail etc, so not having any apps to support this would be a massive pain.

  • Ezy03

    I think that would be a great idea! would love desktop version of android!

  • Mola

    I think that your phone will be everything and a chromebook will be a terminal. Chrome OS and Android running together on the phone. Once you wirelessly connect to a Chrome terminal (while phone charges or is in pocket), the phone will have a chrome OS interface but once you are mobile, it moves to android. Android apps can run in Chrome through a VM which is what Android is anyway. I have a feeling they will do what MS was trying to do except more compelling and more successfully. Android 5.0 will also have ChromeOS. Maybe use Miracast to a monitor and bluetooth keyboard and mouse.