Chromebook Pixel- If it is true would you buy?

Posted Feb 13, 2013 at 4:22 pm in Threads > Rumors

So I found an interesting article about a rumored new chrome book called the pixel.
If this ends up seeing the light of day would you buy? I personally would highly consider if the price was right. I mean previously the chromebooks had been lacking in one area or another but this seems like it would be the complete package. Thoughts?

  • Richard

    Yes, in a heartbeat.
    I use my chromebook so much over my mbp because of its startup and shutdown speed and sometimes a guy just wants to surf the net no fuss. Also my friends can log in as themselves and its basically their own machine when they visit.

  • Daniel

    I would be happy to buy one. I plan on buying a chromebook in the near future and I think that would be a great one to purchase. I am pro google designed products. I love my Nexus 7 and soon enough I will have a Nexus 4! I would love to add an official google chromebook to the group!

  • da9el

    i’ve just bought a samsung chromebook with intel 5 and i’m really happy with it. i’m going to buy a new cb when the current one goes kaput. to make it short: there should always be a chrombook on my side. love the speed and love google!

  • kazahani

    I would have to say that this product is not for me. I would buy a CB like the current Samsung one for $250 as a way to quickly and portably surf the web, but if this thing has a 4-megapixel display and Ivy Bridge processors, I’m assuming the price will be north of $450 – $500. At that price I probably would just get a full Windows machine so I can play League of Legends on it.

    • kazahani

      But then again if this is running Intel chips then it’s x86 based, so there’s no reason that they couldn’t port League over to this if it catches on :D

      Count me in!

    • redraider133

      I agree I think price will be a huge factor in the selling of these. If they can somehow get it around 300-350 I think it would be a huge seller.

      • scubabum

        Yep. The $300-$350 price range is a sweet spot for the CB-Pixel. I just need a lightweight machine with quick start-up/shutdown for web browsing and some light work.

      • kazahani

        Aaaaaaaand its fifteen hundred bucks…

  • masterpfa

    If these specs are to be believed bring it on.

  • Selden

    I was one of the original Cr-48 Chrome Pilots, and I’m currently using a Samsung S5 3G. None of the existing Chromebooks holds a great deal of interest for me: the Acer and Samsung are too small and have dim screens, while the HP is too big (although it has the best speakers of any Chromebook I have heard), and all have battery life that is too short. The S5, with its Atom processor, may not be all that fast, can run an entire day on battery, has a good screen and keyboard, and is usable anywhere with its 3G connectivity.

    The rumored Chromebook Pixel will definitely be on my radar if it has good build quality, has cellular data, and runs for more than 8 hours off battery. Speed is assumed.

  • redraider133
  • Kaote

    At the listed its a nor go for me, anyways I still have my CR-48 from the beta which is still going strong. If the Play Market would hurry up and get the Samsung Chromebook restocked I would gladly buy 2 of them as gifts.

  • CTown

    It’s a $1299 web browser, so no… There is no available CAD software, Photoshop, or even the Calligra programs such as Krita, how this for professonials? All I see is Google or Zoho Docs.

  • jamal adam

    Now that it’s real and costs a leg, both arms, a lung, a heart, and a section of ones brain. I think I will let it pass until they get it to am affordable price.

  • fenlon

    I think this device will find some support. Others have pointed out that the “free” 1TB of google drive space is worth more than the device. If someone were already looking to subscribe for the space, you could essentially get the Pixel for free ($50 per month for 1TB for three years is $1,800).

  • thymeless

    I’m not finding a use-case for me to own a Chromebook, any Chromebook. If I ran a business, I’d certainly consider them, but not for my home use.

    • MC_Android

      If you were running a business, why would you ever consider Chromebook? It’s an OS built within a browser. To my understanding, no software – MS Office, SQL databases, Matlab, Adobe’s lineup …etc – works on the Chrome OS. To me, it seems like Chromebooks are for casual people who are on the go and need the computer for browsing the web: light traveler (which is still a stretch because the Chromebook isn’t smaller than any other laptop) and very casual home user (kids maybe). At the price tag it’s at, why would a casual user spend that much when it could get a Macbook or any overpriced “ultrabook” out there?

      • MC_Android

        when they can get…**

  • thymeless

    In a small business, very few if any workers need the big name products. The Google docs are more than sufficient. It’s the thin client argument that has circled around every 7 years or so. There are times it’s a good solution.