Considering a Galaxy Nexus or HTC One S

Posted Apr 27, 2012 at 8:19 am in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

I’m really interested in up-grading. I started with a G1, then a MyTouch 3G, the Nexus One and now a MyTouch 4G. I’m not eligible for an upgrade until the end of the year. My question is should I pull the trigger on the Galaxy Nexus or wait for the HTC One S or maybe something else that appears later in the year…? Advise? Opinions?

  • isovich

    I would wait for the Galaxy SIII

  • masterpfa

    If a choice between these 2 I would say The Galaxy Nexus.

    The HTC One S is a nice phone, but I prefer the Stock Android to Sense 4. Unlike Gingerbread and Sense 3.5 where Sense was an improvement over stock, IMO Google have got it right this time and stock is pretty hard to beat.

  • SGB101

    id go one s, and rom it if you want stock.

  • TopherM21

    +1 on GS3

  • orangestrat

    The GS3 won’t be as good as the galaxy nexus, just like the GS2 wasn’t as good as the nexus S. If your mytouch is working, you might as well wait for the next nexus. You definitely won’t regret getting a galaxy nexus right now

    • karthik

      i think s2 > nexus s
      and s3 will be > galaxy nexus :D

  • Jesse Moreno

    I had this same dilemma too and decided to pull the trigger on the Galaxy Nexus. The main reasons I went with it were:

    1. I prefer stock Android
    2. It beats my G2.
    3. No carrier delay in getting Android updates.
    4. No contract, so if I want to get the “next big thing” before two years comes up, I can.

    Hope this helps. If you’re willing to wait, though, I’d say wait for the next gotta-have-it phone that’s bound to come up at the end of the year.

  • txbluesman

    Google will more than likely have a new model Nexus device out sometime around November. That has been pretty close to when they have been releasing new Nexus devices. There will probably be even better devices out by then than the two you are thinking about now.

  • Sean Riley

    Buy the unlocked Gnex from the Play Store now, sell it later in the year for what would probably be a fairly minimal loss and then use your upgrade on whatever the new hotness is at that point.

  • ramdroid

    Take the Galaxy Nexus! By the price it’s offered in the meanwhile it’s a shame if you don’t get one! I bought one for the original price right when it came out and I still don’t regret a cent!

  • SGB101

    the Gnex s a great looking device, but the One phone take it to another level.

    i got the X ant launch in the UK and it is a great looking quality feeling device. i went in to the local phone shop yesterday to check out the S, and that to is so so nice, its as good looking as the X, maybe a little more so.

    the screen isnt as good as the X but is still crisp and vibrant. it looks like this will be my wifes next phone, as upgrade is close and she dont want a large phone, the struggles with her SGS (1) now.