Contemplating a Chinese knock off…

Posted Dec 15, 2012 at 2:50 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Let’s just cut to the chase, I’m contemplating this phone.

I know, I know I might be better off just giving this guy my money and hope it doesn’t all go to whatever he loads his pipe with. However, considering phones are now costing as much as laptops now, maybe I get lucky.

Point being, I was wondering if anyone had taken a chance on something similar? If so, let me know how it’s turned out for you. Or if you’ve dealt with what was your experience like? Maybe you have some sage advise for me, maybe just an opinion. I really don’t care, just throw some thoughts around, I need to hear both sides, maybe talk some sense into me or feed my fire.

  • LucenNox

    Just looking at specs, I’d say you’re better off with pretty much anything else. For only about$30 more, you can buy a new Atrix HD on Ebay. And with that, you’ll get:
    -Probably a better overall screen
    -A much faster processor (Assuming the spec listing is correct, you’ll get about 2/3 the performance as a dual core S4 from clock speed, but based on the picks, it’s a A7, so you’d probably end up with about a third of the CPU performance.
    -Better app support
    -Better Developer Support
    -Better Company Support/ OS updates
    -More space (honestly, 4 Gb isn’t enough. the 8 on the Atrix is enough for many people, especially with a SD card, but 4 basically gives you the OS and angry birds.
    -LTE, if that matters to you
    -Probably a better camera
    -Shipping in a week rather than a month

    And that’s just one phone I know because I was considering it as a media player a while back. If you are willing to sacrifice the “new”, and maybe even get a bad ESN, depending on your carrier, then you might even be able to get like a SGS3.

    • LucenNox

      EDIT: that’s not to say a knockoff can’t be good, but you should definitely look around more before you do buy anything like that.
      Things to look for:
      Processor: you probably want at least a Qualcomm S3 or equivalent
      ROM: at least 8 GB
      OS Version: At least Android 4.0
      TOuchscreen: Capacitive ( very few will have resistive, but if you do see one with it, run from it like the plague)
      RAM: An absolute minimum of 512 MB, 1 GB+ high;y preferred

      Everything else is basically you’re preference, whether you want LTE or an SD card or a good camera, etc

    • RhynosAndroid

      See, this is what I needed, a little bit of reason thrown my direction. And good info too! Honestly, I know this, but I got blinded by hope.

      Thank you for saving me $250+…

  • TheVoodoo

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’d suggest you buy the Nexus 4. That will get you:

    - Great specs
    - Fast uodates
    - Avoidance of fraud (peace of mind)
    - a price equal to half of what similar phones cost

    • RhynosAndroid

      No interest in a Nexus 4. Biggest reason is no expandable memory. Really?!? Ridiculous. At least it kinda explains the price point.

      It’s a nice phone, but in this day and age, taking away my ability to increase the memory by simply placing a small piece of silicon and plastic is taking away any chance you’re going to see any amount of my finances.

      • TheVoodoo

        I agree with you, except in that it does NOT explain the price of the phone, since there are several phones at the $500-$700 price point that do not offer expandable memory such as the One X.

        I thought this would be a deal breaker for me as well, but I was able to make sense of it by accepting that if I want a Nexus device I’ll have to forget SD cards, since as Android progresses expandable memory will become less of a focus because Google has decided to move away from it.

        I somewhat understand their reasoning of making Android less confusing for the average user. But I really hope that Google re-implements expandable memory as a storage-only option, which is very different than the current use of it. Then, at least it could be used to store media such as photos and music which take up a lot of storage on the phone. This will also reducing confusion, since apps would still be limited to internal memory like Google wants.

        • thymeless

          I have galaxy nexus and I use USB OTG for expandable memory. Sadly, the Nexus 4 will never support USB OTG as it doesn’t have the 5V output required for the spec on the port. Not a software issue, but hardware. The Nexus 7 works well with USB OTG expansion and the 10 too.

          This, IMHO, is a serious flaw in the 4.

  • reyame

    I Suggest you check the sellers rating and use a type of secure payment just in case you end up with a box filled with bubble rap and they don’t want to refund. check out

    people have posted there reviews of websites like pandawill. Good Luck

  • dbcher

    Stay away from that particular phone.
    If you really want a chinese brand phone, check out Huawei.
    You could probably find a good one that will fit your needs, but I am not sure if you would be able to buy it outside of China (although there should be a reseller out there somewhere who can help you)

  • Oscarspaz

    Bought a knock off android phone for Christmas with 4.1.2 Jelly bean from

    The phone is a bit slower than SIII, not noticeable unless you really pay attention to it. Camera is not as good which I do not use it very much. No LTE, I use WiFi so I do not need LTE and pay $$ for data plan. No NFC which I do not really care. The phone including shipping is under $200, look like a S III feels like a S III. If you are on a budget, it is an excellent phone in that price range. BTW I received the phone in 5 days shipped from HK to US.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Why not something from Huawei (dbcher’s response) or something from Meizu? They seem like pretty reputable Chinese manufacturers.

    But I honestly recommend the Nexus 4 like The Voodoo said. I know expandable storage is super awesome and I hope they steer away from this cloud crap but it’s a sacrifice you might have to make at your budget.

  • JordanRulz

    Some knockoffs feature a Mediatek CPU, such as the MT6589 or MT6577.

    They are both extremely good for the price. The MT6589 is a quad-core Cortex a7 and a PowerVR sgx544. The MT6577 is a dual core cortex-a9 and a powervr sgx535. The MT6589 should perform like an upper middle range phone.

  • chestont

    I would definitely recommend the Nexus 4 too, however I understand if it doesn’t fit your needs. Have you considered the Blu Life series of phones? It’s a small American company, I think it’s based in Florida. The Blu Life View should be right around what yo are looking for in around that same price range and you will be able to buy the phone from reputable dealers such as Newegg and Amazon when they are released in April.

    GSM Arena spec sheet

    The Verge did a write-up on the company Blu recently

  • Dannyhyu

    There are plenty of phones from Chinese companies, small ones at that, that are cheap and great. Mediatek has been putting quad-cores for a while and there will soon be a HUGE amount of 5 inch 1080P Chinese phones with rather decent specs. 2GB of ram, 32GB storage, Quad-core Mediatek that puts up 13K on Antutu (not terrible, not great, but decent) and running almost pure Android.

    Look at for a few of them. This guide a pretty solid list of Chinese phones that are affordable but also pretty sweet and good looking.

    • RhynosAndroid

      Yeah Danny, I’ve noticed that as well, especially as of late. Currently, my eyes are set on this one . It’s the Goophone i9. It’s running a MTK MT6589 quad-core processor and shows the same numbers you put up…

      Anyway, once my taxes are in, I’m getting it, I’ll have to post up from it and let everyone know how it turns out.

      Honestly the specs are equal to the Blu View.

  • arigbuy

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  • Wesley

    b.s. get the knock off. No reason why you should get bent over buy this over priced shit in this country when the shits made in china an they know the manufacture is paying oww if they are pay the workers 15 cents a &^%$in day for 18 or 20 hours of work cuz yes there has been some company’s in china caught by the chinese government with kidnapped slave labors. Children in fact seen this on the news few years ago. So why pay an outrages price for there shit. Why when they making billions of $$$$$$$$ while there are some being beaten an rapped in these countries in the factories by the stupidvisor . And those paying these companies like Nike an so many others don’t care what happens there as long as they get there products an thats that. Hell yes they care. They care that there profits keep going up an up. Yep i have no problem buying a knock off. Bend them over before the bend you