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Posted Apr 02, 2013 at 5:50 pm in Threads > Apps

I was checking out a review by Phandroid about this new app called Copy, which is a cloud storage service and works like any others such as Dropbox, Box, etc. The Android app is pretty nice, smooth and works well as does the Windows client. You start out with 5GB but the amazing thing is that each time you refer someone, you get 5GB and so do they. A win-win situation for both parties, something I don’t think other cloud services do. Theoretically, you rack up a lot of GB of space with the more people that use your referral. This is a great way to promote their new service. As this app is in it’s first release there are improvements that can be made and Chris Chavez at Phandroid has pointed them out.

On another note, if you want to pay for the service for more storage you can but if you manage to refer a lot of people, that might not be necessary.

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Check out the app in Google Play

  • tom

    get free 10GB here:

  • Ben

    To get 15GB (not 10!) with, you have to use this link to sign up:

  • SGB101

    Don’t listen to the above link by Ben, 15gb is what anyone will get free, also thought that signed up before the 15gb offer have been upped to 15gb.

    Ben has through his referral in as he will gain an extra 5gb if you sign up via it. Nothing at all wrong with that, but he wasn’t really upfront about it.

    If anyone is interested in be cheeky and add my referral

    • SGB101

      Just like to say thanks to the people that have used my referral and hope you enjoy copy.

      One thing I never realised is if you sign up via a referral you also gain an extra 5gb, making the starting free account 20gb. Not bad at all, that’s a big chunk of space.

      Again thanks.

      • SGB101

        so its been around for about a month now, how many are using it?

        im very impressed with it, and have started using it mainly for sharing across the web, and will probably do so from here on in.

        thumbs up Copy.

  • CTown

    Nice find. I used your referral link to sign up (about three hours ago) but for some reason I can log in through the website but not the Android app. 5 GB is so worth it. I guess I will download the desktop program for now…

    • SGB101

      That’s strange, try doing a password reset. Should sort it out for you.

      • CTown

        Thanks, that worked. I can finally use the Android app.

  • mike

    here’s a ref code for an extra 5gb. dont forget to install the desktop or mobile app. thx!

  • Greg

    I’ll add my referral link, could use a little more space on my account, thanks :)

    The android app for this works very well and has an auto-upload feature for photos.

  • Ameya

    here is my link if anybosy wants to get 5gb extra

  • Andreas

    Hey, if you signup with my link and install the app on your pc or wherever you like you get 20GB :) dont miss this chance!!!

    Cheers guys/girls

    • Andreas

      Hey, if you signup with my link and install the app on your pc or wherever you like you get 20GB :) dont miss this chance!!!

      Cheers guys/girls

  • Steven

    I use this service very happy.
    Try it out yourself by using this link :
    Please verify your eMail and install the client.

  • do it

    Sign up for Copy with this link, and we’ll both get 5 GB of free cloud storage in addition to the usual 15 GB:
    Notice that you must install the app to gain the extra capacity.

  • Valentina

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    You will get 20GB Cloud storage after installing the client and register by mail.

  • marius

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