Crossing over – iPhone to Android. What will it take?

Posted Dec 11, 2012 at 7:34 pm in Threads > Opinions

Being a life long Android user, on many occasions I have encountered many iPhone iOS users who are wowed and fascinated by the Android experience but for some reason are apprehensive to jump over from the dark side. ;)

The most common responses that come to mind are
- being too invested in iOS apps
- iphones are easier to use
- phone build quality on the current crop is not up to scratch
- camera pic IQ is not as good as an iphone

And the list goes on!

So, what are some of the “excuses” you have heard and what improvements/developments does the Android ecosystem need in order to satisfy these quibbles potential customers have?

  • Bpear96

    Android is for people who cant afford an iPhone..

    Meanwhile the most popular android phones, are almost the same price as an iPhone .

    Anyways why would you want to waste more money on a less superior product?
    You can buy a Nexus 4 and a Nexus 10 for the same price as an Unlocked no contract iPhone 5.

    being to invested in iOS i can understand, and it must basically stuck being stuck using it.

    • Bpear96

      Should have put the first part in quotes lol

    • Bpear96

      I really got to start better proof reading my comments..

      *being too invested in iOS i can understand, and it must suck being basically stuck using it.* (typos)

      • tanman888

        Still understood the message. :)

      • tanman888

        Still understood the message. :)

        About the affordability comment, I do wonder if people really think they are receiving a superior product because they are paying more out of their pocket.

        • SGB101

          they do ….

          • WlfHart

            Sad, but true…

  • redraider133

    “Android doesn’t have emojis”
    I just laughed and think its a poor excuse to stay with an iPhone. Maybe integrate better emoji support in future versions since it seems so many love emojis that ios offers

    • tanman888

      There are many features that seem to be common amongst most devices but Apple seem to promote it more (through users, websites or advertising) and it becomes an Apple feature.

  • cesaldo

    Well my iphone friends say they wont change because all their gadgets are from apple you know: Apple TV, iPad, iMac, iPod. Well I think that with android you dont need all these except for the iMac maybe.

    • tanman888

      Does anyone out there with experiences with having an Android devices but there main PC/laptop is an iMac/Macbook?

      • DroidPower

        i have that. love my GSII because it is a solid piece of hardware and the Android OS is so customizable… puts my iphone friends to shame. i do use a mac for work and use windows on it… main reason that i got it was hardware and battery life. Got it a few years ago, so with the new pc’s that are coming out things might shift again.

        • tanman888

          I presume when your talking about hardware, it’s the design and build quality aspect?

          • DroidPower

            when i got it, around the early 2011 period, there weren’t too many ultrabook type solutions, and most 13 inch pc’s weren’t as thin or sturdy. More importantly, pc laptops were sourcing components from a variety of manufacturers. I think this is one of the reasons why it takes longer to boot up from a pc and a higher rate of crashes. I haven’t crashed once using Windows on the Mac and the boot time is definitely faster.

  • kelltrash14

    Battery life more manageable on iphone, as it prevents ‘phantom battery drain’ better. Had this experience with my mother and her android…

    • tanman888

      That seems to be a valid fact when comparing against any android devices. That will need and hopefully improve in the future.

  • theha9

    Apple is better for the layman user, who wants a uniform experience where it seems all their (apple) devices can work with each other seamlessly.

    Android is both if you’re more tech savvy and like experimenting with your phone and how it runs or if you just bought some cheapo phone with old android software.

  • MC_Android

    Being too invested in iOS is a valid reason. They still have preferential treatment by app developers, whether or not you like it.

    Another valid reason – kind of related – ecosystem. Their app/music/video ecosystem, shut down tight as it is, is still more complete and their apps are ‘generally’ more polished for their 3 or 4 devices Apple supports.

    • tanman888

      Another apprehensive reason is the Android app market is not regulated.
      There’s a common belief (esp by my boss) that Android is open source and therefore anyone can program bugs, trojans, virus, etc into apps that people will unwillingly know about.
      Having a strict regulated ecosystem like Apple can minimise the possibility of these nasties, but doesn’t totally rule it out.

    • tanman888

      True. App developers still make the majority of $$$ from iOS

      • herbivore83

        I think a lot of app developers would disagree with you. The global market is split something close to 60/40 Android to iPhone so you reach a wider consumer base by developing for Android. And seeing that most developers make their money from ad sales, more eyeballs = more $$$

        • tanman888

          Thanks herbivore. I didn’t realise that ad sales was such a significant portion of revenue. I’d always assume that paid app revenue was higher. Time to read up on the topic

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I feel that trying to get people to leave iOS for Android similar to MMORPG gamers leaving World of Warcraft for another, newer MMO…

    They’ve spent a lot of money and time to be in their current ecosystem. Changing this would mean starting fresh, with the possibility of finding that their new choice is not what they had expected. WE know that Android is better, but convincing people to change based on our opinions is hard work. All we can hope for is Apple making more mistakes (like Maps) that will make their ecosystem less attractive to their current users.

    • dino13

      Well there is nothing like the best OS, there is always just the best OS for some group of people.

  • jaysond

    I like andriod alot but iPads and iPhones apps are just way smoother owning both I’d say use andriod for a phone and ipad for entertainment

  • fenlon

    Android was my first smart phone, but it did take me some time to transition away from iTunes. I had a lot of playlists, podcasts and audiobooks. Both purchased from apple and ripped from my collection.

    Apps that made that easy were still in development when I was trying to ween from my iPod, but apps like DoubleTwist and all of the improvements made in playlist management have come a long way. Only time I pull out the iPod is for snowboarding (I don’t care if it breaks!).

    By the way, what do most people use to manage syncing music to your phone and playlist management?

    • tanman888

      I’m kind of old school where I just drag and drop music files on to the phone, though I suspect there has to be a more elegant way…

    • herbivore83

      I use Google Play Music. It’s not the most full-featured player, but it does let you organize your stuff pretty well and cloud storage means you can access up to 20,000 songs from anything with an internet connection. I haven’t used device storage for music in more than a year.

  • thr970

    1. The main one I have head is the ease of use, which as Android has grown it feels to me has become way better.
    2. The other that some like is the sameness of the OS as it grows, also with each phone its basically the same, would also fit with ease of use I think
    3. The one other thing that I heard is build quality, and to me seems that it would be on the lower budget phones overall.
    These are just the ones off the top of my head

    • tanman888

      thr970, I definitely hear point 2 quite frequently. Those who are used to iPad/iPhones can transfer the logic between the devices (tablet/phone).

  • jonstle

    It seems many of the reasons were relevant with earlier versions of android. But with the phones and and apps out now. There are fewer reasons not to try out an android phone.

  • Chris Lewis

    I try not to tell people what phone to use because in the end its all about personal preference

  • tanman888

    More recently, Google maps and Gmail apps have been released and updated respectively for iOS6 users. So basic functionality has been restored for the time being and therefore no need to make the switch for now…

  • BrotherBloat

    certainly being too invested in the ‘ecosystem’ BS is the most common excuse… Also, they tend to bring forward fake stats, like saying that iPhone has the biggest market share… LOL XD

    • WlfHart

      It’s not really BS… you spend a thousand dollars buying hardware and software for a specific operating system and see if you’re willing to give all that up in order to pay another thousand to get new hardware and replace the software you already own because it’s not compatible with your new hardware. People’s wallets are a very realistically compelling reason to refrain from switching.

  • MisterLee

    That camera on the iPhone is something serious… Android phones need to step it up in that department. Its not enough to make me switch to an iPhone but im sure it keeps people from coming to Android.

  • WlfHart

    Huge thing I run into at work is that Apple gives “educational discounts/donations” to get their product saturating schools. This in turn causes us faculty to have to work with Apple products and many of my colleagues just get personal Apple products so they can smoothlessly go between work and home. Plus students learn to use Apple at school and then decide, if they can afford to, to get Apple products for home.

  • A.Woodbury

    With what the average iPhone user does with his/her phone, an Android phone will do just that and more. In order to switch, unfortunately, the Android ecosystem need to be simplified. Any android user knows how to navigate, but the whole idea of an app drawer confuses them. “What’s a widget”? This is what I hear from most fanboys.. smh

  • smwinn7

    I’ve heard people say that android isn’t fast enough for them

    my response has always been they were looking at the bargin basement phones

  • klcow92

    I have friends who have like tons of apps on their iphone and go round showing off apps, but in the practical reality don’t even use the apps. In my opinion, having tons of apps is not an excuse to stick to a platform.