Dead Trigger Piracy?!

Posted Aug 23, 2012 at 12:17 pm in Threads > Games

So, I’d like to know what everyone really thinks about Dead Trigger being free because of “extreme levels of piracy.” How bad could it really have been to drop the price to free? That, and are they slowing down support for the game because it’s free now?

  • Dustin Earley

    Could have been absolutely terrible, could have been a publicity stunt.

    • Ryan Gails

      Do you really think they would lose money on a possibly lucrative game like that just for the publicity?

      • Dustin Earley

        They might not be losing money over all. They might be making more money on in-app purchases from all the people turned on to the game with the piracy publicity, then they would have by just keeping in $0.99.

  • Himmat

    Hi mate. MadFinger quoted an 80% piracy rate, which translates to a 4:1 piracy ratio. The indistry average (for Android games) is thought to be 9:1, so by no way this is extreme levels of piracy. For example, Shine Runner, another 0.99 game, had a 29:1 piracy ratio but the devs were unpertubed because most of it came from China anyways. Football Manager which sells at 9.99 has a piracy ratio of 9:1. Even shadowgun is not so bad, with a 4:1 ratio.

    I tell you mate, Dead Trigger was a publicity stunt all the way. If you read an article on Pocketgamer, the Dead Trigger devs said that Dead Trigger was meant to be F2P from the onset after it went free on iOS. WHat a bunch of bullshitters.

  • redraider133

    They have updated it 2 times since then. Just because it is free they are still going to want to support it otherwise they would get no downloads which is worse than piracy.

  • wild

    F2P model is much much better for such games with low price,they just thought that it’s a good way to earn some money from selling it then go free and as ascuse say “oh , sorry , it’s all piracy!”
    They are earning on ingame stuff much more then on this 0.99$ from selling a game.

    For example when team fortress 2 went f2p theire earnings growed significantly.

    • wild