Defend your position: Touchwiz

Posted Dec 30, 2012 at 5:40 am in Threads > Opinions

Alrighty. I think it’s time we clear the mud here. What’s everyone’s beef with touchwiz? Everytime someone brings it up as a negative it’s simply just that. There is no deep explanation as to why they hate it.

I’m not talking about, “It’s like a child made the graphics for it”, i’m talking about a deeper reasoning behind all this dislike for Samsung’s skin.

So out with it! Defend your position! (be nice too)

  • redraider133

    Honestly I have no issues with touchwiz. I enjoy it on my s3 and like what Samsung has added and continues to refine and add certain features( the turn from the lock screen to access camera, multi window, etc) I think people just hate it because it’s a skin and used to be awful in the first few versions of it (galaxy s days)

  • SGB101

    It’s on my note2,it’s ok, i like some of the added functions, but dont like the look, preferring the look of sense over the other screens.

    I like stock looks, but that does lack some of the integrated functions of the skinned variety.

    It’s swings and roundabouts really.

    • Bryan Stoner

      Are there any functions in Sense that you miss in Touchwiz?

  • SGB101

    ‘other skins’ ^ not screens!

  • sonicdeathmunky

    Touchwiz on my Galaxy S2 does add some functionality (swipe to sms or call contact etc) but I find that I never use any of it. I find that Touchwiz adds bloat and impacts the performance of my phone, without adding anything that I easily do without.
    I do hate the shiny button look of everything as well, it goes completely against the design language of Android, and I feel slightly annoyed everytime I pull down the notification pane and see that slightly shiny, light grey background.

    My greatest wish, is for there to be a developer option to revert to stock Android. Make it hard to get to, to keep the manufacturers happy that they can push their preferred UI to end users. But please give the people who want to change the option to do so without needing to flash roms. I use my phone for work and am unable to make these kind of changes.

    Either that, or make more Nexus 4′s so that I have the chance to actually BUY one!

    • Bryan Stoner

      I think the option to switch is a good idea. Why doesn’t anyone pick up on this like the custom roms have been!!!

      I’ve heard a ton of people are just using nova launcher and having stock icons selected. But certainly that won’t get rid of all of touchwiz.

  • thymeless

    I dislike all overlays/skins that I don’t have the option to add or uninstall as with any other app. It slows updates, reduces consumer choice, bloats the OS and slows things down.

    I see the overlays as more of a carrier request to differentiate the phones from the same maker on another carrier. A fake distinction at best.

    • redraider133

      Except the skins are the same on every carrier… The bloat that is added by different carriers has nothing to do with the skin.

  • vivid

    For me I just love ASOP. I don’t want or need any improvements, which typically are just bloat or eye candy.

  • Bryan Stoner

    There’s a nice touchwiz thread on reddit that was created today XD
    Definitely worth a look if you’re interested.