Disappointed in lack of accessories for LG Nexus 4

Posted Dec 05, 2012 at 5:53 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Anyone else?

Starts with Google themselves not having the Official Bumper in stock, The Wireless Charging Orb or even a Slimport HDMI cable. Then Case makers are dragging their feet on their cases as well. My guess would be they see Google struggling to produce enough phones to sell so they are all waiting for the user base to grow in order to put their products out for sale.

What accessories are you waiting for?

Me personally I can’t wait for the Androidified Clone Army Case if it’s even going to be made and a Slimport HDMI cable cheaper than the 2 options I found on sale so far.

  • LucenNox

    I’m waiting for the Otterbox Commuter, since I care much more about it not breaking than looks; I wouldn’t even get the bumper anyways. I won’t get my phone til Christmas, though, so no rush for me.

    Also, you’re probably right about other companies waiting to see if it’s profitable. If only Google would release some sales numbers.

  • redraider133

    Seeing as this is never intended to be a main stream phone sadly, the accessories are going to lag behind. Without it being on more than one carrier, accessory makers are not going to put their resources into this when they have something like the s3 on every carrier.

    • inviolable

      The sad thing though is, just as stated, not even accessories from Google are available. How do you not have a ring made of rubber and plastic available? This much lauded charging orb has yet to see the light of day. Its one thing if a phone isn’t a mass appeal pop culture icon, but some things make it seem as if Google doesn’t even take it seriously.

  • melloburger

    I happened to get my hands on a bumper case, and I’ve paired it with the Skinomi tech screen. I feel much better about carrying the phone around. Not sure *how* protected it really is, but works for now. Otterbox would be a good option, and haven’t even heard of the Androidified case line, thanks.

  • jamontoast1291

    Google seems to have issues with accessories with all of their Nexus devices. No cover for the nexus 10, still no dock for nexus 7, and of course the complete failure of Galaxy Nexus accessories. I don’t understand Google wanting to put pogo pins on all of their devices and then never release accessories that actually use them.

    • kelltrash14

      2nd to that, I waited 7 months to get the Galaxy Nexus car dock. At least it came out before the Nexus 4 did =)

      Hopefully this is something Google knows it needs to improve to be competitive. Offering 0 support in this realm when you’re competing against an accessory monster isn’t a good plan.

  • TheStig

    I wonder when google will put up the accessories for the nexus 4? Anyone have idea?

    • rc213

      Your guess is as good as anybody else’s. sucks

  • david_willems13

    They will come… I already ordered one of the Rearth Nexus 4 cases, apparently their meant to be good, now all I need is the nexus 4 to go in it

  • kraigs

    I bought a couple of cases, and a screen protector for my Nexus 4, but really on the android side accessories are limited. Look at how many ipod/iphone alarm clocks you can find, but zip for android.

  • Auzo

    Google has always been slow with getting the accessories out unfortunately. Lets hope that changes going forward

  • mitchk44

    I was thinking about this the other day. Google really does miss a trick with selling through the play store. Imagine the amount of orders they would have had for the wireless charging orb etc. It could pop up just as you buy the phone, “Would you be interested in one of these…”

    Especially since its such a cool feature of the phone… Hopefully we won’t have to be waiting months for the charging orb as well…

    • Dan

      Completely agree, amazing summary. How long for your nexus to ship?

  • BigJJ4455

    it did like just get released they will soon come =) i hope

  • ReaL_MaD

    I wish I knew how you feel – we can`t even get the phone here in the UK, it is constantly sold out :(

  • Bain

    I can’t believe they aren’t offering a option to purchase additional wall chargers. I want one at work. I guess I’ll have to by one on from amazon, or maybe check the Android and Me store here.

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    Totally agree. While I love my Nexus 4, and I’m sure everyone that has theirs or has ordered theirs does too, it just doesn’t make sense with how Google is treating this phone. It’s like they don’t care. It’s disappointing to put it mildly. Google has to know the sentiment at this point.

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    Forget accessories ……I’m disappointed, angry, annoyed,frustrated …..the list can go on and on with the fact that the Nexus 4 is not available in India.

    • HumbertoH

      It’s not only india, so dont make a big problem. You can pay or ask someone to buy for ya. I think there are methods you can buy nexus outside the countries you can “legaly” buy the them via Google Play, search in XDA ;)

      PD: I’m from Venezuela, but i’m buying a Nexus 4 and 10 all cost! >:)

  • HumbertoH

    What i’m i waiting? Let’s see.

    Nexus 4: Bumper Case and Orb Charger
    Nexus 10: Those covers i saw Matias using in his pre-production Nexus 10

    But, seeing that Google is making a lot of trouble getting Nexus Stock, i wouldn’t be surprised not to see any accesories in stock by the time.

  • kelltrash14

    Google could stand to improve their accessories in general…waited months for Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 accessories that would use the docking pins, and that has turned out so well. I’m using a jury rigged dock for the GSM GN on the CDMA model that I had to cut to work, and no Nexus 7 pogo pin dock at all yet..

  • herbivore83

    When companies make new phones they usually work with accessory manufacturers so the products can be released near the same time. I’ve seen threads on XDA discussing Nexus 4 cases, and some case manufacturers chimed in. They claim Google did not even release CAD designs for the phone until the day of release, so there is no way they could have cases manufactured until the next couple weeks.

  • lolo

    Cruzer lite has been taking preorders for the androidified cases, not tree clone army, but the single Andy on the back. They are buy 2 get one free, cases are $12.90 on their website.

    • heynomi4u

      Is it any good? Do you know?

      • rc213

        It’s great but I prefer the Clone Army version.

  • KingCrow02

    Still trying to order the bumper

  • heynomi4u

    The Nexus 4 bumpers seem to be always sold out as well. I checked on Amazon, nothing else looks good enough.

  • William Miller

    Please sign the petition to persuade otterbox to make cases for the nexus 4.


  • Charles Daniels

    They have an aftermarket bumper for the N4 I just ordered. Won’t be available til the 30th but it’s only $6. Not a huge loss if it sucks. There is also a really good master list of Nexus 4 accessories here http://squidoo.com/nexus-4-cases-and-accessories

  • TheStig

    i wish i can get the phone let alone the accessories-

  • sonicdeathmunky

    It seems that every Nexus device has problems with accessories. I’m still waiting for news of that Nexus 7 dock I saw at launch… a few months ago…

  • TheVoodoo

    I am really interested in good non-draft Miracast wireless HDMI adapters for the TV.

  • TheStig

    thats not a problem i cant even get a nexus 4 :( no stock!

  • Fiasko

    I’m not a big fan of their bumper and have been rooting around for a good case since I finally received my phone. So far nothing has been good enough for me to bite. It does feel great naked but I can’t shake the paranoia!

  • TheVoodoo

    As Hot as my Nexus 4 runs in certain resource-intensive apps, I can’t imagine a case that wouldn’t exacerbate the issue.

  • Ezy03

    been dying for a nexus 10

  • sirsmokey

    Ballistic case company has confirmed it has a case coming. I had the dual case (1part hard , 1 part soft) for my Sony ion and couldn’t have been happier.


  • Damien Von Wielligh

    I’ve had enough sick of waiting for cases with a phone like this you need a good case. So I’m selling mine and my nexus 7 and buying iPhone 5 and iPad mini plenty of cases for them.

  • Mike

    There might not be many first party cases made by LG or Google, but there are still a ton of accessories out there for the Nexus 4.

    Here’s a huge list of Nexus 4 cases I found on Google:

    And a thread on another website with a lot of accessories:

    Accessories are out there, you just gotta know Google-Fu :P