Does anyone tether at home?

Posted Oct 12, 2012 at 3:02 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

My wife and I still have unlimited data from Verizon, and I’m thinking of ditching our cable internet at home and just using our off-contract 4G phones to tether to our home devices (Google TV, desktop, laptop, etc.). Has anyone else tried this? Is it worth the cost savings? It seems redundant that we’re paying $30/mo each for data to our phones, and another $50/month for cable internet access.

  • Homncruse

    It’s people who abused their mobile internet like you’ve described who are the reason for data caps today.

    Please don’t do it.

    • herbivore83

      ^ This. They call it “Mobile Broadband” because it’s intended to be used on the go, not in your house.

  • LukeT32

    I have considered doing the same, except in my basement I do not get the best 4G service, so I wouldn’t be able to game on my desktop…

    And if I pay for unlimited data why should I not use it? Why would they offer an unlimited data service and be pissed when you use a huge amount of data? I paid for unlimited for that reason. There are data caps now, because the smart phone market exploded and there towers/network can not handle the large amount of traffic.

    Just like when the silly iPhone was launching on AT&T and there data was so un-godly slow. They did not have the backbone in there service to provide proper speeds to the influx in customers.

    Hell look at my one and only cable internet provider here in Des Moines, IA. All there new customers have data allowances for HOME CABLE INTERNET!!!!!

    Obviously the caps are higher, but I know several people that do not have cable TV and use services like Netflix and Hulu for there TV broswing and could probably blow those caps out of the water. With ESPN now showing programming online, there isn’t much reason for cable TV if I had internet, except stupid data caps.

    • mojeda

      They offered unlimited data sure, but it’s not saying that they want everyone to replace their cable internet with it.

      “There are data caps now, because the smart phone market exploded and there towers/network can not handle the large amount of traffic.”

      You say this, so how does replacing your cable internet at home help?

      Nothing is truly unlimited, take shared web hosting as an example. The host can’t offer you “unlimited” storage or bandwidth, because there are hardware limitations. When you are using more bandwidth than everyone else you’re doing nothing but help slow everything down for others that just want to casually use the internet on their phone, because you decided to replace your cable internet with your phone when it’s not meant to be a replacement.

      It becomes unfair for others.

      Mobile Phones with unlimited data, are NOT replacements for cable internet!

    • Homncruse

      “And if I pay for unlimited data why should I not use it?” <– So if you live in an apartment complex that includes water/sewer/garbage in your rent, do you also tell all your friends and family to go ahead and dump their garbage in your bins and invite them over to take their showers there, because "you're paying for unlimited access"?

      Your problem is with the *cable internet providers*. You're scamming one industry to workaround the problem in another. You've not only "passed on" the problem, but you've made it worse by creating a problem in the second industry.

      THAT is why we're in the situation we are today.

  • Arsonity

    My landlord lets me use their 1 MB/S wifi connection. It’s painful sometimes so I tether near my 6GB cap most months.

    • Homncruse

      So get your own cheap internet connection?

      Seriously people, stop cheating the system. It hurts everyone who plays by the rules.