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Posted Mar 06, 2013 at 10:57 pm in Threads > Opinions

I’m pretty fed up with some people on this site. I know that there are always going to be outright stupid users with every forum – regardless of topic, OS …etc – but it wasn’t until recently I really noticed how often this was happening:

I find an increasing amount of people downvoting on the mere basis that they don’t agree. Nothing to clarify their opposition or opinion. Sometimes it will be on subjective issues where it comes down to personal preference and you get downvoted for expressing your opinion? Wtf is that?

See the comments in this article for example:

The first commenter is on topic and raises a legitimate point – on-screen navigation buttons are not for everyone – but he gets downvoted quite badly. It was like -10 with no replies. He was a visitor as well; what does that say about the A&Me’s community? How is that really any better than iOS forums (I had a few iPods before) where if you break from line and disagree with an article, you get punished? I reply agreeing and then suggesting that:

“this site needs to have to measures in place to downvote:

1) Need to have an Android&Me account

2) Provide a response in addition to the downvote. Not just a subjective, “No, I like on-screen buttons more” but one that provides reason why the OP is wrong with his/her position.”

Of course because I disagreed with the established, “on-screen buttons are the fucking best”-position, I get downvoted? I don’t care about internet points but this is showing the decay of the quality of this community and ultimately the site.

Either implement the feature I suggested (or some variation) or remove the downvote system, which is good when used correctly (which we don’t). Or it cost like – say – 20 or 50 points to downvote.

End of my angered rant; thanks for reading if you made it. Everyone who agrees should voice their opinion here…if you don’t, also voice you opinion. I’m curious as to how this suggestion will make the site WORSE.

tldr: A&Me community is degrading as reflected by senseless downvotes being distributed freely without any justifications or replies.

  • aranea

    What I also noticed is that some people will go and down vote every message on a particular topic regardless of content.

    • kazahani

      I can guarantee you that the people doing that are the non-member trolls. The ones that come in and say something like “Ew, ugly meandroids. My i5 is blah blah blah.”

      • redraider133

        Or the “final nail in the coffin for X product” lol

  • SGB101

    I think only account holders should be able to vote, and like on facebook, be able to see who liked/disliked.

    A bit of accountability ;o)

  • redraider133

    I think you should have to be registered to comment and up/downvote. I feel like there is a bunch of spam lately and users coming on just to bash/post hate/etc on an article. I mean if you look through some of the comments and some of the visitors names it is clear from the get go. I Agree with the OP and just feel some people defend android/phones like they are a family member if someone disagrees with their outlook on them.

    • MC_Android

      “…some people defend android/phones like they are a family member if someone disagrees with their outlook on them.” That made part made my day – granted it was not an eventful day for me. I completely agree with you. In the end of it all, it is after all a phone :)

  • ranwanimator

    I agree that down-voting should come with accountability and also with a consequence. I like the idea of taking a point hit with down-votes and perhaps also limit the number of down-votes per article to prevent spamming. Maybe do that with up-votes too to prevent the recent contest debacle.

    Or perhaps set it up so that people who have higher site rankings have more freedom to down-vote and their disapproval carries a greater weight than someone with a low site rank. I would think that those with high site rankings are generally more responsible with site activities.

    • aranea

      That’s a very good idea. Like many other sites each vote has a different weight.

    • kazahani

      I would like to point out that I am not in any way a responsible person.

  • aranea

    To prevent trolls and spammers comments from “guests” can be monitored and won’t be visible until a moderator/admin approves.

  • hurracayne

    I agree, i been a victim of down voted for just not agreeing with screen sizes. It may be one reply but 7 down votes. It’s too the point that I don’t even want to participate because i see it happen to other people.

  • irishrally

    We should also add a way to down vote thread OPs … I kid I kid.

    Guests should not be allowed to down vote. I thought it was like that here already. it is on Phandroid.

    But really, what is the vote up and vote down button for? Is the intended use defined on the website? Does vote up mean it’s a useful post adding to the discussion, or I agree with your point, or that was really funny? Does a down vote mean it’s a completely useless comment, or I disagree with your point, or you just annoyed me?

    I do find it interesting you zone in on and rant about the down votes only, when in reality your complaints equally apply to up votes. I bet you’re not thinking, this site has gone to crap because 6 people up voted me when all I said was “I like on-screen nav buttons”.

    • MC_Android

      No I think you’re right. I personally am not very liberal when it comes to distributing either up or down votes. I give it when the poster says something that is insightful, I didn’t know before or that contributes to the overall flow of the topic – whatever it may be.