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Posted May 09, 2013 at 7:38 pm in Threads > Apps

I have a lot of long lecture notes that I’d love to read on my android phone/tablet. I’ve been using calibre to convert them to the epub format, and i was wondering what you guys think are the best ebook readers in the Play store. Thanks!

  • thymeless

    Aldiko is my favorite. Stable, full featured.

    Cool and Moon+ have a better look, and the display is probably easier on the eyes, but they just don’t have as simple and fully featured interface, at least for my purposes. Not that the differences are huge either, just Aldiko fits my use better.

  • Esoth

    What format are your notes in? I presume pdf? It would probably be better if you keep it as pdf if they are, and use a suitable pdf reader like ezpdf.

    For very large/long pdf files, I’ve found ebookdroid to be absolutely amazing. It’s the only one I found that could keep up with the pageturns.

  • jamal adam

    I use Mantano Reader Lite for reading but I also have Aldiko, FBReader and Moon+ Reader. The one thing that I like most about Mantano is that when I start it up it automatically lists all my books and other epubs and the UI is more pleasant than the others though it could use some more holo design to make it even more simpler. Aldiko and Moon+ are almost similar is design but Moon+ looks a lot nicer and more refined (one could say). They all work well and do their job but I just like the looks of Mantano when compared to the others.

    I would say to check each one out and see which one fits your taste.

  • da9el

    aldiko is probably the best although mantano or moon are sometimes easier to handle. aldiko has also the nicest design in my opinion.

    • da9el

      now in times of the app “google play books”, you should give it a try, if available in your country. you can read your own pdf’s and epub’s there.

  • chestont

    I’ve used both Aldiko and FBReader. Both have been pretty good for me.

  • jonstle

    Use Aldiko here as well. Never had any trouble with it.