Entertainment, the HTC way

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HTC One series, some may call them super phones and super phones need super sidekicks. HTC has made some of the best sidekicks, the HTC Media Link HD and HTC’s Car Adaptor

HTC Media Link HD
This amazing accesory will leave your friends and family spewing with jealousy because you have to ability to mirror anything thats on your HTC compatible device to your tv wirelessly. Movies, videos, games, pictures, etc.

TV, Movies, Clips, the HTC way
The ability to mirror everything on your HTC device straight to your tv wirelessly. Crazy, i know. I have been without Cable since i moved to my new apartment and the only reason i would want to get cable is to watch the NFL.

Subscripstions to Netflix and Hulu really make the experience even better. Giving you the ability to watch what your missing on Cable without the high end price. Not only can you wirelessly stream those subscriptions you can also do personal clips to share with friends or family or just watching YouTube.

Google and HTC have made it a lot easier to rent and buy movies via Google Play or HTC Watch. You can just buy it and stream it to your tv and when its time to leave just take it to go. The movies you buy off of Google Play will be on every Android device you own and you probably guessed it, the movies you purchase off of HTC Watch will only be on HTC devices.

Having multiple sources of media content is great but having it all in one device is better and being able to have a choice to watching it at home on the tv with the family or taking a ride in the car is just icing on the cake.

Games, the HTC way
Gameplay on these Super phones itself is amazing but even better when you play it on a big screen tv and sync a PS3 remote to it. I do find it harder to play with the on screen controls while looking at the tv so a separate remote is recommended. Graphics are great and with the 1.5 Ghz Dual core Snapdragon processor there is little to no lag playing games like Dead Trigger, the Amazing Spiderman or Asphault 7.

HTC’s Car Adaptor
Not only does this acessory score you cool points but also lets you remove those pesky Auxilory cords and plays music through bluetooth.

Music, the HTC way
HTC has made great strides with their partnership with Beats Audio and they enhanced the experience even further by going wireless. A Car Adaptor that you can plug into any AUX port or a 3.55mm headphone jack being your car or stereo. I have one for my car so it makes it less messy with one cord charging my phone and another plugged in to listen to music. Being so portable I take it back and forth from my Car stereo and the stereo inside my house daily.

The Cons
Everyones got em, here are some that may make or break it for some:

Price point, they are priced pretty high that the normal consumer may pass them up. The Media Link HD cost $100 alone and the Car Adaptor cost $60. I bought them at my local sprint store so if you buy it online im sure you could find it cheaper.

Also the Media Link HD only works for HDTV’s so your going to need an HDMI output to be able to use this bad boy but you dont need to buy a separate HDMI cable as they do come with their own. In addition to the HDTV you must have a decent Wi-Fi because the Media Link HD runs purely through Wi-Fi and the Media Link HD must stay plugged in at all times in order to power it.

Now the Car Adaptor, it doesn’t have a huge amount of battery life. If you’re like me then you sometimes or all the time forget to turn off your bluetooth devices after you’re done playing with them and then when you try and use it again the battery is dead. The solution i have taken is just to quick charge it in the car while being used and turn it off to save as much battery as possible, a little tedious? I know but it gets the job done.

All in all HTC entertainment serice is great and I dont see my self leaving HTC anytime soon. If anyone makes great accessories its HTC, they out shine the competition and makes owning an HTC device a true experience. Leave a comment and tell me if anything can beat HTC’s SUPER phone.

  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    I have the Media Link HD and it is pretty awesome. My only grip is that I have to change inputs on my TV to access my phone. I would much rather have a Google TV box with HDMI passthrough that supports Miracast (WiFi Display). Then I could just share my mobile device to my big screen without having to fiddle with my remote.

    • ZR0ExX

      I can see how that would be a viable solution for just viewing media but I also use it to play games. I’m not sure if Google TV implements that feature but if they do that would pretty cool. Also either the price or the availability of the Google TV has made me put it off and find something else.

      I’m not so sure what you mean by changing the inputs on your TV. Like changing the HDMI ports?

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        The Media Link HD is around $89 and the cheapest Google TV boxes are $99. I’d say the Google TV box is a better option once they support Miracast.