Extreme Road Trip 2

Posted Nov 06, 2012 at 9:18 am in Threads > Games

Hey Guys,

I know you guys are some of the most passionate Android enthusiasts and many of you love games so I wanted to share a game that one of my friends worked on.

It’s called Extreme Road Trip 2. My friend did all the art for the game.

It’s a free to play game and has no “forced” micro transactions to progress through the game.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

My best distance is 3900m!


  • uknowme

    Downloaded and played for about 30 minutes during my break. Graphics are decent. Controls are perfect in my opinion. Fun little time waster. I like the goals like in Ski Safari or Jetpack Joyride. I will say there should be more coins. Not a lot more, maybe like 10% more in the levels. One other thing I would recommend is make the back button more functional. I kept hitting back after a level to get to the menu and nothing would happen. Good job though. I’ll keep playing.