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android fanboy

All of us know of it and some of us are guilty of it.

I’ve had my share of discussions with people about their take on the competitor. In most cases it’s Android vs Apple. Some arguments are an easy win others become more of a fight for explaining your logic. Although all of them are just for fun ;)

The most interesting remark I’ve heard was about the new ipad. He thought that it had a quad-core CPU so when we talked about it he was super excited. I told him, “The new ipad has a quad-core GPU, not a quad-core CPU. The CPU still has the same clockspeed and # of cores.” He replied, “Why would you even need a quad-core CPU!?!? That’s just overdoing it.” Same guy, “Android wasn’t usable until Ice Cream Sandwich. They are just now starting to catch up.” That was the icing on the cake and I realized it’s hard to argue with stupidity.

Another guy I talked to (gamestop employee, kinda old) said he had trouble using android. He also said that the manufacturer skins made it even harder to use.

It just seems like some people practice blind favoritism. They don’t even know what the other side is up to but they still bash the [email protected]()*$t out of it.

I would love for everyone to be happy with their choice (everyone made the right decision!) but when some people garner such a bashful attitude it hurts inside a little bit :(

My questions for you guys:

  • What are some of the debates / arguments that you guys have been in?
  • What’s some of the weirdest remarks you’ve heard during one?
  • What are some of the best points you pose during an argument?
  • Do you posses an aggressive behavior towards other OS owners or a more accepting / thoughtful behavior?
  • Do you follow news other than Android?
  • Do you own devices other than Android?

Any other comments would be much appreciated ;)

  • bolanrox

    The only one i have had was my wife thinking my phone was too big compared to an iphone.

    I personally dislike Apple for a number of reasons, but it isn’t a blind hatred or anything, if you like it use it.
    I follow gizmodo so i get a bit of everything.

    • Bryan Stoner

      A lot of people just really like the small stylish pocket power form which is cool ;) my girlfriend actually doesn’t have hands big enough for my galaxy nexus :p

      Ooo gizmodo is a hard pill to swallow sometimes. Although its good to know what the other side thinks of you. Are there any other sites you follow?

  • tmihai20

    Fanboyism comes in many flavours. I am an Android fan, not a fanboy. I always try to reason with people that have a crooked perception of reality in any domain, not only smartphones. If I can’t reach them with reasoning, I usually let them be.

    I have participated in PC vs consoles war, in Android vs iPhone, in AMD vs Nvidia, in Intel vs AMD (regarding processors) and I still participate in any of them.

    The weirdest remark (coming not from fanboys) were “What’s with the paddle?” (referring to my 4.3 inches smartphone).

    When I try to show anybody the main advantages of Android, I always tell them about the variety of ways Android can be customized and the fact that apps that cost money on iPhone are free on Android or even cheaper. I tell them that they can do the same things with an Android phone but paying less money.

    I follow, and one romanian site (

    I don’t own any other device than Android, I am still waiting for “the one” tablet that will make me buy it.

    • Bryan Stoner

      That’s a good way to go about things. How do you let them be? Usually when I try to reason with them I also give up at the right time. Although in order to end it I calmly listen to what they say without giving in to my knee jerk urge to reason.

      So you’ve gotten involved some other debates eh~ I’ll say it right off the bat; Ps3, Intel. Reason for ps3: Cell processor, hardware features, selection of first party titles, free online. Reason for Intel: Strong reliance on efficient cpu architectures than raw power. Nvidia or AMD I have no clue.. a gpu is a gpu to me :p How about you?

      Good points, I’ll use them for my next discussion XD

      The verge is kinda tough for me to read. Pocket now seems kinda cool. Have you ever checked out toms hardware?

      • tmihai20

        I used to read Toms Hardware a long time ago, especially for insight information on pieces of hardware I wanted to buy.

        PS3 has better hardware, in my opinion, there are plenty of games to play (I was blown away by the first Uncharted game) and multiplayer is free. A friend of mine wanted to upgrade his computer and he ended up buying an XBOX360. I would not buy a console right now, I believe we will see new consoles very soon. I would still choose PS3, though :)

        I had both AMD and Intel processors over the time. Platforms like SandyBrigde (that have a CPU and a GPU in the same chip) have not yet convinced me. If I had to buy a CPU right now, I would start over again (I want the best price/performance ratio).

        I don’t have enough patience as I once had, I try a few times in every new debate to support my ideas. If I can’t, I let them be. I won’t try to convince anyone that doesn’t respond to reasoning.

  • redraider133

    I think the funniest remark I heard was from a friend who had a 4s and once they got the latest update that added the 4g indicator he said how much faster his speeds and phone were. I told him nothing changed they just added a 4g indicator and he immediately said Oh like someone took everything from him.

    • aranea

      Same here. I had to explain someone that you can’t have LTE with software. The “4g” iphone got is the same “4g” my atrix had over a year. He was also disappointed.

      • Bryan Stoner

        The reason the network indicator changed to 4G on the ATT iPhone is because of carriers and their darn naming conventions. T-Mobile upgraded its HSPA network to HSPA+. When they did that they called it “4g” cause they thought it was theoretically fast enough. ATT thought hey! We have that too, let’s call it 4g.

        But yea I bet a bunch of people get that placebo effect XD

  • aranea

    The most stupid argument I heard against Android from and iphone user was that “it is not fun.”. When I asked what does he mean by fun, he was very vague. It wasn’t just games (Android has plenty), it was maybe some apps that he was used to weren’t on Android but he couldn’t say anything tangible. He kept insisting that it’s not fun though.

  • Nick Gray

    Besides my Android blogging friends, most the people I know are iPhone users. I get a lock of flack from them, but most of them always want to play with the new phones I’m testing. THis past week, I showed off the HTC One S to two friends who own iPhones and they both loved the design . One of them is more open minded since he’s used Android in the past, but they other guy simply doesn’t understand how Android can be customized even though I’ve explained it to him dozens of times.

    That same guys said he’s buy the One S if the OS wasn’t so ugly. When I asked him to explain, he said he hated the fact that the icons were different shapes. And that was him only gripe. He’s a close friend, but it’s amazing how shallow some people can be about things that have little significance.

    • DroidPower

      i’m sure if your friend used the android for a while the icon thing won’t even matter to him.

      • aranea

        The problem is to get those people use it for awhile. They usually refuse to use it for such intangible reasons.

    • redraider133

      I have a lot of friends who buy a phone solely on what they see being advertised or what they think works. When I pulled out my galaxy nexus next to their iphone and they see the screen they usually always at first say that it is too big and then they play with it for awhile and really like the size and regret being stuck with one size of the iphone.

  • kzlife

    I’m an android user but my girlfriend isn’t into tech so she bought an iphone. I think it’s a bit childish to argue which phone is best, it all comes down to what you have to do.

    I’m also following macrumours as I’m waiting for apple’s next MBA, if anyone have the time, go to their site and look at their comments when an article about something concerning android/google comes up. I just got angry when I see their comments.. they are acting like two year old kids sometimes.

  • Angie Wimberly

    I don’t really have a lot of stories about how I was able to combat arguments against Android, I just wanted to relate how I’ve also run into a lot of people that seem to have really strong feelings against it, despite having flimsy or no reasons why. One of my friends was asking on Facebook about the Galaxy Nexus and whether someone had it and liked it, and one girl responded, “i had a samsung galaxy… dunno about the nexus part… but i HATED IT! >_<” and then this, ” iphone rocks my socks off — i resisted for so long but SO happy I have it now,” and it made me cringe. I just basically said I was really happy with the phones I’ve had, and that Clark really liked his Nexus.

  • Tom

    I’m a self declared Google fanboy. I call myself a hard core Borg, knowing resistance is futile.