Fanboys: the Old and the New

Posted Mar 03, 2013 at 3:50 pm in Threads > Opinions

So as I am constantly following several websites and forums – Android&Me, Android Central, Android Police…etc – and Youtube videos regarding Android, I find this great influx of passionately blind Google fanboys. If you point out some problems with Nexus devices or a concerning trend for Android as a whole, you will get a lot of hate and ignorant replies. These replies are obviously from people who don’t think critically at all and simply praise everything Google does. One common (mis)conception out there is that Android users are more logical than Apple fanboys…now I don’t think that is the case.

So guys, let me know what you think about this issues and have you noticed it yourself?

  • Kevinthebox

    I’m sure everyone here notices. And it’s laughable, really. I think it says less about the companies themselves (Apple/Google) and more about the users. I mean, why give a sh*t about Apple products if you don’t use them? And who cares if some idiot Apple fan is trollin or talking crap, why be the same way. be a better person, and ignore the BS.

    AandMe is a great website, but certain authors (mostly one in particular) like writing pieces about Apple losing so and so patent wars blah blah blah which perpetuate the ol childish fanboi war. It’s a shame bc that trivial Android news isn’t really news. I guess i prefer the old AandMe which had a lot more in depth reviews, and those mouth-watering rumors of course. That being said, this is still my go to Android site.

    Sorry for the rant. I just don’t like when childish posters perpetuate this nonsense get upvoted, and when you point this nonsense out, you get downvoted to oblivion. Again, it has to do with the maturity of (some) the readers of this site.

  • pjamies

    Comments should only be allowed by registered users!
    This way we can track who are $hit disturbers and who are actually contributing to the conversation in a polite are professional manner.
    Many, many sites follow this trend, and are better for it, but it is up to the owners of this site
    to wake-up and put this into place.
    On the flip side, the more comments that are given the more clicks, and so $$$
    It’s a careful balancing act!


    One thing I have noticed recently on this site is that if you say something out of the norm or in opposition to the title of the article, you get downvoted. I am Android first. However, I like all platforms and they all have issues. I do prefer “critical thinkers” over fan boys.

    I don’t blame any of the websites tho.

  • redraider133

    Check out bgr and you will see how much android and apple fanboys attack each other and defend anything google/apple does. It’s wild.

  • MC_Android

    It’s so absurd how deep these undying loyalties lie. Right now, it’s a pitted battle between die hard Apple fanboys and Google ones. As one article (can’t recall exactly where I read it) points out very accurately, with stock Android no longer lacking any usability features anymore, OEM skins on-top of Android is quickly becoming their own operating system. Soon enough, the Android fans are going to divide up to Sense fans, Touchwiz fans…etc. As an avid tech fan, I support whichever company innovates and releases something that deserve my money; it’s frustrating reading comments that are solely based on brand loyalty.

  • irishrally

    Have you ever watched sports? Followed a sports team? Come from a city with loyal sports fans? Following a sport and the love of a team, whether it’s your home team or not, is a huge hobby and way of life for some people and this comes with great loyalty, often accompanied by ridiculous opinions of your team. You could have the worst team in the league and those fans would still find ways to talk about how great their team is even when they know it’s not really accurate. At the same time when these fans get past the firing back and forth with people online or at bars defending their team they can often have a reasonable discussion with other reasonable people in the right forum and situation where they can admit the short comings of their beloved team.

    Well, like sports, mobile technology, mobile OS, mobile manufacturers, draw very loyal home team fans and people that read every tech article every day, watch all the videos, read all the specs, just like a sports fan would watch sportscenter, read espn, study players stats, etc. People live and breed this stuff just like Red Sox or Yankees fan, or whoever, and I don’t find it unusual, and it certainly doesn’t bother me, that loyal home team fans knee jerk reaction is to defend their team/OS no matter what. At the same time many of these people, in the right forum and environment and with the right people can have a logical unbiased discussion.

    I don’t think you are “thinking critically” if you think people online that you don’t know support their team in some situations “don’t think critically at all”. Your up/down vote post also was not seeing the big picture or didn’t seem like you were “thinking critically”. Well actually, you are definitely thinking critically, but not using critical thinking so much.