Favorite android OEM and why?

Posted Dec 23, 2012 at 10:21 pm in Threads > Opinions

SO with the vast amount of android devices out there was just wondering what manufacturer is their favorite or if you switch between manufacturers? Personally I prefer Asus for tablets as they seem to make solid hardware and prior to the nexus 7 are pretty good with updates. For phones it all depends on who makes a phone that catches my eye, no real loyalty there. Thoughts?

  • Teebor

    Asus for tablets as well, they just do a good job of building them. Or fixing their errors (Good guys)

    Phones I’m kind of loyal to Samsung, mainly as I just like the look and feel AND they build a good phone.
    However I am not above recommending HTC to people as they are a really good manufacturer of phones and I would be happy with either, but prefer Samsung

  • bear831

    Not having owned a HTC phone since the incredible it is hard to know what it is like to own one on a daily basis, but there new soft touch polycarbonate feels amazing. I almost bought a HTC 8X off contract because of how the phone feels. I am patiently awaiting their return to the tablet market and hope they bring the amazing feel of their phones with it.

  • mr 1338

    For Tablets Asus, Fast Updates and nice quality.
    For Phones HTC, Beautiful Design, amazing build quality and in most cases easy to flash ROMs. Updates are mediocre but improving and still better than many others.

  • Kaote

    For tablets its ASUS all the way, still using my TF101 on a daily basis and am completly happy with the support and build quality.

    Phones, I am ann HTC fan. Have been since the G1. The nexus ! was brilliant, and am currently using the HTC One S. Cannot beat the build of these phones.

  • thymeless

    Asus for tablets, Samsung for phone.

    Samsung seems committed to replaceable battery, SD card slots, ports, good screens.

  • uknowme

    Asus for tablets. They are just the best right now. HTC for phones. I’ve had no problem with them. Rooting us easy on both too.

  • TheChez99

    Google Nexus every time

  • TheVoodoo

    Asus for Tablets

    and HTC for phones

    Both due to high quality of physical build.

    Of course, if commissioned by Google to make it. Nexus, then it is the ultimate pairing.

    • Charlong666

      I’m with you TheVoodoo. Both companies do make awesome products with regards to build quality, and with the modding community you can change the software side so easily it doesn’t even matter.

      Nexus’s will always have me now though.

  • Nostril

    I would pretty much get my phone and tablet from whoever makes the Nexus. However I also feel that Asus makes the best tablets. I had an HTC Evo 3D and wasn’t extremely impressed. I love the design and build quality of my LG Nexus 4, but I haven’t been impressed by any other LG devices. I like the power and features of Samsung devices but I dislike how they feel. Sony Xperia phones seem to impress me consistently, just from their build quality and solid feel.

  • Laurel laurel25

    I have a Samsung tablet and have been crazy pleased with it. As for phones, it totally depends on what’s available when I’m looking to get a new one. I’ve had 3 HTCs (loved them, but wanted something that I could use FoxFi with), a Samsung I hated (terrible reception), and now a Motorola that I was surprised to find I really, really like, since I’ve never been a big fan.

  • Broseph Stalin

    I bought an Asus TF300 about two and a half months ago. It’s a good tablet for a reasonable price, but I was a bit disappointed by the Nexus 10 coming out just after my return period of two weeks had expired.
    On the bright side, the update to 4.1 was available the moment I got it. I haven’t heard anything about 4.2, but I’m confident Asus will be relatively quick with it.

    On the phone front, I currently have a Galaxy Nexus. Having the latest software is always great, but the phone itself leaves some things to be desired. The display is great, but the battery drains extremely fast lately. With moderate use I can barely make it through a full day. The materials used aren’t perfect, but the phone feels good whilst holding it.

  • sonicdeathmunky

    Asus for tablets. I’ve always loved the feel of their laptops as well.
    HTC is my favourite for mobile phones, their handsets feel fantastic and solid (I’m sick of my plastic Galaxy S2).

  • lou2cool88

    I’ve owned Motorola, Samsung, and HTC phones. I think my favorite is Samsung. My tablet is a Samsung, though, and I’m less than pleased with it. Hopefully my next one is a Nexus tablet.

  • Fiasko

    My favorite is HTC, simply for their build quality. I do HATE sense and how long they take to send an update, but as long as there continue to be amazing developers pushing out ROMs I don’t mind (Shout out to Bruce, you are them man for making my Sensation last so long).

    Overall, I don’t really care anymore. I will only be buying Nexus from here on out.

  • ankushsurana

    For Tablet Asus, And for Smartphones definitely HTC.
    There new phone i.e. HTC BUTTERFLY will be an another break through in mobile industry.

  • SGB101

    Even tho atm we are mainly a Samsung house, note2,sgs3,ace, we do have two HTCs, and a one X and sad to say I don’t really know the other (cheap and cheerful thing),my girl uses.

    But since the G1 I’m a HTC fan, had a HTC since Android arrived but the battery on the one X, was too much to bare, and gave it my lad, and got the note2.

    I’m still routeing for yea HTC.

  • sandy105

    asus for tablets sure choice.
    but yeah phones,its a difficult choice
    htc have amazing built quality,nd finish.
    dont like the design nd in hand feel of samsung.
    lg seems to be picking up their game as well specially optimus g/nexus 4
    sony is good but redundant design ,all look the same :(

  • murali.ram

    ASUS is good choice for tablet.
    For mobiles many options are available upcoming nexus from Motorola will be good one…

  • Karol

    For build quality? Definitely HTC, I sometimes feel like god holding my Amaze.

  • MC_Android

    HTC is locking down the bootloader for their new phones nice and tightand yet they claim to be ssupporting the developer community. I used to cheer for them and hope they will get back to their former stature as one the top android manufacturer (09 was when they were the top manufacturer, right?). Now I’m not sure sure. We’ll see how the m7 turns out