First purchase of the year…….

Posted Dec 23, 2012 at 6:46 pm in Threads > Opinions

Ok so Christmas is just a day away and I know many of us are waiting to see if we got the new phone or tablet that we wanted…or just waiting to see how many Google Play gift cards you get to get apps, movies, or games…but undoubtedly some of us will be left saddened by the fact that we didn’t get that shiny new “toy”. So what will everyone’s first technology purchase of 2013 be?

  • Charlong666

    Even though it doesn’t qualify as I ordered it in December, I won’t be seeing my N4 or charged until late January. So I guess that will be my first.

  • heynomi4u

    My first technology purchase will probably be a new 3D LED TV – coz thanks to Google, I already got my Nexus 4! :D

    • justineats

      This will probably be my next big purchase as well!!! Just gotta wait till I knock off some of that bill on my best buy card!!

  • cliffy223

    Going with a Nexus 4 once my contract is up my current MyTouch4g.

  • thr970

    Might get a Nexus 7, just waiting to see if I win another tablet!!

    • mr 1338

      same here, but i already ordered mine, because i never ever win stuff, but if i should win another one that would make a good friend of mine very happy :D

  • da9el

    nexus 4 or 7. depends on availability and price.

  • Steve Heinrich

    I would love to get a Nexus 10. It still might be a while though. Have to save my pennies.

  • bear831

    I think I’m going to get a Nexus 7 to offset my new iPad 4th gen. I purchased. Google continues to improve Android on tablets but right now I need to Apple ecosystem especially for my web design work.

  • Randy White

    I will be getting some type of Blue Tooth speaker for my phone.

  • sonicdeathmunky

    I would LOVE a Nexus 4.

    It’s really up to LG as to whether I ever get the chance to buy one though.

  • nicotinemind

    The Nexus 7 3g is definitely on my shoping list. Just got to get that Jelly Bean experience.

  • jak2rocks

    I really don’t know… That’s an excellent question.

  • MC_Android

    Haven’t seen any Tegra 4 tablets yet…so I’ll have to see which manufacturer takes the first leap of faith with a 2013-spec tablet :)

    The S4 rumours are looking real nice as well lol

  • WlfHart

    Tempted to grab a Note 10.1, but also tempted to see what MWC brings… holding my breath for a 7″ Note.

  • Laurel laurel25

    I got a tablet this fall and my husband just got his new computer, so my first purchase will probably be a car mount for my phone. Not a device, but an an accessory for my device that I really need.

  • sandy105

    the optimus g2 or htc m7 .
    i need a new phone now.
    but i think everyone getting on the 1080p wagon,i just hope somebody runs something faster than s4 pro :)

  • KingCrow02

    Nexus 4 bumper