Folder organization on stock android?

Posted Nov 20, 2013 at 10:08 am in Threads > Apps


I’m thinking of buying a nexus phone in the near future although mostly the only thing keeping me from buying any phones except a samsung phone is the folder organization on the touchwiz’s app launcher.

My question is if there is anything similar for stock android? (As I know I can only create folders on the home screen, not the app launcher?)
Preferably without using any third party launchers but it’s no biggie.

Long time since I was using stock roms :P

  • SGB101

    It’s identical on all phones, unless I’m really missing something about your question.

    Drag on app on top of another and it makes a folder. It’s been like that since android 1.1

    You can even do with ios, Google’s looks prettier tho.

  • SGB101

    Just looked on the wife’s sgs3, your talking of app draw , the answer is no, I didn’t even know you could make folders.

    I always on Samsung change the default layout, age order, to alphabetical, as that is what stock is and it makes it very easy to find apps. Sort of like finding a word in a dictionary. Folders would slow me down.

  • kzlife

    Ok, thanks both of you!

    I forgot the new feature where you could hide unnecessary apps :)
    I like to have my apps organised in my app drawer though xP