Free Galaxy Nexus Case by CruzerLite and Andy’s Threads

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Okay folks, we did this once before and we’re doing it once again! I will be giving away a free Galaxy Nexus case by CruzerLite/Andy’s Threads from the Personas of Andy collection. The case we’re giving away this time is the Assembling Andy case (buy from Andy’s Threads if you buy one). I sport another case from this line as my daily case. It’s the Goldilocks of cases – it’s not too big, not too small, it’s just right! And it works very nicely with either the stock or extended battery on the LTE or GSM version of the phone (even better than most other TPU cases, including the popular Androidified case from CruzerLite).

Assembling Andy

So here’s the deal. In summary, this random drawing is open to US-based Android & Me users with a score of 1 or higher (this is to guard against duplicate entries).

To enter in the drawing, you must do all of the following:

  1. Reply to this post and tell me what your ideal (but also realistic) carrier plan is (to help me ditch Verizon).
    You may enter once per day but only your first reply per day will count. However, feel free to chat all you want!
  2. Post your Twitter handle
    (this and the next step are important so I can get your shipping info if you win).
  3. Follow both @AndroidAndMe and @Jaxidian and tweet:
    Gimme a free @CruzerLite @AndysThreads case for my GNex via @Jaxidian & @AndroidAndMe

This drawing will end at an unspecified time later in the week. So get in early and get in often!

To be eligible:

  1. You must have a US shipping address. No P.O. Boxes. I WILL ship US military addresses.
  2. At the time of the drawing, your Android & Me score (the number in green next to your avatar by the Log Out button) must be at least 1. If you’re new right now, that’s okay. You have a little bit of time to increase that number so feel free to try anyways!
  3. You must perform all of the actions listed above. These are important so you’ll a) be in the drawing and b) I’ll know how to contact you.

If you’re interested in buying this case, then take a look at Andy’s Threads.

Good luck!!

Thanks all for participating! My apologies for taking extra time to pick out the winner but I blame my A/C going out (leaving my home at 100+) and then my brakes in my car going out (leaving me in the 100F garage unable to enjoy my recently-repaired A/C). My house is now cold again, my car now stops again, and @erik_hanson is the proud new winner of an Assembly Andy case by CruzerLite and Andy’s Threads! Congrats, Erik! :-)

  • jaxidian

    (sample entry)
    I think an ideal but realistic plan would be if you took the T-Mobile $30/mo 100 minute/unlimited text/unlimited (5GB at 4G) data plan and gave me the following upgrade options:

    $10 – Free friends & family minutes (i.e. you specify 5 #s that you get unlimited minutes to).
    $10 – Free nights and weekend minutes.
    $10 – Upgrade from 100 minutes to 400 minutes.

    Doing it this way would allow me to have a dirt-cheap plan but pay a little more money to have a few more features. You know there are people setting up VoIP on their phones to avoid paying $70 for the next-cheapest unlimited (5GB at 4G) data plan that would gladly pay $40-50 for some of these options.

  • B2L

    Not going to enter, since I don’t have a Galaxy Nexus anymore. Anyways, thanks for the link, I’m definitely going to buy the Assembling Andy case for my Galaxy Note.

    • jaxidian

      No problem! I’m encouraging people to buy from Andy’s Threads’ website instead of Amazon so more money goes to Andy’s Threads and CruzerLite (small companies) instead of Amazon who already makes plenty of money. Either way, it should be the same price to you for the same product. :-)

  • professandobey

    The T-Mobile plan you mentioned would be the way I recommend, coupled with an unlocked Google Play device. Based on my own usage, I wouldn’t need any of those upgrades.

    The only thing I would do (and am planning to do) is to wait out the contract. I read your other post and think that if you feel strongly enough, the extra fees would be worth it (even though Verizon still wins). While I completely agree with you, and am fed up with Verizon Wireless (I’m leaving in December 2013), I do not feel an urgent need to leave so fast that I have to pay fees. I’m going to wait until they force me onto their tiered data plan that’s designed to be “more important that people will start to upgrade in the tiers as they start to really realize the benefits of the LTE network.” I don’t like companies that calculate their product just right so that people have to buy too much.

    Also, I’d recommend you try to get into Republic Wireless, as they are a beacon of hope for the US wireless industry consumers. Perhaps they’ll pull something out of their hat and develop a ROM to allow a top of the line phone to work with their system.

  • jaxidian

    So far, there’s only been one entry. Contest is still going!! Enter once a day! :-)

  • kazahani


    My ideal plan would be SIM-only service for sale on Google Play to go with your unlocked Nexus device. This would be the next step for Android. Google doesn’t need theri own network, they can rent space on AT&T and Tmobile like other carriers do. Heck, they could even sell SIM-only LTE service for the LTE-compatible Nexus phones. I hear Verizon is working on Voice-Over-LTE, so this sould be a real possibility in the future.

    • professandobey

      I would love this idea, but I don’t think it’ll ever happen. Regulators would see Google as a Vertical Monopoly, and prevent this from happening. Although, they’re doing something similar with Fiber Optics, so maybe…

      …well no, I still don’t think it’ll happen. Google Fiber happened before there was talk of buying Motorola Mobility, and there is not a direct correlation between fiber optics and cell phones, like there is between cell phones and cell service (it’s not like Motorola makes desktop computers). Plus, Google Fiber represents true progress in an industry that is moving too slowly in the US compared to other parts of the world. Further, I think the big US carriers would see this move as a big threat blocking Google from using their networks, and perhaps even retaliating against Android, Motorola, Google Play and/or Nexus.


      • jaxidian

        I really don’t think one could argue that Google would have a vertical Monopoly. They have 0% market share in cell phone service right now and they’d be up against MAJOR players like Verizon, AT&T, etc. Now if they close-sourced Android or something like that, then perhaps. However, they are legally bound to keep it open for at least 5 years. And they could always be allowed to do this on the stipulation that Android remain open for as long as they are a wireless provider.

        If they simply did this, I think it’d be fine on that front. I too would like to see this happen!

        Now where I see the problem is this: where is Google going to get spectrum? If they want to directly compete with carriers, they have 2 options: partner with carriers (they won’t get very good rates) or become a true carrier with their own towers and spectrum (but they would still need to somehow acquire spectrum which is already in short supply). So for this reason, I don’t really see this happening. If spectrum wasn’t so scarce, they could probably get better deals from existing carriers to just use their network but nobody really has the capacity except for maybe Verizon, and we see how nicely they play ball (not very nicely at all!).

        • kazahani

          I was thinking that Google could sell data services through AT&T ant T-mobile, but doing so under their own name. Tracfone, Cricket and Republic Wireless all do this. We could have Google Wireless SIM service for sale on the Play Store right next to your new Nexus phone.

  • Max.Steel

    T-Mobile’s $30 Unlimited Data plan with 200 minutes. (A 100 minute bump from the current one). A dream plan. *sigh*.

    • jaxidian

      I’ve done some investigation and you can effectively have that plan for $40. Once you pay for the $30 plan and use up your 100 minutes, add’l ones are $0.10/min and if you have add’l funds in your account, they’ll pull from there. If you don’t, then you get cut off and can’t talk anymore. So consider it a bit more if $40 for what you said is good. :-)

  • spazby


    I put my wife on the $30 plan from t-mobile. She has premium package from skype for unlimited world already and she using that which eliminates the 100 minutes per month limit…

    • jaxidian

      Oh? Can you link me more info on getting a good Skype setup in Android? I’m not sure I’d do this for my family members (don’t want to support that or put them through those hurdles) but I very well would be willing to do this for myself.

      • spazby

        actually, she is just using skype app. you can purchase a premium package ( you get discount for annual ones) and then just use the app to make calls. She has the international one which includes many countries (landlines) and in u.s. you get cell and landline unlimited. In your skype account, you just put in your cell phone number so that it shows up as caller id when she is calling using skype app. Also, important is that unlike google voice, skype calls do not count towards your minutes…

        • Max.Steel

          Nice setup. Does this work over mobile network or just Wi-Fi? Also, how much is the premium package? Is it annual or monthly?

  • elvis

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    • kazahani

      Really? Trolls in our threads now, too?

      • professandobey

        It’s a spambot, which is different.

  • Guy Bailey

    @guyrbailey – T-Mobile family plan has the lot.

    • jaxidian

      Whoa, I didn’t see that. I think that’s what I’m going with! Thanks to you, I had a chat with T-Mobile. i posted about it here in case anybody else is interested in it:

      If you want a good/cheap plan at low rates and without subsidized phones, this is it! Wish it didn’t have a contract but it’s hard to beat 1000min/unlimited text/unlimited data (2GB high speed) on 5 lines for $125/mo!

  • guyb99

    @guyrbailey – I’m Spartacus! (and I use the T-Mob family plan too!)

    • guyb99

      I’ve got an unlocked GNex on Import @Jaxidian, it’s what I used. 2GB doesn’t sound like much but I’ve got WIFI on all the time so only use it when I’m running or driving.

      • jaxidian

        I tend to run at ~3GB/mo with my VZW GNex right now. So what I’m doing is getting 2 SIMs for me and when I run out of my first 2GB I’ll switch to my second SIM card and have another 2GB to go. (was only ~$15/mo to “upgrade” from 2GB to 4GB) I’ll use GVoice to keep things working well while doing this.

  • jaxidian

    Today is going to be the last day to sign up for this. Next giveaway is going to be a Zeemote! :-)

    • acostaisasmendi

      Boo :(.

      I wanted to participate.

      • jaxidian

        Join in for the Zeemote giveaway! I’m not sure when I’ll start it but it won’t be too far in the future. :-)

  • Erik Hanson

    What I did was go with T-Mobile, I’ve been on the unsubsidized family plan for quite a few years now, and it’s been awesome. I bought the first “Google Play” device, the Nexus One, straight from the Google phones page, and my T-Mo bill is cheaper every month because I didn’t subsidize the plan to buy a device. Now I’m no-contract, with unlimited data and text, and loving it!

    Of course, the plans have changed over the years, so now you get more talk minutes, and they have per-GB rate plans now, but the concept is pretty much the same.. In fact, I tested my usage one bill by turning off WiFi altogether for an entire month, and my usage didn’t go much over a gig! I was very, very surprised, as I expected a ton more data to be piped through, so maybe I’m unusual in some way.

    • Erik Hanson

      Oh snap, my Twitter is @erik_hanson by the way, roofle

  • jaxidian

    Okay all, I’ll be drawing for the winner either tomorrow or the following day. My apologies for not doing it over the weekend but we had weather in the upper 90′s and our A/C went out, so I’ve been somewhat low-tech and today was just “one of those days” at work. Thanks all for participating! :-)

    • Erik Hanson

      Did you ever get around to this giveaway? ;)

      • jaxidian

        Shh! I was just coming in here to do the drumroll as I made the list of contestants! ;-)



        • jaxidian

          So I took all of the entries, shuffled them up, assigned each entry a number, and used to generate a winning number (this is how I always do it). And the winning number is: 10!

          Congratulations to the entry who was randomly assigned 10! Woohoo!!!

  • jaxidian

    Congrats, Erik!

    (p.s. You didn’t get special points for trying to remind me about this. Pure coincidence!)

    FYI all, my next giveaway is going to be a ZeeMote. The giveaway might be here or it might be elsewhere. Watch me on Twitter to find out! :-)