From Which Country you Android Fans Belong ?

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From Which Country you Belong ?

I am from India .

  • Prasoon Tiwari 1

    But I wish i could live in USA so i can get more Cheap device than we get in India …

    • Thomas Biard

      Lets get more specific…not just country but location/state in each country.
      Im from So. California, US…

      • WlfHart

        ‘nother So. Cal, US here :)

  • kookeetree

    USA, East Coast.

  • MC_Android

    Canadian here, eh?

    • Charlong666

      Canadien fois deux!

    • WlfHart

      Would you be so kind as to convince whoever makes Five Alive that they need to distribute it in the states? :P I only get that delicious stuff once a year when I visit my best bud in Alberta…

      • MC_Android

        Would it shock you if I tell you I’ve never had it? lol

  • pol biswas


  • dino13

    A combination of Austria, Germany and Bosnia. Right now mainly Austria.

  • nicotinemind

    Santa’s base : Finland:)

    • Prasoon Tiwari 1

      Then you should win 25 day’s of Tegra Goodies as you Christmas gift . I hope you will win it .

      • nicotinemind

        Thanks.A christmas present from Android and Me would be very cool,fingers crossed:)

  • SGB101

    UK, born in England now living in Wales.

    • dino13

      Not much europeans around here.

      • SGB101

        The sure isnt

  • omprsingh

    India , but since India is so big im from the biggest city of east side of the country Calcutta :)

  • ndub21

    Texas in the USofA. I didn’t realize there were so many international readers, guess you guys are excited that the 25 Days of Tegra extends to more countries now. I’m glad they were able to pull that off this year.

  • cypresscliff

    USA, East Side

  • Daniel Hakimi

    US. New York.

  • kenny1428

    U.S. Dirty South (Florida)

  • heynomi4u

    Canadian, another eh! Lol.

  • Samar

    This is a canadian brother from another mother.

  • Dr.Carpy

    I am a Canadian as well. I live in a city named Edmonton in a province called Alberta.

    • scottryan78

      I used to be there but back in my native Manitoba.

  • Monsunami

    USA ^_^

  • tanman888


  • ldouglas64

    USA … South Georgia

  • mcdan333

    USA, California. My house is about 100m from the new Apple campus.

  • Jonathan Hagberg

    Sweden! :)

  • Ankushpm


  • JonJJon

    UK here, London :) Android is getting better all the time here with the ever expanding Google Play Store library of content.

  • mernen

    Brazil represent!

  • shlevy

    Bulgaria but residing in US

  • iSpanish

    Saudi but resident in the United States!

  • aranea

    Living in USA, SoCal and originally from Turkey.

  • gh0st665

    Ft. Worth, Texas, United States.

  • scaarg

    Ciudad Juárez, México.

  • Allan Tribe

    USA, Utah

    • wickedme

      OMG! Another Utahin’… I’m so shocked! lol

  • pmrich

    South Carolina, USA

  • Ezy03


    • TheStig

      me too!!!

  • TheStig


  • sonicdeathmunky

    Australia. The land of the constantly overpriced tech :(

  • jonstle

    Oregon, USA

  • stringdidj

    From the UK :-)

  • cjleines

    Oregon! Gotta love the rain, but it’s a beautiful place :)

  • Gedgehead

    Full Monty country UK.

  • JarlSX

    i’m from the Netherlands and proud of it! :)

  • BrotherBloat

    Poland, but hailing from London these days! :)

  • impromark

    Oh, Canada!

  • marcus1518


  • ndorrough

    Florida, the butt of all USA jokes. We even have our own fark tag.

  • Bain

    Unless I missed it before I’m the first Chicago poster.

  • jaysond

    all your base r belong to us!

  • jaysond

    USA rocks besides the random preschool shootings wich is messed up a few sick people give us a bad rap

    • dino13

      Well I sure hope that it will get better. Recently I read an interesting article how these shootings only have to some extend to do with weapon laws but also could be a result of missing health insurance for everyone, especially for those who have mental issues. I haven’t been to the states so I have no idea if something like that can be true, what’s your opinion on that?

  • Sameer

    The land of Most ancient history of Science but lacking in modern history of science..India

  • squib

    Manchester, UK

  • dbcher

    American in Japan

  • klcow92


  • Nicholas Rynjah

    Country : India
    State. : Meghalaya
    City/town : Shillong

  • Guitaraholic

    Liverpool , UK here :)

  • kelltrash14


  • justineats

    Good ok U.S. of A. The Sunshine State FLA

  • gmaninvan

    From Vancouver!