Funniest game in the Play store

Posted May 19, 2012 at 8:43 am in Threads > Apps & Games

I game quite a bit on my S2 and in search of better games I have sometimes come across some funny ass games…..I present to you here a short list. Are YOU brave enough to try any of these?

1) Enviro Bear :


Dev Says: Who is driving that car? Oh my God, a Bear is Driving! How can that Be?!

* Grab stuff with your finger.
* Eat Fish and Berries.
* When you are FAT enough, drive into a cave to Hibernate.
* You can throw stuff out the windows and sunroof!

This review just cracked me up : “It is, quite simply, the best Bear-based driving sim of all time” – rockpapershotgun

2) Drunken Pee:


Dev Says: How good your urine aim is when you’re really drunk?

The best drunk humor game! Drink huge amounts of alcohol and booze while tilting your phone to aim your urine flow to a toilet bowl.

The caption is hilarious: One man, One desire, one toilet

3) Mushroom Garden:


Dev Says:
The world’s first genuine mushroom-growing sim!
“Mushroom Garden”

Holy moly, there’s fungus among us!
It’s the world’s first genuine mushroom-growing sim!

Can someone please explain what goes in this game?

4) Bush-Shoot out:



Dev Says: You are the former president Bush (Former president of the USA for those who do not know). A terrorist group invests the white house to kill you, you must kill all the terrorists and protect the american way of life. You will protecting the White House as only a Texan can! With a little help from Condoleeza Rice.

Invest in White-house and YOU will get shot down!

5) Drunk Man:


Drunk Man

Dev Says: David is a drunkie. On his wife’s birthday,he got drunk again.His wife got mad at him! She told him to buy a very nice gift for her or sleep outside of the house! Now you got to help the poor guy to walk as long as possible to get to the gift shop.

Interesting gameplay :If he leans to the left side,tap right half screen and hold, and if he leans to the right side,tap left half screen and hold.
Don’t let him lean too much or he’ll fall down!

And there are some weird ass chicken games- I’ll just leave you a link to the search :

Worthable mentions from the chicken games would be – chicken massacre, ghost chicken, Angry chicken 2.

Lol…I love Android.

What’s the weirdest/funniest game you have seen?

  • Zagrash

    Who is driving? Oh my God, Bear is driving!

  • Jedediah Sweetser

    lol i can’t remember where that quote is from, OH MY GAWD BEAR IS DRIVING, AMERICAN PARTY!

  • Zagrash

    Clerks – the Animated series

  • droilfade

    rofl…..that was hilarious!!!