Is cloud gaming the future of gaming?

Posted Aug 17, 2012 at 11:00 am in Threads > Games

Something I would have never thought of, but am glad others did; Cloud Gaming.

With the Ouya coming soon (but not soon enough) and the Nexus 7 being (my) ideal gaming tablet, Android is taking larger steps into the gaming community. With Ouya and Cloud Gaming on the rise, I can see myself ditching my consoles altogether. Granted there is still more work to and polish to be done by Gaikai, OnLive and other cloud gaming providers. But the thought of being able to stream high end games to my Android devices makes me giddy.

Would anyone else consider dropping their consoles as well? Other concerns/thoughts on cloud gaming?

  • pliu.2014

    No because the expensive servers and saving of data would run in the millions for each company. This transcends down to us which would be a monthly fee for the gaming. Also cloud gaming requires a good internet connection.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I see cloud gaming as a monthly service like Netflix. OnLive has plans similar to this that let you play a library of 200+ games for only $9.99 per month. You can also buy games on-demand if that’s the route you want to go.

    • Noven

      Many servers are being virtualized due to performance increase and cost savings, data isn’t so much an issue. Like Taylor said it could be a Netflix-like service. Which, if you are a console gamer $9.99 a month would be a steal compared to the price of a new game (depending on how many games you play a year as well).

      The internet connection would be a drawback, I don’t see speed so much as an issue but if your internet connection is down or someone is hogging your bandwidth that would get annoying.

      Also, Sony recently purchased Gaikai, if that is any indication to where they think gaming is headed…

  • Fugu

    I think it’s going to by hybrid. You can’t always assume you’ll have internet connection so there will always be a portion of offline gaming.

  • Well Full

    Check out this infographic about the history of cloud gaming:

  • Suraj Kumar

    That’s cool man…@

  • LucenNox

    I think it is to an extent. Cost really shouldn’t be an issue, but, as well as internet speeds, some games can’t really be readily adapted to cloud gaming.

    Take the Elder Scrolls games, for example. On PC, half the appeal is mods, which just wouldn’t be easily doable on a server. You’d have to manage all the files and saves you would normally, but on top of that, you’d have to manage replacement files, which accounts have said replacement files, the issue of uploading and creating mods, and likely filtering of mods, all of which may or may not share filenames with hundreds of other files already on the server, contain copyrighted material, and who knows what else. Not to say that it couldn’t be done, but there are issues enough that it probably won’t happen until computers as a whole are cloud-based, which won’t happen until unlimited data is readily available.

    Other games, such as flash or many casual games, are just so light that a server would probably ultimately be very inefficient.

    That said, I would love cloud gaming, being able to play games on max quality on even a netbook would be sweet, as well as taking them anywhere, not having to worry about updates, or drive space, etc.

  • cliffy223

    When Netflix went to streaming I was completely against using the service because I wanted to spend money DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s but after having the service for about a year I loved it. Because of this I am going to keep an open mind on cloud gaming.
    From looking into it I have noticed that one good thing is that there will be less of a chance for console specific games.

  • jaysond

    maybe but the games would have to be perfect quality and be able to play them on my big screen with option for console controllers

    • Mephisto

      I checked out On live with my tablet. With a 10MBps connection visual quality was pretty good, but I was the only one using the internet at that point. The games are sorted according to what kind of controller you need(touch, keyboard or console). You can plug these into the USB port on the tablet. My tablet(Acer Iconia Tab A500) has a mini-HDMI out for big screen option. It just mirrors the screen, works well on my 32″ LCD HDTV.

  • Auzo

    Maybe one day, but i don’t think its going to happen any time soon. And while throughput is definitely important, I think the biggest hurdle is latency. Especially for any kind of multi-player games.

  • gavinb

    I think so. It might still be a few years away from large scale adoption but the potential is definitely starting to show.

  • klcow92

    its beneficial for consumers, but game devs have to create robust backends to support the load

  • kelltrash14

    Years away future maybe. It seems largely pointless to me now. Latency and lag are the enemy of gaming.