Galaxy Nexus should i buy from play store

Posted Jun 26, 2012 at 12:05 pm in Threads > Opinions

So I’ve been considering if I should buy the galaxy nexus from the play store I’ve been using the HTC Sensation 4G for almost a year now and I’m getting kind of annoyed of the lack of support for updates from HTC with the OS and the fact that sense UI resets if I use the phone a lot so I’m asking would it be worth it to buy the nexus from the play store now or wait for the next nexus phone to come out any ideas what I should do ..?

  • HackNet

    I was thinking about the same thing a few days ago, but I decided that I would not purchase it. The cons outweigh the pros.

    I will wait for the next version.

    • Jesse Moreno

      Yeah I think pitting the cons against the pros is the perfect way to make a decision here. I had a similar struggle a few months ago and decided to go all-in with the Play Store Galaxy Nexus. I think it was a great decision and the biggest pro that sold me was getting unbridled access to Android updates.

      As for waiting for the next big handset in the Play Store, that might be a gamble since I don’t foresee Google releasing anything other than the Nexus tablet in the near future. Maybe by holiday season there’ll be a new phone up there? Not sure if that’s too long of a wait for you…

      • AnthonyRyan

        no I’m just getting tired of this phone that I have and I don’t get an upgrade til next may so I was thinking the nexus but I don’t know which cons about the phone are you talking about anyways ? I was going to get the HTC one s but the built in battery in somewhat a con for me since I know I’m a heavy user but it was a choice at the time and I don’t want any phone with a custom UI even though I can root my phone and put stock 4.0.3 ICS I just rather not do that because all the bugs in those roms and I’ve replaced my CPU with an Asus transformer so that brings me back to the galaxy nexus and pure android on it

        • Jesse Moreno

          I feel the exact same way about the custom UIs.

          So here are the cons I see in the Galaxy Nexus. Since it pretty much boils down to preference, others may want to chime in and give their own list.

          -Screen Quality. Although the Galaxy Nexus puts out a nice 1280×720 HD resolution like a champ, it gets a little muddied down by the Pentile display.
          -Camera. Not sure if it was to keep the phone cheap or thin but the Galaxy Nexus sports an average 5MP camera.
          -Processing Power. While the dual-core TI processor works in a nice harmony with the Galaxy Nexus’ software and hardware, it has since been surpassed two times over.

          Now since I’m listing the cons I think I might as well go with the pros I that think overshadow the rest.

          +Stock Android. True, blue, and straight from the source. ‘Nuff said.
          +Design. With it’s buttonless face, I think this is one phone that demands a double-take.
          +Scratch-resistant screen. No more spending extra money on screens that trap hair, leave air bubbles or just plain get in the way of me and my screen.
          +NFC. Love bein’ able to trip everyone out at the store with this. ;)
          +Front-facing camera. After moving away from my entire family, this became a necessity.
          +No contracts. I never really cared about being in or out of a contract…until I bought this phone. Now I enjoy having carrier choice. And when I want the next best thing? Sell this one and move on — all because I said so.
          +Stock updates. No more waiting for the latest and greatest Android update to eventually trickle down to my phone — only then to discover some of the best parts have been picked out or unwanted bloat has been added. No thank you!
          +Just an all around upgrade. Even with the cons listed above, the phone still beats all my previous Android devices (read: G1, MyTouch 3G, G2).

          Anyway, I am really glad I made the jump to this phone. And that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. Hope it helped!

          • Jesse Moreno

            Oh man I had no idea this was so long. Sorry!

            Back to work.

          • AnthonyRyan

            Well with me I knew about the camera and its not much of a bad thing for me
            But the processor that I don’t really like so much I’ve been getting in to mobile processors and that would be the major reason besides paying 399 why I wouldn’t get the phone if it only had the S4 I wouldn’t be second guessing but besides that wow this is a a hard choice if I should buy it or keep on to my sensation and just keep on waiting to see if they have anything or any talks about a up coming nexus phone if there is that shine of light I’d keep this phone til that one comes out but this phone I’m using I’m getting annoyed with it a lot and need a change

      • golfpedaler

        I purchased one from Google Play in May and haven’t looked back. I’ve had the G1, MyTouch 3G, Nexus One and the MyTouch 4G. I rooted everyone of them, but so far I haven’t felt the need or urge to do that to this phone. Great Phone!!!

  • thaghost

    I was in the same situation as you except my problems were with the g2x. I sold my g2x and purchased the galaxy nexus. I recommend that you do the same. Many benefits were already mentioned above. A few things i wanna add is that:

    this phone retains its value better than other phones so you can sell it when you are ready to upgrade or buy another phone.

    No it doesnt have one of the top processors but it handles everything well. Im a power user and i dont have a problem doing anything i want.

    The phone is not one yr old yet. immediate updates keeps it fresh and will give it new life. In reality, this is still arguably a top 5/6 phone (gs3, onex/s, razr may be the only ones better)

    Lastly, tmobile has disabled the free usage of the hot spot feature. With this phone, they cant touch that feature.

    I say get it.

    • AnthonyRyan

      Well thaghost you’ve given me some good info and personal experience on buying the phone but to sell my sensation idk where to see or who to sell it too to be honest if I did buy the nexus which I’m leaning towards buying the phone and the hot spot I added it to my Tmo account when the sensation update for ics came it was $5 added on to my monthly bill even though I don’t use it as much as I used to but its there still and I don’t have to worry about anything when I use that feature

      • thaghost

        I like what bpear said. I have sold 2 phones by posting ads on craigslist. Both times were less than 36hrs b4 I found a buyer. I met up with the person and took my profits to Tmo, lol.

        • AnthonyRyan

          Well that’s a good idea but idk who wants to buy a Sensation these days especially after I put ghost Armor on it after my last phone’s screen cracked

  • Bpear96

    My recommendation: Put AOKP or CM9 on it. Will be like a new phone, bring a much more nexus feel, and should hold you over for now ! :D

    • AnthonyRyan

      Reason why I haven’t done that was because before I updated to ics I did didn’t unlock the H-Boot and I remember reading with the ics update for the sensation you couldn’t root it until it was they fixed the hboot being locked but I’m not sure if anyone got around it though I stopped following up things for the sensation but it’s not only a software issue with this phone pretty much I’m just board with it and want a new phone the fact that I’m tired of this photo e it was the phone I wanted for some time and and I got and it loved it now I require something different plus tired of going with a phone with skins that is the software issue that I have its minor though just wanting a new phone is what I really want though

  • AnthonyRyan

    well i just purchased the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play while watching Google I/O showing off Jelly Bean !

  • jaxidian

    Price just dropped to $350 today.

    • Ironzey Lewis

      At that price it’s a much easier decision. We are JUST now getting Android 4 on 2.X devices. How long do you think it’ll be until the One X sees 4.1? Google is saying I’ll see it on my Nexus mid July (like two weeks from now).

      • Jesse Moreno

        “(like two weeks from now).” Music to my ear holes.

      • AnthonyRyan

        Yeah it did make it easier to click check out after watching jelly bean on the galaxy nexus I was like yes I will buy even if its $399 at the time I had no idea it was $349 so this was a sign from Google and the Nexus Gods to buy the Phone and next I will buy the Nexus 7

        • Ironzey Lewis

          I’m so happy I got an Nexus, I should have waited but it’s only $50 cheaper than I paid. I just go used to ICS and now it’s time for JELLYBEAN.

  • masterpfa

    IMO getting a Nexus device can always be recommended, I have had the original Nexus 1 and the Galaxy Nexus, I only wish the Galaxy Nexus had been available vis Google Play from launch and in the UK too.

    The only thing to possible consider is what and when the new Nexus phone will be released. Having said that I believe you can’t go too far wrong with a Galaxy Nexus, still loving mine almost 8 months on.

    • AnthonyRyan

      Well now that I will be getting a Nexus phone ill keep it for awhile I loved all the HTC devices I’ve had so I stuck with them since the my touch 3G but I’m tired of Sense UI at this point even though I loved it how it was different from stock Android and I don’t like touch wiz UI also so it’s always been HTC for me so this is a big change for me

  • Ian

    I’m in a similar situation of considering buying the current Nexus; currently I have an Inspire 4G which is old on paper, but has been serving me quite well recently (especially with a new, extended battery). However, seeing Jelly bean has enticed me into considering the Nexus.

    But I think I could wait the 5 or so months until the next Nexus line comes out and put that $380 saved towards buying the best of the best at that point (and also save money for a Microsoft Surface). Just so hard to resist having dual-core Jelly Bean in my hands, right now, rather than single-core Gingerbread for the next 5 months. I can afford to buy it no problem, but I can’t bring myself to buy a phone that will be outdated in 5 months buy a new Nexus line.


  • kazahani

    So how do you like your Nexus? I’m thinking that you are probably as in love with it as the rest of us Nexus users!