Galaxy Note 2 Spen Over Sensitivity Issue

Posted Dec 11, 2012 at 3:19 pm in Threads > Smartphones & Tablets

Hey guys,

I just got my samsung Note 2 1 week back, but my S pen started acting weird after 2 days..Whenever I try to draw something the spen kind of start sketching even if I am just hovering over the S note.

Similarly whenever I hover over Bluetooth,screen rotation or any other option over Status bar, it automatically clicks it without the spen touching the screen.

The Spen is just clicking stuff even If I am hovering over screen.


@AndroidandMe : u should cover articles over such issues as well..!!!

  • bryanizmir

    there is a potentiometer in side the pen you need to adjust.

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      I saw this video but scared to do the same, as it might void my warranty..!!! :(
      some other sites suggested to tab the head of the spen against a hard surface lightly..acts starnge but it did worked for me….may be just for some time but it did..!!!!

    • BohnJuchanan

      Quick and easy fix. Worked great! Thanks for the video.

    • That worked for me.

      Thanks for the tip… haha.
      I could not see the screw very well but was able to turn it a bit.

    • Todd Price

      Adjusting the screw worked perfectly. Once I found my jeweler’s screwdriver or you can get one of those eyeglass repair kits for like .99 or 1.99 at any dollar store. This fix took about 30 seconds and there is no way anyone could tell i ever messed with it.

    • Todd Price

      Thanks Bryan, I was about to jam this pen up someones……. :)
      To those that are scared of doing this…
      It’s almost impossible to screw this up.
      It won’t void your warranty if you don’t tell them you messed with it, and if you watch the video (I watched it 3 times) And make sure you have the proper screwdriver and scalpel. Shazaam I think I even beat Bryans time. Thanks again mate.

  • kelltrash14

    Yeah, definitely try banging it before ripping it open.

    • kr.ray.kaushik

      I banged and it worked..!! haha..this spen is total LOL..!!! and again after 10 mins its back to not working..!!

      • kelltrash14

        That doesn’t sound good. Maybe it’s time to get it replaced while it’s fresh and there’s no way for them to try to blame you for the problem?

  • Evil.Otaku

    I wonder if I’m the only person that just kinda randomly discovered the trick with tapping it by initially throwing it across a room and into a wall?

  • nobile

    Thanks for your post. I’m choosing new tablet right now and Note2 is one of the contesters. It is really hard to choose nowadays. What is best high-end tablet?

  • Thomas

    Just had this issue. Tried several different solutions including this one but ultimately the one that worked was to take some tweezers, firmly grasp the little tip of the pen and pull out until the tweezers loss their grip. What was wrong was that the nib on the end was stuck down (presumably because I might have used it to clean out my ear canal). When it is stuck down, this issue can occur. Because it was stuck down, adjusting the potentiometer was going to have no effect.

    • jk

      Yep. I had the same issue and the tweezers trick dod the job. Firmly grasp the tweezer and pull out until the tweezers slip off. It seemed the tip was stuck down and just hovering above the screen meant the pen was writing all by itself.

  • kelltrash14

    thanks thomas. Hadn’t read that issue among all the posts about s-pens I’ve seen

  • sophia shin

    Yah totally try banging

  • yankeesusa

    I haven’t had any issues with my spen but then again I only use it once in a while. Althoug yesterday I saw some tips and tricks on the note 2 and whoah! was there a lot I didn’t know about including some cool stuff that has to do with the spen. If I were you and I continue to have issues and still within 30 days, just exchange it.

  • Scott

    I tried the tapping, and it worked! I agree with one other comment that it seems to be the button sticking in on the top of the stylus. The tip is how it detects when the stylus touches.

  • Viren

    oh man
    really thanks
    it work but as you shown not a potential meter which is after button but third one third last potential meter to button it adjust the sensitivity.
    definatly it worked and now we can write like we are writing with pen or pencil
    thanks alot

  • baloch

    I tried tapping and throwing it over a table.It worked but after some time it again started acting weird.I opened my spen but couldnt find any potentiometer.There was just a button and 2 white little connections transistors may be.
    Is there any permanent fix without replacing?

    • Todd Price

      Did you not watch the video? The 2 transistor things are the screws. The video is 1 minute long, all you had to do was watch it. You spent more time typing your question than it would have taken to fix your pen. I don’t want to come off sounding nasty but really? You can either whine and complain about everything you own that breaks OR take it to a shop OR USE THE INTERNET. I replaced my broken glass today and fixed my faulty pen by watching 2 different videos and FOLLOWING directions. Don’t get pissy with me, get busy fixing your stuff, you CAN do it.

  • Affan

    s pen malfunctioning….when i open s-note its showing the eraser when it is in writing mode…and
    also when trying to type using s-pen not writing properly!!!!!!!!

  • Bejo

    my s pen also cannot touch on anything unless you press on the button…please help….

    when i don’t press the button and touch on the screen it will not do anything, but if i press the button, it’ll start the normal pen touch on the screen and thus i cannot launch the mini s note and other button-related apps…kind of like the button is flipped internally or something..

  • S.lee

    My spen cant use the air view. Every time i tried to preview my photos it wont come out the blue light. It will tick all the album. Help me please…..

  • Kay Fountain

    My Galaxy Note 8.0 is only a month old and my S-pen is stuck on eraser. I am hoping the ‘tapping’ will help, but if anyone is having the same issue, please let me know.

  • Shibi

    I also had the same issue. However I could fix it by knocking on it with my fingers. Guys, please try that before you open the button.


    Thanks for the tips. I though it was just me. I believe this is causing the defect when we are re-inserting our spens into our devices. If you are out of buyer’s remorse and do a warranty exchange, the device comes without the spen go figure. We do, however get our nifty pens by way of a claim in which there is a deductible. Guess our best option is to go on amazon and hoard some spens just in case. Dont hurt the family pet whaling these spens. We have the note 3 to look foward to with the watch accessory. Wonder how that will work. Well hopefully. Sigh.

  • meanus

    I inserted the pen in me anus, now it smells like poop, how to fix?

  • tapan

    I am facing problem in autoscreen rotation in my samsung galaxy note2…plz give me the solution of setting or any other

  • Ed

    Excellent… The video helped a lot. My S Pen is now working properly.
    Thank you