Galaxy S3 premium suite upgrade.

Posted Dec 23, 2012 at 12:20 pm in Threads > Opinions

Just curious if anyone has more info on the gs3 premium suite upgrade. I know it was released in the UK already but, really looking forward to getting it. Who else is hoping it rolls out soon?

  • redraider133

    Hopefully doesn’t take as long for carriers to release it like it took for the jb update. It looks to make a great phone even better

    • JC005

      I agree, I have a friend with the galaxy note 2 and I like it but for me and my job its to big to carry around all day. Gs3 is the right size for me.

      • JonJJon

        The multi window feature works beautifully on the GS3, I’ve tried it out with all the apps (bar ChatOn just don’t use that app at ALL) and it doesn’t break anything. I hope the app selection increases swiftly as it is a killer feature only held back by the lack of app support. Maybe an SDK to allow apps to be made compatible or something, whatever Samsung do I hope they don’t take too long as there are many apps I could see working well with this feature in partnership with other apps.

        Low light mode added to the camera is unreal, brilliant results. New gallery app has it’s pluses and minuses, one being able to make the thumbnails bigger and smaller and the gimmicky fancy viewing options, but a drawback is now intermittent lag when loading albums.

        Haven’y used smart rotation yet myself but that’s hit and miss like smart stay is anyway, nice to have it though.

        It’s a great update that I hope you guys in the US don’t have to wait an age for!

        • JC005

          Thanks, glad to have some user feedback.

    • SGB101

      My wife has a open sgs3 and got it about 2 weeks ago iirc, she hates it.

      Tip, if you hold down the ‘back’ button for 5 seconds it disables/enables the multi menu.

      Tbh, i have it in my note2, and it’s not that useful, as when you have two windows open, and say, want to type, the keyboard covers one of the windows. So no copying from one window to the next, when copy’n’paste isn’t an option.

      I’m yet to use it, but I do like the floating video viewer (not sure if that is on the suit, or already on sgs3)

      On a note 10 I can see this being a great feature, maybe even the 8,but the note2 is just to small* (lol) for it to be useful, so the sgs3 is poor at it as well.

      *never thought I’d say the ‘Note and’ small’ in the same sentence.

  • christiaangombert

    Why not run a custom rom when you want to have upgrade features?

    • taketheleap

      Exactly. I gave up on waiting for Samsung to release their updates years ago, when I first got my original Galaxy S. Now, the first thing I do when I get a new phone is root and install CyanogenMod.

      If you have never installed a ROM before, I highly recommend it. The custom features will blow you away, and you are not stuck waiting for your carrier/manufacturer to release all the new toys.

      • MrMrMan

        I heard rooting your phone resets some number with Googles servers that messes up your history with the Google Play store.

        • Teebor

          Not really, it might make the phone/tablet appear as a different device (it did with my tablet) but all that is really is a name and just makes it look a bit untidy.

          Google need to add a way to remove devices (last time I checked you could hide but not remove)

      • Isaac

        I just got CyanogenMod tonight, and I have been fairly unimpressed. I lost so many features that made my Galaxy S III unique. like all the motions (i.e. lift to ear to call, double tap to top, tilt to zoom and so on) and I also lost my Google voice recognition that I loved so much!

  • thr970

    I am looking forward to it, and it seems Sprint has been quick about getting updates out so…

  • Randy White

    I’m looking forward to it as well, hopefully we will get is soon?