Galaxy S4 should be called S3+

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Personally I feel like S4 should be called S3+ or S3.5 After all it still has that chubby looking design of S3 and it also looks like cheaply made out of plastic. Even the shinny looking rim around the device is not made of aluminium or something strong..its just shinny looking plastic.

Here is the proof

I’m personally looking forward to Motorola X being real or I might just get the HTC One.

P.S. Even though S4 comes with latest 4.2.2 version…in about 2 months its going to be “old” considering Key Lime Pie will be coming out in Mid-May (around Google I/O). Plus it will take Samsung 7 to 8 months to push out 5.0 update considering all the bloatware S4 comes with. By the way almost all those “features” will make it to S3 (expect the ones that are dependent on hardware like IR blaster). So once again S4 is just S3+ (with 1080P screen and litter bigger battery)

What you guys think?? And also Tegra 4 phones are probably around the corner..cant wait for those

  • redraider133

    Are you new? This is how Samsung has made their products from the start and if you thought that was gonna change well idk where you have been. I wish they would use more premium materials but the plastic holds up pretty well long term compared to metal/aluminum.

    • Luv_android

      But if you are forking over $600+ for a better be made out of premium material.

      • bear831

        I agree. The specs and features for the phone seem good if not great and the open nature of most Samsung products makes it easy to flash a new ROM; however the build quality puts me off. I own a Galaxy Nexus and the plastic on it is horrible. I don’t plan on buying another Samsung until their build quality increases.

        • MC_Android

          Then don’t expect to buy another Samsung phone. I’m not a fan of their phone designs – the whole galaxy line looks bland compared to HTC’s – but if you do go with HTC, prepared to lose a good (removable) battery and expandable storage

      • kazahani

        If you want a device made out of “Premium Materials” then buy an iPhone.

        They made the damn camera lens out of sapphire crystal! Why? Who the hell cares. It’s SUPER PREMIUM!

        I’ll stick with the “cheap plastic Androids” because they don’t shatter to pieces when I drop them, but I still think they look nice.

      • scubabum

        Samsung used “plastics” to make the S4 a lot lighter as compared to other similar phones.
        The plastic may also improve RF receptions. Good for them.

        Most people use covers & protectors for their phones so they don’t see much of the back of
        the phones in anyway.

        I’ll take sturdy plastics and good features over over-priced premium material fruit products

        • gmaninvan

          If that is the case then explain why Samsung can put a metal body on the Ativ S

    • MC_Android

      +1 I agree. Samsung has always made their devices like that. As long as they are Android’s top manufacturer and people keep buying their phones, why should they switch to a more expensive material – hence lowering their profit margins? Look at how HTC, who has always built solid, metal phones, is still on the verge of going under. Granted, a more expensive BOM for each phone isn’t the reason their in the financial situation they are in now, using metal is definitely not the deciding factor for consumers when choosing a new phone. Thus, Samsung for the foreseeable future is going to keep using plastic (or polycarbonate).

      They’re not going to appease to the guys on tech sites who complain about plastic but still end up buying their phones.

  • MC_Android

    Also a note to the OP, if you are suggesting that the S4 should in fact be the S3s or S3+… then the actual Galaxy S3 should be the plus version of the S2. Sure they made the screen a bit bigger, but hardware-wise it was less of an upgrade from the S2 to S3 than from a S3 to an S4. Sure the software was improved from the S2 to the S3 by making Touchwiz less sluggish, feature-wise, not much was added, whereas there are considerable amount of exclusive features for the S4. Just pointing out this fact you oversaw

    • kazahani

      I’m not sure I agree. The GSIII had a completely new design, which differentiated it from the GS2 in a way that the GS4 does not. Plus, there were a number of really good improvements such as LTE support, 720p display, and a greatly, GREATLY improved camera experience. If you had the GS2, the GS3 was a good upgrade, worth signing a new contract for in my opinion. If you have the GS3 then there is NO REASON to get the GS4.

      • tommydaniel

        So the bigger screen, higher resolution, 13MP camera, DDR3 memory, larger battery, quad core or octa, new software features in a smaller package aren’t reason enough, but all those updates were reason enough for the S2-S3. Makes no sense..

        • kazahani

          In my opinion there is no compelling reason to upgrade from the GS3 to the GS4. Sure, the GS3 has a 1080p screen and a quad/octa processor, but can you see the pixels in the 720p screen? I cannot. Are there any apps out there that the GS3 has trouble running that you would really need that quad core chip for? I haven’t seen any. Going from the 800×480 GS2 to the HD SAMOLED on the GS3 is a HUGE difference. Jumping it up even further isn’t really neccessary considering the concessions you make in battery life.

          • redraider133

            Exactly. Samsung isn’t trying to get people to upgrade from the s3, most are in a contract anyway. The s4 is a great upgrade for s2 users and those on older models. Not everyone buys the newest phone every year.

          • kazahani

            Raider, this is very true. I suppose it is a little disappointing to those of us that DO buy a new phone every year, but I guess if I had a GS2 right now, I would be glad that they made the GS4 for me so I didn’t have to sign another contract just to get the GS3. Good point, sir.

          • MC_Android

            I tried taking controlled (as controlled as possible at least) pictures with the S2 and the S3 and to me, they took almost identical pictures after transferring them to my computer and mixing the orders so I wasn’t biased. Megapixels aren’t everything and until there are comparisons of the two phones, I can’t say, but I’m willing to put money that the S4 photo quality will be at par with the HTC One…(as seen by the photo comparison of the HTC One and Xperia Z -something, the new one).

            Just like all electronics, there are “leaps” in advancements for consumer products. The 2010-2011 phones were in the saw upgrades in processors and screens going to 2011-2012 but the 2012-2013 flagships should see advancements in screens (hardly noticeable at that point I think – 720 vs 1080), camera, and processor (albeit it is an overkill in my opinion).

          • kazahani

            The MP on the camera sensor was actually the same on the GS2 and the GS3. The big difference was in the extra features that Sammy added, such as burst mode and the Perfect Shot feature.

  • CTown

    Compared to the brand, the internals and the materials of the body don’t matter as much. That is why HTC doesn’t sell well now that they have had the best display two years running (and these phones are all screen to begin with). So, to most people, “The next big thing is already here”…

  • Burnd

    The Samsung Galaxy S3S!

  • redraider133

    Also look how many put a plastic case on those “premium phones” so what’s e point if no matter what they throw a case on?

    • SeanPG1983

      Agreed! I feel bad for the people who design the form factor of these phones. All their hard work is always being covered up by some pretty ugly cases.