Galaxy SIII – Exynos 5250

Posted Apr 26, 2012 at 11:39 pm in Threads > Rumors

First off, Yes I am writing this thread to enter to win the Transformer Prime. Who doesn’t want to win that amazing tablet??! Having said that I do have a few good thoughts to share for whoever cares.

Now on to the good stuff!

News brok this week of Samsung announcing that the GSIII will have the Exynos 4412, and not the hyped 5250. Here is my logic/hope on why Samsung is just throwing us off with false rumors:

1. Exynos 5250 is said to be in mass productions and be commercially available in the second quarter of 2012. Guess what, we are smack dab in the middle of the second quarter of 2012! In other words, this chip should be ready to go! What else would cause Samsung to to delay the announcement of the GSIII? And for those arguing that it was not delayed, because it was never officially announced, that is true, but Samsung did announce that they teachably were not ready to release or announce the GSIII when they said “It will be announced closer to its availability”. It wasn’t like they were waiting for any other now technology to be developed e.g. no new screen tech, better cell tech, or major OS to wait on just the 5250 processor.

2. Samsung knows that they have the tech wolds complete attention as we wait in for the coming of the GSIII on May, 3. They know that this is there big opportunity and they know what we are expecting (that damn A15 processor) I dont think samsung is going to blow this chance in the spotlight and underwhelm all of us.

But no company would announce the incorrect specs of a device, right? Wrong! Just look at that crazy “wake up” protest Samsung pulled down under today. This company is clearly willing to take a different approach and this announcement of the quad A9 is part of it.

The world will see on May 3 and I know that a lof of you out there are with me on hanging and hoping that Sammy wont disappoint. Hoping that Samsung will make this not just the best phone of the year, but the best until they release there next Galaxy phone!

What do you guys think? Am i crazy fot having hope, or are you right there with me? Also, do you guys think current tech would even be able to take advantage of the 5250 processor? Let me know, and thanks for reading my post.

  • isovich

    The “delay” might have also been the rebranding as the next nexus. Either way i can’t wait for further updates on this phone.

  • Chris Lewis

    I have never herd of “the next nexus” name, but i like it.

    I was also thinking they might just stick to the GSIII name for one reason.

    The announcement is on March 3… March 3, Galaxy S 3. Both have threes. Just a subtle hint I picked up on while obsessing over all the rumors and leaks lol.

  • Blue

    Im right there with you!

  • Tyler

    I sure hope you’re right, that would be amazing!

  • Guy

    AMEN to that!!
    as for now I’m very disappointed by this announcement… i c no reason to upgrade to Galaxy S2s… we’re smarter than that… unlike apple fanboys…android users generally knows their hardware… I won’t pay premium for yesterday’s tech when there’s already new tech out there… it’s insulting…
    maybe they would offer 2 models?

    I’m expecting nothing less than exynos 5250 or 5450… i’ll be (or at least, try to) the first to buy! heck, I’ll get my wife another one :)~

    anyways… there’s always the HTC option!

  • tnnm

    First off, thanks for an intriguing post.

    Wishful thinking I’m afraid but I applaud you for the creative thinking. I think as another poster stated elsewhere it may simply be the case that they felt that they would loose the marketing battle without having a “quad-core” chip even if it is technically inferior to a dual-core proc based on updated architecture. Regardless, I’m on contract until next March so my next phone will have the 5450 chip in it unless Nvidia steps up their performance with their Tegra 4′s.

    These are exciting times in computing once again. I’m really excited to see what the next 5 years brings us in terms of new computing paradigms.

    • Chris Lewis

      I know its beyond a long shot to hold out for the 5250, but I like to have a little bit of hope lol. As far as marketing goes, you have a really good point about the quad core kinda being a necessity this year for the average consumer. I noticed last week at best buy that the specs listed for tablets are vage at best, and only really have memory and the number of cores.

      • Romel G

        My thinking is they will put the quad in the international version and *hopefully they put the dual core A15 in the US version. Seeing how the quad in the HTC one x wasn’t suitable for LTE, which caused a change. I hope this the case OR they just make two versions. A15 dual core model and of the course the A9 quad model.

        • kazahani

          The only reason they didn’t want to use Tegra3 is because it features an HSPA+ modem instead of LTE. It has nothing to do with it being quad core. Since the Exynos 4412 has an LTE modem, and Sammy has already announced that they will be using that chipset, I would expect the GSIII to NOT feature the 5250.

          My theory is that they are going to use the 5250 chip in the Galaxy Note 10.1.

  • poosh2010

    Thank you so much for finally writing a post that embodies what I’ve been thinking for at least a month!

    Like you suggested, it seems extremely fishy that samsung would go through such lengths to keep the phone under wraps (generic casing for test phones, etc.) for so long and then officially announce a new processor a week before the phone’s unveiling. Why would they take away a lot of the WOW factor from the event on May 3rd??

    I’m thinking that the european version will get the quad 4412 processor, but the US will get the dual 5250 processor in order to incorporate LTE. Keeping the phone under such tight wraps while simply planning on releasing a phone in the US that has an S4 processor just like in the HTC phones just doesn’t make sense. They said they want to distinguish their phones from their competition; the S4 processor would be counter intuitive.

    However, I could just be way off and maybe samsung realized they wouldn’t be able to ramp up production of the 5250 processor in time and thus, divulged info on the 4412 processor in order to kill the rumor so we won’t be AS disappointed on May 3.

    this is going to be the longest 6 days ever…

    • Chris Lewis

      Hahah it is going to be a long week! The real question if the SIII doesnt have the 5250 is. What will be the first phone that will have it??? Even with delays this processor must be getting close to being available to the public.

      • poosh2010

        True that! What scares me is that samsung won’t release another top tier phone so close to the SIII’s launch date (it would kill sales). And if they wait too long, then they’ll get beat to market by the other A15 processors that are coming (Omap5, Tegra4).

        If the rumors are true that Samsung is going to make the next nexus phone, then I guess they could stick the 5250 in there. However, the nexus line hasn’t had a cutting edge processor since the nexus one….so it’d be hard to see google going with a processor that hasn’t been heavily tested in other phones on the market.

        so many questions. Samsung could make this so much easier on us by just putting the 5250 in the US version of the GS3 :)

        • Chris Lewis

          But if they delay the 5250 processor till the next nexus they will have had substantial time to have tested it.

          Also we are forgetting about the possibility of seeing the processor in tablets.

          • kazahani

            Tablets like the Galaxy Note 10.1 that should be annuonced soon?

      • B2L

        I’m hoping that if they don’t put the 5250 in the SIII, hopefully it will be in the Note 2. (I can almost guarantee that will be my next phone.)

        • Chris Lewis

          Lets hope they have it in both phones lol

  • Taylor Wimberly

    I often think that Samsung leaks false info to throw off Apple and the competition. There is a dual-core 1.7 GHz Exynos 5250 that is going into a smartphone this year. I really thought it would be the SGS3, and I’m still holding out hope until the unveiling next week.

    Here’s hoping that the US version gets Exynos 5 Dual with LTE.

    • kazahani

      If the 4412 has an LTE modem in it, they will probably just roll with that.

      Maybe 5250 is destined for the Note 10.1?

  • Woonji

    I think that SGS3 will embark Exynos 5250 1036FCFBGA(POP).

    1. There’s too a lot of products take Exynos 4412 and there’s not enough product to embark Exynos 5250.

    Exy 4412
    Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
    Galaxy Note 10.1
    Meizu MX Quad

    Exy 5250
    Galaxy Tab 11.6(??? not definite)

    A lot of expense needs to build a AP.
    Exy 5250 is developed 2011 November. There’s no reason to do not use the new AP to realize benefits by it. Perhaps the benefits of Exy5250 will realize by GS3.

    2. Reverse Marketing

    Exy 4412 is quad core and Exy 5250 is dual core. Common consumers think quad is better. It’s enormous obstacle for Exy 5250 and Samsung. To collaps this wall, need something different marketing method. It is Reverse Marketing.
    Samsung presented Exynos 4412 this week and they said it will be adopted to not GS3 but new galaxy series. The strategy of Samsung is almost succeded. Many newspapers and bloggers are saying GS3 will adopt new generation quad core.
    At media day, they will get shock by dual core and their mental will be collapsed by Reverse Marketing and suddenly be fanboy of A15 arcitecture.

    3. GPU diffenrence
    Sure, A15 dual has better CPU operation speed than A9 quad. But it’s nothing if we concentrate on GPU. It shows quintuple differences.
    The 1st reason consumers buy high performance PC is for game and movie. Smartphone is the same.
    So Samsung can’t discard if they consider the reason why consumers buy GS3.

  • aaruhani

    I am so waiting for this one to come out

  • Yildirim Sertbas

    i dont think samsung will launch “s3″ will be update version of dual-core s2..s3 will come with 5250 maybe next year.

  • CTown

    My hope is that the Exynos 5 will be included in the next Nexus as well. The Galaxy S is a brand name now, as long as it can at least match up spec wise against the other phones else it will outsell the other phones. There was no need to waste such fire power by using the Exynos 5 in the next Galaxy S.

    Also, you guys know how people get annoyed that Samsung makes to many phones? Does no one else think by being the makers of the Google-branded devices Samsung has found a sneaky way to produce two flagship devices (flagship = big profit margins on phones) 6 months apart. (The Galaxy S in April and the Nexus in January.)