Game Controllers for the Nexus 7?

Posted Aug 14, 2012 at 9:58 am in Threads > Games

Since I have had my Nexus 7, I play more games now it seems, but I am really interested in learning about connecting a controller to play some of the games that support it. My thing is, I have no clue where to start or what controllers are compatible with a stock Nexus 7. Any insite into this would be greatly appreciated especially if I am able to use controllers I already have lying around the house. If you like one more than another tell my why.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    There are actually a ton of options available to you. Some are wired and others are wireless. Some require root access and some don’t. I’m working on a big roundup of all the controller options and I hope to post it this week.

    We have a Nexus 7 in house, so I will make sure to test all our controllers with it.

    • LukeT32

      Just got the Asus TF300T for Christmas. Any chance you will list controllers for it?

    • azswift

      Thanks Taylor, I’ve been considering this for a while. I’d like to make an informed decision.

  • nivekkev

    Kewl, I look forward to your post..

  • Matt

    what games can be used with a controller?

  • anthony

    Any update with what controllers can be used? I’m looking for a wireless controller and would prefer not to root my device…thank you

  • GreenH0rn

    I am under the impression most wired controllers will work, maybe lend one from a friend?
    For wireless ones I can only say that the PS3 controllers don’t work (stock).

  • ludo

    Wow nobody actually answered the question…

    Ps3 controller is compatible but requires root access and you need to buy an app called Sixaxis Controller

    This solution works really well with GTA III I was very pleased.

    You can also use a Wii controller, no root required using a free app called wiimotecontroller. This is probably the best option for most people since the app is free and there is no root required :)

    Oh and to GreenH0rn you have no idea what you’re talking about do you?

  • Rex

    Hey there can I get some help? I just bought a Logitech wireless F710 controller. I was under the impression I could use this for games like Dead Trigger but when all is plugged in it doesn’t recognise the controller.
    I’m guessing I need an app/drivers before it will work. I have rooted my N7. Can someone give me instructions on how to get it working?


    • Dekroy Hylton

      I used the longiteh wireless rumble pad 2 .Connect the 2.4ghz receiver to the otg cable which is connected to my N7 micro usb port.Dead Trigget works great.Only need to config fire and reload.Longiteh wireless Rubmle pad 2 for pc.No root or drivet to install works great.

      • darkcg

        How do you configure buttons?

    • Daroid

      if u rooted just go with ps3!!!!!

  • progrmr

    I’m using the Nyko PS3 Wired controller and an OTG/USB converter and it works without rooting. Problem is, not all game let you configure the buttons.

    I love FPS’s – Dead Trigger = complete button customization and it works awesome. But NOVA and Modern Combat 3 = controller doesn’t work and can’t be configured.

    I hope more games go to a complete customization menu option – using a controller makes the Nexus 7 like a full-blown console on the go.

  • theviper21
    • ndorrough

      I bought this for my wife so she can play her old NES/PS1 games on my Nexus. The “playground” software that comes with it needs some serious help but if the game supports a controller, this is a great option.

  • orangestrat

    Wiimotes work pretty well, you just need the wiimote controller app. Xbox controllers work if you plug them into usb

  • george

    Hell if you want portable gameing why don’t, you go buy a 3ds xl or ps vita….tablets aren’t. Disigned as gameing consoles.

    • Matt

      The Nexus 7 is actually quite capable as a gaming device. I’m pretty sure it blows the 3DS and Vita out of the water.

      • Daroid

        not out of thw water but for the price and the market AND the huge screen? c’mon

  • laymansnerd

    Running clean ROM 3.0 with the sixaxis app on available on the play store. Works on everything. I even have used touch profiles with games like The Dark Knight Rises and Asphalt 7. I found profiles through XDA that work flawlessly. It feels like playing TDKR on the PS3 for real!

  • iSpanish

    I never heard about controllers for nexus 7, but I guess the one that works with galaxy s3 would work with N7, Ps3, but you have to install an app “and I guess its not for free”

  • tylerfoy

    The best way I’ve seen of connecting a controller is via bluetooth, such as a PS3 controller. Some games will natively accept the controller, others require rooting.

    Good experience though, had a PS3 controller laying around anyways!

  • miked

    I use a PS3 controller with the SIxaxis app on the play store. Well worth it if you ask me. My N7 is rooted and I have a PS3 so it was only the cost of the app. I would recommend this option if you are rooted.

    • jonstle

      I am trying this later today! I have a rooted tablet with an hdmi out and an extra ps3 controller. I wonder if I can use this set up to play on a TV when traveling.

  • sandy105

    the wired xbox controller works well with the nexus 7,i can play dead trigger ,shadowgun,gta 3 ,vice city ,zombie driver THD,the bard’s taleflawlessly.
    some racing games work too.but most games do not support controller,modern combat 4,3 ;nova series and other gameloft games.

  • Daniel Hakimi

    What do you want to do? Somebody wrote a WiiMote control thing I got working on my SGS2. I know I heard about XBox 360 controllers working, too, and there are obviously dedicated controllers.

    What do you want? FPS? MMOs? Emulation? Fast-pace or slow-pace? Is a joystick needed?

  • jonstle

    I never knew about this. Going to have to try it out for some gaming when the TV is being used and for traveling.

  • SGB101

    Wii remote works, all you need it to install the ‘wii mote’, pair and your away.

    Some games you will have to map the buttons, bit of a faff but not hard.

    The good thing about using the wii remote, especially with old style games like sonic, is the retro feel, as a wii is essentially the same as the Saga master systems of the 80s.

  • MJM128

    The Moga controller has worked quite well for me. Just get the third party driver app for it and you can play a bunch of fun emulator games! Nothing like showing off some retro super mario on your tablet. :D