Gamers… What game has ever really gotten you hooked on Android?

Posted Dec 19, 2012 at 10:00 am in Threads > Games

Everywhere I’ve read about mobile gaming this or mobile gaming that. I’ve never really been hooked on any game I’ve played except maybe Granny Smith (awesome game!).

What games have I been missing???

  • thymeless

    Plants vs Zombies is a good port.

    The NOVA series has been pretty good, but I’m not good with the control system.

    World of Goo is quite good.

    I enjoy a number of casual “tabletop” style games: Backgammon, Reversi, Catan, Wizards, Carcassone, Through the Desert, Labyrinth, Mahjong and Friends (not tile matching, but real Hong Kong style mahjong) Net Big2

    Blue Libra is a fun space strategy game.

    • Nwemo

      Pumpkins vs zombies is pretty addictive also.
      Gotta love a bit of Dead Trigger,too!!

  • jamal adam

    Recently, I’ve been addicted to Flow Free. Flow Free is a puzzle game and so far it’s been very addictive. I’ve also recently downloaded Flow Free: Bridges, which is another puzzle game from the same company, Big Duck Games LLC.

    Flow Free:

    Flow Free: Bridges:

    • jamal adam

      Another one I forgot to mention is Hill Climb Racing, it’s basically a racing game but there are a lot of slopes and try not to flip over and break the driver’s neck or else you lose and have to start from the beginning. Also, you have to try and get all the coins on the road as well as gas. As you advance through the checkpoints, you get more and more money, which you will use for upgrading your engine, tires, suspension, etc. I played it so much that at times, whenever I break the driver’s neck or can’t drive up the hill, I get frustrated but it’s a lot of fun and addictive too.

      Hill Climb Racing:

  • klcow92

    Jetpack joyride is fun :D its hours and hours of time wasting

    • ranwanimator

      I almost have everything unlocked and I still keep coming back to this one.

      • klcow92

        I’ve tried playing the game and turning off all powerups, its insanely awesome fun!

  • tommydaniel

    Currently enjoying Hill Climb Racing. The graphics are simple, and so is the concept, but it’s very addicting.

  • jonstle

    Any one of the great tower defense games out there.

    Robo defense
    Tower raiders 2
    Armored 2

  • JohnnyRocket

    At the moment its Bad Piggies HD :)

  • securifirm

    Dead Trigger

  • taz88ny

    The Kairosoft games always draw me in for a few days, but I tend to lose interest after a couple of complete play throughs.

    Plague Inc was also a lot of fun.

  • thisisme

    I was obsessed with Angry Birds when I was comparing scores with a friend.

  • HumbertoH

    Plants Vs Zombies (Puzzle, Strategy): Really addictive and fun.

    Dead Trigger (FPS): Best looking game in android, perfect controls so far, and short rounds make it a perfect mobile game.

    Zenonia(s) (RPG): I always waste hours and hours playing them

  • gavinb

    Shadowgun, Mini motor racing, great big war game… many others!

  • cduran1983

    Actually none, cause all the games I play are GTA III and now GTA Vice City (that I played a lot in my PC and still got those installed there so nothing new here, just for the sake of portability I’m good with the “Green Droid”) oh and once a month I play this look a like Gear Of Wars game, that I forgot the name right now and I just don’t want to search for it. (Well I think there are a lot of them IMO.)
    Well that’s me.

  • chestont

    I went through the usual Angry Birds and such, but a while back I got Age of Zombies from the Amazon App Store and I thought it was the greatest game ever. Fun gameplay and clever writing made for a great experience. I also was addicted to Jetpack Joyride for the longest time too.

  • securifirm

    Another couple of good ones are Sprinkle, Where’s My Water and Where’s My Perry…mostly kids games but good

  • zolikaaa666

    Tiny Monsters!!!…I’m still palying it….but it isn’t so perfect on my old device!

  • pol biswas

    Try out zling .we won’t be disappointed. Fantastic game.

  • phor11

    I’m a PC gamer, so there really aren’t many Android games out there that impress me. I think the controls ruin most of the games that try to emulate console games, so I find myself searching for titles that are truly built with touch in mind. Most turn out to be puzzle games.

    A couple that I think have really worked:

    Splice – Really Addictive Puzzle game. Probably my favorite phone game right now. –

    Osmos – Simplistic time waster with really great graphics –

    Superbrothers – monkey island type adventure game (I wouldn’t play it on a phone, but it works well on a tablet) – not sure where to buy this for android now. I got it as part of Humble Bundle 4

    Dropwords – similar to the old bookworm flash game –

    Triple Town – highly addictive puzzle game –

    Gem Miner 2 – a simplistic exploration game –

  • theha9

    Most of the android games I’ve enjoyed I’ve played first on my ipod touch and then got ported over (plants v zombies, jetpack, sword and sworcery from the humble bundle).

    I tend not to like touch screen joysticks and buttons so I don’t like the fps or dual stock shooters.

    Angry bird star wars is very good (and I didn’t like the angry birds series before that)

  • MisterLee

    Just downloaded Jetpack and its pretty awesome…

  • nebelriss

    Try royal revolt or plague, these are the only two i game from time to time on my phone

  • LadyDi

    Angry Birds – all of them esp Star Wars. Any Jewels games. And I am liking Wheel of Fortune as I loved the TV version much. I am trying to get into Family Feud as that was my first love of game shows.

  • heynomi4u

    [Word Hero]
    Triple Town

  • dino13

    Survival Run with Bear Grylls is great. Even Temple Run can not compete with it.

  • thymeless

    Babel Rising. Difficulty ramps up a little fast to encourage in-app purchases, but if you have a little patience is plenty of fun too without spending extra.

  • josha14025

    sector strike, i can’t stop playing it. got tired of flow free after the levels got too hard

  • kelltrash14

    Plants vs Zombies…sudoku…I don’t get hooked on much, I guess.

  • redraider133

    Dinosaur war. Its a fun game and has been my time waster for awhile now.

  • gh0st665

    I won’t lie, Angry Birds but just the Original , Space (ZOMG, SPACE!!!) and now Star Wars.

    Plants vs. Zombies had my attention for a good while (In between Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space)

    Plus, I play Robo Defense, Tower Defense, Strikefleet Omega, Dead Trigger, Dead Space, and Tetris. (You gotta have Tetris)

    I think I have Pac Man on my Nexus 7, too. Also, after making this list, I think I may have a gaming addiction. O.O

  • breckdroid

    Temple Run keeps pulling me back. I play around with others, but never stay with them long mainly cause I lose interest. Temple Run has managed to stay in the mix.

    • dino13

      You should really try Survival Run.

      • breckdroid

        Will do. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • sonicdeathmunky

    Hunters: Episode One has me completely hooked at the moment. I love that it’s free, but doesn’t at all require in-app payments to enjoy the game.

    Other games I play regularly:
    -World of Goo (I prefer this over Angry Birds)
    -Mini Motor (great little top-down racer with RPG elements)
    -Forever Drive (great looking retro racer with user-built tracks)
    -Great Big War Game (normally only when I have the time to sit down and play a full map in one go)

  • ldouglas64

    Bard’s Tale has been great, especially with Tegra. I can’t wait for the followup.

  • jaysond

    haypi dragon got me good i even spent a dollar on iap lol

  • jaysond

    seigehero is really fun aswell

  • TheStig

    ski safari!!!

  • Ezy03

    temple run

  • MisterLee

    I guess there are a lot of games i’ve missed out on cuz i havent heard of many of these…

  • Wayne Winkler

    Right now I’m hooked on Zombie Evil

  • nportelli

    Lately Triple Town and Zenovia 5.

  • sachin_goral

    Worms. Those tiny creatures blasting the whole of earth like mini James Bonds.

  • yankeesusa

    I love the graphically enhanced games but they just don’t cut it because on a mobile device so the most addictive for me are word games or now its batte with friends at sea. Haven’t put that game down. I just wish I could play against computer or people would actually play back more often.